Dark Techno / Minimal Techno / Detroit Techno / Industrial Techno / T-House

Misdeed Records -
label specializes in quality monotonous techno / tech.
Opened in February 2010, it was renamed, and half a year he was not touched at the moment, resumed in full swing.
Key leaders of the label:
DJ Feyser [misdeed] - living in Berdyansk, Ukraine.
DJ Vilence [misdeed] - living in g.Bryanka, Ukraine.
DJ Forester [misdeed] - living in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
We are working on quality, and this is the key to our success ...
Each of our selected release, we have PR in full, something to every clubbers could hear it!

Conditions for the admission of tracks:

1. All of your demos sent only by e-mail or in a personal managers: Previously, mp3 file must be in a RAR archive with password (the password in the letter) and poured on No links to portals, where you have put your track we do not need.

2. This demo should be at least as 192 klb / sec and the length of at least 2 minutes. It should display all the interesting moments. You can also send and complete the work.

3. This demo should be out of the category of "just about finished work, or already completed. If the label does not like the track, we will not reject it. We say what flaws to correct, and if everything is in order, then proceed with your track.

4. The presence of the text of the sentence pairs in which you describe your track - is necessary. Imeeno this text will describe the track in the stores.

5. The presence of a cover is not necessary.

Go ahead.

What should be in the result:

1. In the first place - is a quality track, relevance and modernity. Imagination and experimentation.

2. Track should be strictly in the style that supports the label.

3. Track must be completed. We do not take on the issue of khat, demo, promo, radio version.

4. Maximum length of track - 10 minutes (without monotony, please)

5. WAV file tracks should be 44 100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo. Transcoded mp3 to wav we are not interested.

6. Track can be placed anywhere (,, etc.), but should not be a free download.

7. Well, the track does not have to be signed on any label, or on what issue could there be?

Conditions for admission may vary for each track.

Terms of placement in the stores:

Here no special circumstances, if your track came on the criteria, we tell you the release date (or you) and the day your track published in all the stores with which the label is irrelevant.

PR release is as yours, and ours. We publish your demo at all public sites, where the registered page label showing the name of the release, the author, tracks, links to the author and links where to buy.

Other conditions:

1. Right on track after the publication owned by both you and the label.

2. Residents of the label on a pro bono basis are entitled to borrow any track in the format of 320 klb / sec for your mixes / live.

- "When you publish tracks resident mixes / live-residents must specify links to portals, where available mixes / live.

- "When" gift "track another musician who does not have wrt to the label, be sure to consult us on the e-mail.

3. If you send a track on the radio, and other programs, please specify it with the label, after contacting us by e-mail.

Conditions may vary.

Misdeed Records
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Minimal Techno, Tech House, Tribal Techno
Producer, group / joint project since 2010
Performance: from $50 / 1 hour
Location: Ukraine, Berdyansk
Frequent visitor: Misdeed Records (Berdyansk)
Was just once: Nc Kri$tall (Berdyansk), NC RiO (Berdyansk), Garage (Doneck), NC Sea...a sun (Istanbul)
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