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Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: Deep House, Deep Techno, Dub Techno, Glitch, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Techno
Location: Canada, Toronto
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microCastle is a digital label established with the intention of showcasing the best in modern techno music. With a fresh and current music policy the labels releases are aimed at a cross-section of listeners, DJs and dancefloors worldwide. The prime focus of the labels output is quality, cutting edge electronic music while always staying true to our underground roots.


Label Artists

Spooky, 16 Bit Lolitas, Charlie May, Guy J, Quivver, King Unique, Marc Marzenit, Psycatron, Luis Junior, Barry Jamieson, Monaque, Cid Inc., Lank, Luke Porter, Dnyo, Franz Kirmann, Dibby Dougherty, Kassey Voorn, Paul Keeley, Michael Cassette, Komytea, Medway.

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Cid Inc & Lank - Our Benefactors EP w/mixes from King Unique and Luis Junior

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Cid Inc & Lank - Our Benefactors EP w/mixes from King Unique and Luis Junior - release date: October 12th 2010

The 18th release on microCastle sees a special collaboration between two of electronic music's most innovative artists.  Named by Beatport as one of their Progressive House Artists of 2009, Henri Hurtig – otherwise known as Cid Inc teams up with Hungary's Lank (Peter Golyan) for the Our Benefactors EP. Included on the package are 2 fresh originals with remixes from two of this year's most sought after producers King Unique and Luis Junior. The Our Benefactors original mix is a rough-edged melodic house track with a very sinister and  hypnotic brain teasing lead.  A rumbling bottom end and an unparalleled cool vibe really create that dynamic big room feel. Certainly one of Henri and Peter's most unique productions to date.  Matt Thomas otherwise known as King Unique provides the Our Benefactors remix. Formed in 2001 the King Unique production touch has appeared on more than fifty remixes  and has  yielded some of the biggest dance floor bombs known to man, most notably:  Dirty Vegas’ 'Walk Into The Sun',  Underworld's 'Two Months Off' and The Killers 'Somebody Told Me'.  Following fine outings on Bedrock and Flow King Unique has delivered a big room sonic masterpiece for his Our Benefactors remix here.  The spirit of the main theme is maintained and accentuated with some trippy, swirling electronics; however it is the very unique, awe-inspiring organs  that Matt has added that should guarantee some amazing dancefloor moments over the coming months.  A superb remix from King Unique.

The second original on the package is Coronal Mass,  a fat, techier progressive house track with extremely dark and ominous overtones. As the piece grows epic sheets of spine tingling synths are unleashed as anticipation builds during the breakdown all for what results in a simply amazing payoff.  The Coronal Mass remix is supplied by Luis Junior who is Spanish born and based in Madrid, he is one of the fasted rising stars of electronic music at the moment. His productions are sought after and championed by industry heavy weights John Digweed, Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren.  His debut EP “Colache” released earlier this year on Bedrock gained a lot of attention industry wide and more recently  the massive “BG" also for Bedrock was one of the most unique techno productions thus far this year. For his Coronal Mass remix Luis has stripped the track right down and delivered a futuristic slice of world class hypnotic techno.  The hypno synth sits perfectly under a  very accessible club friendly framework and  the signature Luis Junior production quality is unrivalled here with its pristine overall sound and rock solid titanium beats.  A killer remix from Luis which is already being played by John Digweed.

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14 November 2010 20:25
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Monaque - Dos3000 EP w/mixes from: Spooky & Quivver

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Monaque - Dos3000 EP w/mixes from: Spooky & Quivver - release date: July 20th 2010

The 17th release on microCastle sees the always on form duo of Monaque with their first EP for the label. This follows a strong run of releases for the Russian pair which included the Jack Rose EP on Renaissance and their remixes of Lank's 'Run On Fumes' and Tonnsaied & Mario Kahn's 'Voided' . The Dos3000 EP contains 2 original tracks; 'Dos3000' and 'Resolutions' which have been receiving heavy play from many of the world's top DJs in recent months with Hernan Cattaneo leading the charge.  Spooky and Quivver who  are two of electronic music's most legendary and storied artists have been called upon to remix the EP. The Dos3000 original mix is driven by a tough techno groove which is complimented by some devastatingly dark electronics and a simple yet extremely effective lead which all makes for a peak time main room bomb. Fresh off his Yeah Yeah EP for Bedrock Quivver reworks Dos3000 into a dark and twisted dancefloor killer. The unmistakeable trademark Quivver groove is certainly evident and the overall heads down vibe and spirit of the original is maintained. Added vocal elements, seriously fresh sounds and a keen dancefloor sensibility make for another outstanding production from Quivver.

On the Resolutions original Monaque have really come up with a timeless classic. This piece has an undeniable positive vibe and great club energy about it. With with one of the most unique and memorable melodic leads of the year  Resolutions is awe inspiring and unquestionably  profound. There are very few artists who can claim to be true pioneers of electronic music; with Spooky however the claim is absolutely legitimate.  Their debut album ‘Gargantuan' on William Orbit's Guerilla Records will forever be regarded as one of the defining albums in the history of modern dance music. That along with remixing Depeche Mode and producing the ‘Involver' projects alongside Sasha;  Duncan Forbes and Charlie May have been at the forefront of electronic music their entire careers. On Resolutions Spooky have delivered a stunning interpretation, the foundation is built on a grinding techy groove that will shred up even the most discerning of dancefloors.  As more elements are added into the mix there is a constant building tension as the droning leads and panning electronics escalate in potency. The end result is nothing short of remarkable and should make for some of the most memorable dancefloor moments of the year. Forthcoming Charlie May productions to lookout for include a collaboration with Barry Jamieson which will be released this summer with remixes from Dimitri Nakov and Sasha.

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14 November 2010 20:24
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Lank - Bounce Back EP w/mixes from: 16 Bit Lolitas & Monaque

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Lank - Bounce Back EP w/mixes from: 16 Bit Lolitas & Monaque - release date: June 1st 2010

The 16th release on microCastle comes from Peter Goylan otherwise known as Lank.  Peter follows up some superb outings on Boz Boz and Baroque with his Bounce Back EP that includes two fresh original tracks with remixes from 16 Bit Lolitas and Monaque.  Peter's 'Bounce Back' original is a main room progressive track with twisted,  psychedelic sounds and an undeniable club energy. Also included is Lank's Atmo Mix which is a stripped down, techier interpretation that offers a great alternative to the monster original.  16 Bit Lolitas return to microCastle following  the very well-received  'Personal Space EP'  from earlier this year. On Lank's 'Bounce Back' they have turned in a very club friendly,  techy rework with some added melodies that make for a very diverse mix from the much loved Dutch production duo.

The second original on the package 'Run On Fumes'  is surely one of Lank's most unique melodic pieces,  a continually building 9 minute journey with heavily textured, soaring melodies and an enormous bottom end with a lot of character.  The New York and Moscow based DJ/Production partnership Monaque make their first appearance on microCastle with an inspiring remix of 'Run On Fumes'. The duo have stripped the track right down;  added an ethereal touch to the lead and a seriously infectious bassline for a modern day progressive bomb.

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14 November 2010 20:23
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MCSL015 - Luke Porter & Medway - Clarity EP w/mixes from: Cid Inc. & Michael Cassette

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MCSL015 - Luke Porter & Medway - Clarity EP w/mixes from: Cid Inc. & Michael Cassette - release date: April 13th 2010

The 15th release on microCastle is a special collaboration between 2 of progressive dance music's finest and most revered artists:  Medway (Jesse Skeens) and Luke Porter.  Jesse is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Orlando in the summer of 1980 and was an influential figure throughout the rise of progressive music through the 90's.  Medway's original tracks, remixes and remix projects have been licensed to over thirty CD compilations, including the esteemed Global Underground Series in which no less than six appearances were made including two each from the likes of both Sasha and John Digweed.  Luke who is originally from Melbourne  is an international DJ & producer now based in London.  In late 2007 Luke relocated to London where his production career  really took off.  His productions and remix work have been featured on some of the world's most respected labels such as: Tribal Vision, Flow, Baroque,  Dyami, Epsilon Trax and Mango Alley.
Luke and Jesse's RTFM original is some great club material with it's monster spacious groove and shimmering metallic synths.  Cid Inc's remix takes the finest elements from the original and uses them to create a cool modern day progressive bomb.  The 2nd original 'Clarity' is full of energy and drive along with an enormous key changing bassline. Large would be the operative word here. Finland's Michael Cassette have completely reworked the track with their unmistakable production trademarks. A chunky bassline and  a massive sense of drama in the breakdown along with some great harmonics make for another outstanding piece of music from the much loved Finnish production outfit.

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14 November 2010 20:22
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MCSL013 – 16 Bit Lolitas – Personal Space EP includes: Personal Space & Smoke Me Away

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16 Bit Lolitas is a name that is synonymous with quality in modern dance music.
Ariaan “Aad” Olieroock and Peter Kriek joined forces in 2003. The initial productions
that followed quickly established the 16 Bit Lolitas among dance music’s elite.
Peter and Ariaan consistently turn in tight productions that stand out in a crowded
market place. Each piece this duo creates is meticulously crafted to perfection thus
ensuring the tracks initial vision is achieved for the dancefloor and listeners around the
globe. It’s music that creates widescreen atmosphere as well as delivering a killer blow
without the need of resorting to the overused and obvious.
Following a long absence the “Cold Energy / Smoke Signals” Double A-side release for
Anjunadeep marked the duo’s return. microCastle is pleased to present the duo’s
Personal Space EP for their second official release of 2010. Personal Space has a massive
widescreen appeal and a great dancefloor sensibility with it’s rolling bassline, shuffling
techy percussion and hypnotic energy. The EP closes with “Smoke Me Away” which could
perhaps be Peter and Aad’s darkest production to date. Some infectious hooks inspired by
some very dark electronics and an overall ominous atmosphere with great club
energy are what make this piece so unique.

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13 November 2010 23:39
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