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Mirami feat. Danzel - Upside Down -

Mirami - fiery, energetic, positive girl-band, created to bring entertaining experiences to their admirers. The name of the band is not meaningless. Words "Mira mi" mean "look at mine..." in Spanish, and it is clear that the girls have something to show not only to Ukraine, but to the whole world. The band is combining physical beauty, as well as great vocal abilities of the singers. This is one of the few occurrences in the show business, where there is something to listen to, and not just to look at.

The musical project Mirami was founded in 2010 by producers Andriy Bakun (aka Andrew Bakun), Oleksandr Duda (aka Alex Hitch), Oleh Kovalskyy (aka Olav Hike), and Petro Huzar (aka Peter Cliff). Andriy Bakun, a well-known composer and arranger in the west of Ukraine, became the leader of the producers team. His knowledge, with the help of his colleagues, made it possible to create a project that has been extremely anticipated by thousands of dance music fans. It was an explosion in the "dance music industry" not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries around the world.

The right team of professionals made it possible for the whole project to become one of a kind, and not like any other band.

Process of choosing the band members was also very unique. After the first two auditions, the first one to be chosen was Julia Ivashkiv - singer, philologer, journalist, and with all of the above being said, she also took part in beauty contests. Another member (also a future journalist) - Yana Snitkus. She became the First Lady of Ternopil City in 2010. Her unstoppable will of experiencing something new, turned her in to a professional model and a singer. The third member of the group Martha Moh, was replaced by a blond haired girl Oksana Karpiak. The presence of a blond character in a band created a feeling of completeness for the producers, and Mirami was fully prepared and eager to begin recording their new CD.

"Sexualna, nebezpechna..." – these words are probably familiar to all...

It was the hit single "Sexualna" that boomed on the radios and TVs in Ukraine. Their first music video was shot in collaboration with a famous rapper VovaZiLvova, and presented on the national Ukrainian channel M1. The song is holding top positions in top chart for over two months, and becomes one of the most played singles on many radio stations.

Professional demeanour of Mirami in music and on stage, is immediately noticed by selective, in terms of musical taste, European listeners. There it was... "Sexualna" was lighting up dance floors of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, as well as Russia and Belarus. In European charts, undeniable hit single from Mirami left behind performers from Italy, Germany, France and the USA. High rankings of the band in international musical charts put them at the level of world renowned performers. "Sexualna" begins to get air time at the radio stations that are unreachable for beginner bands. These stations are: Free Radio (Czech Republic), Radio ESKA (Poland), Radio RMF MaXXX (Poland), Open FM (Poland) etc. TV stations: Bridge TV (Russia), RuSong TV (Russia), ESKA TV (Poland), Viva (Poland), MTV (Poland), 4FunTV (Poland), MCM (France) and many others, take Mirami's hit song in to rotation.

When Ukrainian lyrics of the song are sung by the whole Europe, Mirami is being invited to an undefined occurrence in Polish show business – All Star Concert "Hity na czasie 2011" ("Current Hits of 2011") that is presented by ESKA radio station. Over a hundred thousand people at the concert, millions at home, were watching the girls perform and sang: "sexualna, nebezpechna..."!

In September 2011, having such a demanding schedule, the girls, in collaboration with the music company Magic Records (Universal Music Poland), released their debut album "Miramimania". It took only one month for the album to bring the girls the "Z?ote CD" ("Golden CD") award, which they were presented in November in Poland. Also, the band released their new video for the song "Miramimania", their second single from the debut album.

The band's third single "Venus", which came out in February 2012, became a best-seller in Poland right after its release. Mirami did a lively clubby cover version of this song by the band Shocking Blue, thus giving it an absolutely new life.

At the beginning of this year, because of the decision of Yana Snitkus to leave the band, producers of Mirami started searching for a new girl. Among all the girls who decided to audition for the band, it was Tetiana Ivaniv who demonstrated the best singing and dancing skills. As a result, she was invited to join the band as the third girl. Tania has been singing and working as a model for several years already. Also, she often takes part in beauty contests. Tania was given no time to fully realize what had happened. Hardly had the girl joined the band, when the intensive work continued.

In the early spring of 2012, Tanya, Yulya, and Oksana made a foreign trip to Spain and France to shoot the scenes for the two new videos.

In Alicante, one of the most beautiful resort cities in Spain, the girls did a video shoot for the song "Summer Dreams", the one that became the first single from the band's second album. The video was made in cooperation with LayZee, who used to be a member of the band "Mr. President" and is known all over the world for the song "Coco Jamboo".

The scenes for the second video, the one for the song "Amour", were shot in the romantic city of Paris. The public presentation of the new version of this song and the video was planned for the end of 2012.

In July 2012, the band signed a contract with Kontor Records (Germany). Thanks to this, single "Summer Dreams" was released in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and many other countries of the world.

Hardly had Mirami celebrated this great occasion when at the beginning of August the band got hurt in a car accident in Poland. After this incident, Perto Huzar, one of the band's producers, took a decision to leave the team.

Regardless of all the troubles and health problems, the girls made a planned trip to Poland to take part in the festival "Sopot: Top of the Top".

Right after the festival, the girls decided to take a short pause to fully recover from the car accident. However, as early as in the early autumn the band started working on their second studio album, whose release is scheduled for the year of 2013.

Mirami Project
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Club House, Dancecore, Easy Listening, Eurodance, Lounge, R&B, Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, vocalist, poet, collaborations since 2010
Location: Ukraine, Lvov
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