Progressive House Worldwide EPS #019


Finally it is Sunday again and another exclusive promo session is here again. 30 brand new progressive tracks are here for you as every weekend. What could be better than that?

Today we have another great one coming up for you, including everything from vocal progressive, sun-drenched melodies, techy vibes and everything in between. You will be sorrounded by musical talents such as Vitodito & SoulforgeJulian Marazuela, Canadian upcoming star Mathieu TilliCid IncLuke Porter on Temporum Music, Newcastle based Gold Shore Records is with us with a great one, also another Canadian, Portrait Digital Recordings owner Lessov and his upcoming tunes on the great Spring Tube label. Russian starlet M.O.O.N. Pro that we brought on in another of our lately episodes are back with a new track. Also Dbeatzion Records owner, Cristian Poow is back, here we play next weeks release from him that will be out on Bikini RecordsLank & Swedens finest Inkfish (Mattias Lindblom, Jesper Lindqvist, Andreas Hermansson and Johan Hermansson) is opening this week with an epic vocal progressive house track, remixed by Ramteen & Yota on the vocals, you could say they are setting the standards this week, it's just a mindblowing tune of the best sounds around. Go ahead and take a look of what the 3 coming hours are going to bring you if you descide to go for it this week, we hope you all will enjoy it!


Трек лист:

01. 000.00 Lank & Inkfish Feat. Yota - Let It Roll (Ramteen Remix) [Inkfish Recordings]

02. 006.47 DeadPixel - Hypercube (Original Mix) [Gold Shore Records]
03. 013.48 Kieran J & X-Moon - Activate (Original Mix) [Hyline Music]
04. 022.10 Cid Inc & Luke Porter - Exploration (Original Mix) [Temporum Music]
05. 029.25 Alessandro Diga - Avondrood (Tom Glass Remix) [Particles]
06. 035.26 Mathieu Tilli - Where We Are (Original Mix) [We Recommend Records]
07. 040.55 B-Max - The Day When U Come (Original Mix) [Deep Blue Eyes]
08. 047.33 Lessov - Bubbles (Original Mix) [Spring Tube]
09. 053.57 ID - ID [CD-R]
10. 059.57 MSZ - Summer Sky (Original Mix) [Mistiquemusic]
11. 066.12 Sebastian Hunter - Crysis (Original Mix) [Eternal Music]
12. 073.12 Mathieu Tilli - Somewhere Else (Original Mix) [We Recommend Records]
13. 079.27 Jimmy Roqsta - Something At Harrow (Original Mix) [Deep Blue Eyes]
14. 084.11 Andy Blueman - Time To Rest 2011 (JPS Remix) [Perceptive Recordings]
15. 089.55 Fluctor - Skidrow (Original Mix) [Neuroscience Recordings]
16. 095.34 Hayley Parsons - Changing lanes (DJ Mikas Dub Remix) [Progressive Grooves Records]
17. 102.20 Vitodito & Soulforge - Live For Now (Original Mix) [é música]
18. 108.36 Shaddike & A. Spot - Game With A Wind (Original Mix) [Eternal Music]
19. 114.07 Julian Marazuela - Memories (Original Mix) [Stripped Digital]
20. 120.10 Cristian Poow - Give Me Your Hand (Original Mix) [Bikini Records]
21. 126.29 Niko Fantin - Deep Ocean Scream (Rachael Starr Remix) [Lowbit]
22. 132.43 DJ Elkin - Come On (Original Mix) [Eternal Music]
23. 137.58 Derek Howell - Stride (Stefan Weise Remix) [Proton Music]
24. 143.51 Julian Marazuela - Pena (Original Mix) [Stripped Digital]
25. 149.50 Hazem Beltagui - 222 (Original Mix) [Macarize]
26. 155.20 BarBQ - My Pink Motor Boat (Original Mix) [Deep Blue Eyes]
27. 162.05 Deep Soul Duo - Transfiguration (Original Mix) [Mistiquemusic]
28. 169.05 Luke Porter - Category (Original Mix) [Temporum Music]
29. 175.04 M.O.O.N. Pro - The New World (Original Mix) [Round Triangle]
30. 180.20 M.A.Z.7 - Aquarium (Original Mix) [Polytechnic Recordings]

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10 May 2011 16:05
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M.O.O.N. Pro - The New World EP [RTL017]



M.O.O.N. Pro - The New World EP [RTL017]

Жанр: Prog House, Trance

Дата релиза: 9 мая, 2011

Лейбл: Round Triangle / Proton Music


Fresh EP from Russian duo M.O.O.N. Pro who was noticed by Ferry Corsten and Dash Berlin. Includes title theme "The New World" and two versions of the track "Wake Up" which is produced together with Mark Redcross.



01. M.O.O.N. Pro - The New World (Original Mix)

02. M.O.O.N. Pro feat. Mark Redcross - Wake Up (Rework)

03. M.O.O.N. Pro feat. Mark Redcross - Wake Up (Original Mix)



Matt Cerf
The new world - support


Pedro Del Mar
maybe wake up for me. will try it out

Markus Schulz
will try thnks

Flash Brothers
Very nice prog trancey stuff

Above & Beyond

Interesting, will listen again

Paul Oakenfold
Downloading for Paul. Thanks.

Paul Van Dyk
thanks, downloading it for Paul van Dyk

Jerome Isma-Ae
Matt Devereaux downloadng for Jerome Isma-ae! Thank u very much!

Richie Hawtin
download for r hawtin
Steve Haines

liking the new world, thanks

Sasha Le Monnier

New world is good, will try this.

downloading for solarstone

No Sonic Limits

Wake Up Rework is my pick here. Nice melodic stuff.
Nicholas Van Orton
the new world for me, thanks
Dynamic Illusion
Michael & Levan
Gai Barone
nice ones! thanks
Max Demand
Johan Nilsson
The new world was pretty cool. Will support in our prog channel
Ben Coda
cool, sounds wicked!
James Warren
The New World sounding good here.
The New World definitely will be in my sets, great stuff. Thanks for sending!
Josh Abrams
Wake Up original for me. Thanks!
VG vs Dave Sullivan
Wake up rework, thanks

Suzy Solar
Wake Up (Original) is my pick here, thanks!
Jerry Chiu
superb tunes


"The New World" - Nice track

Key Mikado

Keep Up The Good Work!


Good sound.  Thanks for this!

Mert Onat

"The New World" - A good release

Wake Up (Rework) - Good

Matamar DJ's

Nice tunes..surprised of the quality of this :)

Andrew Benson
"The New World" and "Wake up (Rework)" are great! Thanks :)

Wake up (Rework) for me, thanks
Very nice release! Thnx.


Not bad. Thanx.

Hassan Rassmy

"The New World" - Great Tune, Will Support!

Brain Trick

"The New World" - good

Wake Up (Rework) - Good job

Sander Kleinenberg

downloading for Sander Kleinenberg

George G.

"The New World" - Nice one


"The New World" - Clean production, floor stomper


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10 May 2011 13:45
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M.O.O.N. Pro - Okt To Kazan [ND020X5]



3 [ND020X5]
Дата релиза: 19 апреля, 2011
Лейбл: Nueva Digital


01. Invalyd - Shufflewalk (Original Mix)

02. M.O.O.N. Pro - Okt To Kazan (Original Mix)
02. Paulina Steel - First Step To Light (Original Mix)


"Shufflewalk is my favorite"

Jacob Henry


"Good grooves here. Will try"


Thomas Penton

"Shufflewalk and Okt to Kazan are nice. Thanks"

Sonic Union


"Good stuff. Will try"

Judge Jules


"grabbin this beauty now for next progrez! thanks!"



"Cool stuff. Will support all 3 tracks in our prog channel"

Johan Nilsson

"Nice package!"

Super8 & Tab


"nice synth leads in MOON Pro Track"

Kenneth Thomas

"Liking Shufflewalk!"

Matt Cerf

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19 April 2011 15:26
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M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain [SSR094]




M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain [SSR094]
Дата релиза: 8 апреля, 2011
Лейбл: 7 Seas Records


01. M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (Original Mix)
02. M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (Cristian Poow Remix)
03. M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (Arion Grey Remix)
M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (Bonn Lewis Remix)

05. M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (DJ Party-Zan Remix)
M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (Donjr Remix)

07. M.O.O.N. Pro - After The Rain (Martin Cloud Remix)


№ 8 топ100 релизов на - 08.04.11

№ 5 топ100 релизов на - 17.04.11

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8 April 2011 14:05
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House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (M.O.O.N. Pro Remix) [FR027]

House Massive feat. Dana - Believe [FR027]
Жанр: Trance, Progressive
Дата релиза: 7 апреля, 2011
Лейбл: Fresh Records


01. House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (Original Mix)
02. House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (DJ Lasheen Remix)
03. House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (M.O.O.N. Pro Vocal Mix)
04. House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (M.O.O.N. Pro Dub Mix)

05. House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (Takaki Matsuda 22 PM Remix)
06. House Massive feat. Dana - Believe (Eximinds Remix)

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7 April 2011 16:47

Cyberian Soundz - Trance Movement #032



Трек лист:

13. M.O.O.N. Pro - To The Moon

14. M.O.O.N. Pro & Sunkeeperz - Halo (M.O.O.N. Pro Mix)

15. M.O.O.N. Pro - Aqua (Original Mix)

16. Kostya Veter - The Loneliness (Original Mix)

17. Kostya Veter feat Madelin Zero - Envy (Original Mix)

18. Kostya Veter - Ad Astra (Original Mix)

19. Cramp - Deadline (Intro Version)

20. Sterio Vs Eleven.Five - Planets (Cramp Remix)

21. Cramp - Walk The Line

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18 March 2011 15:01
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DJ Cosmo - Cosmology Episode #119


Трек лист:

1. Dinka - Paperangel 
2. Mo Zo – Near the End 
3. Helvetic Nerds - Cairo 
4. M.O.O.N. Pro – To The Moon
5. Martin Solveig – Hello (Michael Wood Dub Mix) 
6. Faithless – Sun to me (Mark Knight Mix) 
7. Daniel Portman & EDX - Hip 
8. Adam Nickey - Voices 
9. Peter Santos - Mystic

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18 March 2011 14:39
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M.O.O.N. Pro - To The Moon [FLASHB0181]



V.A. - VIP Club Vol.1 [FLASHB0181]
Жанр: Trance
Дата релиза: 15 марта, 2011
Лейбл: Flashover Recordings


01. Mistigris - Crush 
02. Alpha 9 - Come Home
03. Audien - Fall Into Place
04. JPL & Maarten Hercules feat. Jimi - Smaland
05. Kyota - Senegal
06. M.O.O.N. Pro - To The Moon
07. Mike Danis Presents Orient - Much Less Complicated
08. Massimo Santucci & Daniel Green - Strings Of Cesar (Peter Brown Remix)
09. Mistigris - Arcadian 909 
10. Niko Pavlidis - Long Roads 
11. Alpha 9 - Bliss (Alpha 9 Club Mix)
12. Yuri Kane - Right Back
13. Airdraw - Jubilee 
14. Changer - Costa Brava
15. Sebastian Weikum - Strawberry Land

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15 March 2011 18:21

M.O.O.N. Pro - Booking

С сегодняшнего дня букинг проекта  M.O.O.N. Pro осуществляется через "MLS entertainmet"



Anvar Khalitov (Анвар Халитов)


MLS entertainment

Cell RU KZN: +79872964828

Cell WORLD : +37253394933

VoIP SIPnet ID : 3489336

SKYPE  : eff-ort



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28 December 2010 22:50

Armin Van Buuren - ASOT - Tune of the Year 2010


Наш трек "To The Moon" принимает участие в ежегодном голосовании любимых треков прозвучавших в радиошоу A State Of Trance, ведущим которого является Armin Van Buuren.


Поддержать нашу композицию своим голосом вы можете здесь:

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22 October 2010 22:57