Спорт-Бар (микрорайон Д , 28 ), Novomichurinsk, 23:00 // 6 June 2009
Electro House
Спорт-Бар, Novomichurinsk, 21:00 // 29 May 2009
Electro House
БаZа club, Novomichurinsk, 14:33 // 2 May 2009
Electro House
БаZа CLUB, Ryazan, 23:00 // 29 May 2008
БаZа CLUB, Ryazan, 23:00 // 23 June 2007
Electro House
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Misha Jet -  perspective DJ and the musician with the 12-year-old experience!

The organizer of private parties and open-airs in the some citys.


misha JET - Sumooray [2009-02-04] (S&K Records) SK370

misha JET - Extreme Now [2009-03-04] (S&K Records) SK407

misha JET - Fanatic's Rush [2009-04-21] (S&K Records) SK431

misha JET vs Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Not Miami [2009-02-06] (S&K Records) SK377

misha JET vs Pansku - Interlunar [2009-03-03] (S&K Records) SK404

misha JET - Fidj Jumper EP [2009-09-29] (Mizumo Music) MIZ036

misha JET - Flashing O&A [2009-10-10] (Bass Machine Records) BMWX002

misha JET - AeroSelf EP (Stereo Tension Records) STR012

Sergeev - My Inside Z17 (misha JET Remix) [2009-09-04] (FreeSound Records) FS033

Billione - Moscow Fidget (misha JET Remix) [2010-06-25] (Supercool)] SUPPER006

misha JET - Extreme Now (2010 Mix) [2010-08-20] (Metronix Records) MR041

misha JET - Impulse 101 [2010-08-20] (Metronix Records) MR041

misha JET - Digital Soul [2010-08-20] (Metronix Records) MR041

misha JET - Moor's Grooveslide (Original mix) [2010-08-20] (Metronix Records) MR041

Oksygen - No Problems! (misha JET Remix) [2010-10-30] (Mizumo Music) MIZ063

Misha Jet - Fidj Jumper: Remixed [2010-11-16] (Mizumo Music) MIZ066

Misha Jet - Love Bestsellers EP [2011-03-18] (Freesound Records) FSR027

Misha Jet - Digital Soul EP [2011-05-27] (Freesound Records) FSR058 

Misha Jet
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Deep House, Disco House, Dubstep, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Fidget House, Funky House, G-House, Garage, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Speed Garage, Tech House, UK Garage, Uplifting Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, clubber, listener since 2002
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia
Guest: Агни Хаус (Ryazan), Neolit (Ryazan), Megapols 89,5 Fm (Moscow), ЮFM 94.0 FM (Moscow), Пятница (Ryazan), Устрицы & Танцы (Ryazan), Molotov club (Ryazan)
Was just once: Balkon (Ryazan)