Strange But Dance Music

Коллекция миксов и стилей.


Olarm (idm, minimal techno)
Techno Mix
Minimal Koeln (minimal techno)
GI-Lektro (electroclash)
Melonism (minimal techno, electro)
MinimaLektro (minimal techno, electro)
Lektro Rapt 224 (electro-step)
Dwa Melonisma (minimal techno, tech house)


Pictor (deep techno, electroclash, tech house)
Patronage (minimal techno, tech house)
Special For RBMA (electro, tech house)
Hello Mars (minimal/tech house)
Electro Session (electro)
Carina (minimal/tech house)


Phlegra (deep techo, minimal/tech house)
Vela (minimal/tech house)
Norma (deep techno, minimal/tech house)
Andromeda (deep techno)
Solnce V Zenite (tech trance, techno)


Orion (techno)
Cassiopeja (deep techno, tech house)
Dirty Free (deep/tech house)
Vulpecula (deep techno, tech house)
Mensa (deep techno, tech house)
Antila (deep/tech house)
Crater (deep techno, tech house)
Rebus (psy trance, full on)


Chamaeleon (deep house)
Camelopardalis (lo-fi, deep house)
Serpens (deep techno, tech house)
Eridanus (deep house, progressive house)
Fornax (psy trance, full on)
Dorado (ambient, idm, noise)
Endless Regeneration (ambient, idm)
Gvinfid (ambient, idm)

Triangulum (deep/progressive house)

Lyra (deep/progressive house)


Corvus (progressive house, tech trance)

Medusa (progressive house, tech trance)

Volans (progressive house)

Capricornus (progressive/deep house)

Equuleus (progressive/deep house)

Horologium (progressive house, tech house)

Pyxis (progressive/deep house)

Hydra (progressive house, tech trance)


Taurus (progressive/deep house)

Lacerta (progressive/deep house)

Perfectionist (progressive house, techno)

Metastasis (progressive house)

Corona Borealis (deep house)

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8 November 2009 19:31
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