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Gravity Radioshow with Kolya Meeks. Guest mix by Alex Mara. [URL=http://promodj.com/a...
Radioshow by Kolya Meeks @ 16Bit.FM (main channel) & EYE 1 Radio...
To be used in every material sent for airtime at EYE1 Radio.

Диджейские работы для ротации на EYE1 Radio MORGAN MАY | ΞYΞ1 Radio™


Диджеи и музыканты стремящиеся расширить круг своих слушателей и поклонников - постите ссылки на ваши сеты в данном блоге. В случае отбора вы будете оповещены сообщением в данном блоге.

P.S.: Сеты прозвучавшие в эфире удаляются.


Criteria of selection:


1. Clean, sharp and flawless mixing.

2. Track selection (If you're also a producer 3-4 of your own tracks mixed in the set will be a plus)

3. Accepted musical genres: Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, Tribal House, Vocal Trance, Progressive Trance, Lounge/Chillout.

4. Ability to create an atmosphere within your set.

5. Mixes consisting of fresh releases are preferred.

6. Audio lenghth - plus/minus 60 minutes.

7. Audio quality - 192 - 320 kbps mp3.


Прописывать теги и постить треклисты в обязательном порядке!!! Треклист постить в ID3 тег в Winamp в окно комментарий (comment) в следующем виде:


Playlist Start:

01 - DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff Ft. Hannah Ray - With Me (Intro Edit)
02 - Cosmic Gate Ft. Tiff Lacey - Open your heart (Steve Brian Rmx)       
03 - Mark Sherry Ft. Sharone - I Will Find You (Original Mix)
04 - Dj Lasheen Ft. Jwaydan - Sing With You (Original Mix)
05 - Mike Danis - Greenlight (Original Mix)
06 - Filo & Peri featuring Audrey Gallagher - This Night (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Rmx)
07 - Ronski Speed Ft. Ana Criado - A Sign
08 - Sean Godsall & Steve Allen Ft. Molly - Holding On (George Acosta Rmx)
09 - Mike Shiver vs. Fandy Ft. David Call - Wasting Time (Original Mix)   
10 - Steve Anderson - All Too Late (Noah Neiman Rmx)     
11 - Pit Stoner - Flying Paper Plane (Michael Badal Rmx)
12 - Denis Kenzo press. Sveta Illusion - I Love....Trance   
Playlist End



Обязательно наличие в сете джинлов радиостанции. Скачать джингл можно здесь: arnievanderfull.promodj.ru/rea…


Прочтите внимательно критерии отбора. Работы не отвечающие им рассматриваться не будут.


Очень приветствуются работы с душой и настроением, цените своё и наше время - если делать работу - то лучше её делать на отлично либо вообще не браться.



Morgan May.


P.S.: Время выхода ваших работ в эфир можно узнать по адресу www.eye1radio.com ->раздел CALENDAR.


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24 January 2010 22:35
Beautiful and breath-taking trance & progressive set played at an underground club...
Simply lovely!
Sexy and charming. A story of love and pain behind the beautiful...

Они почти здесь! Победители 7-го ежегодного конкурса среди диджеев. ARNIE VAN DER FULL


They’re almost here! Winners of the 7th Annual Dj Contest!

Voila!!! Counting of endless votes and data analysis is finally finished and as a reward we get what we’ve been long waiting for – knowing the names of our dear winners! Plus – we’ve racked up some interesting stats in the process which counts too!


First off, we’ve noticed a highly visible trend – the farther you go to the West (direction Greenwich) – the higher is the passion for the music of a higher bpm and qua genre – the housey East shifts towards the trancey West.


Among the djs and producers, which have submitted their sets for the contest – which became possible courtesy of EYE1 Radio, Flashback Studio Amsterdam and several other heavyweight entities of the dance scene, which preferred to stay in shadow – the majority of participants are working in the house genre (including the subgenres). The favorite genre has not change since the previous year, but there is a clear trend – the sound is getting techier. Good old vibes are coming back in a new jacket. Thus – hello, oldschool!


One of the contest’s purposes was trying to paint the musical face of our planet, based on the results of every participating part of the world.

Starting from faraway and ending up in Europe, here it goes!


South America along with it’s sister – Central America, represents tribal house in one of it’s finest forms, and not only because Hernan Cattaneo was born on this continent, it is the hot and spicy mix of south american culture which produces the tribal atmosphere. Obviously influenced by local traditional music latin american djs favor tribal and rich ethnic sound.


North America stands for vocal house, but there’s a sufficient part which embraces progressive and tech as well, which makes one think that swarms of european djs coming in packs to show off new european trends didn’t go unnoticed.


Asia. It is too big to be plain and simple and it’s too traditional to be radical, but Asia is craving for more and more electronic music nowadays. Mainstream elements of trance and progressive have finally reached this continent and are gaining grown fast, thanks to young and energetic djs and producers. One exception – Japan, it’s one step ahead of its neighbours and EDM is in full swing in this country.


Eastern Europe – which for the most part is occupied by Russia is a very interesting part of the world. It is the part which presented the djs in the widest variety of EDM genres – starting from techno and ending with vocal trance, although many Eastern European djs themselves argue that it is still dominated by pop music and EDM sees no light of the day around these parts.


And last but not the least – the place where it all started – Europe, solid as a rock when it comes to progressive and modern electronic music. Just like the year before, European djs have proved that people need to rock to the fat beats as much as they need to enjoy everything else in their lives and sometimes more. Djs from the European Union demonstrate the victory of EDM in the Old World.


P.S.: The names of the competition winners will be known sooner than you think. Stay tuned.

© 2009. EYE1 Radio – The best online radio of the 21st Century.

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24 January 2010 6:28