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FR Grand Cafe, Saint Petersburg, 23:00 // 29 May 2010
Deep House
FR Grand Cafe, Saint Petersburg, 21:00 // 28 May 2010
Vocal House
Party Club X.O., Vologda, 23:00 // 2 May 2010
Progressive House
Wasabi, Severodvinsk, 23:00 // 1 May 2010
Progressive House
Wasabi, Severodvinsk, 23:00 // 30 April 2010
Progressive House
Michael Foe

About myself:

«…Walking with wide open eyes through the life, going deeply into and being interested in all things, that can be interesting, I take a part of many existent things in this life. Night life is not become an exception. DJ’s profession is a mutual advantage for people, which always feel youth and social surrounding’s energy inside, which wants to be a part of humanity intercourse and lastly intelligent, loving and setting much on one side and on another side for the person, who watching on reality through the prism of private interests of himself, pleasing sometimes, but quite often creating the mainstream and just living for the good mood gifts and getting pleasure. Different actions and places are being the mediators for both sides, creates opportunities for the realization their wishes and needs…»


As often the new stars on club's life horizon are appears as seldom there are appears persons who could be proudly called «DJ». The name of Michael Foe could be taken part in DJs list of professionals, who's aspirations are based on giving the most part of time for favorite business and all time perfection, on desire for set new and most interesting trends.

His compilations are histories with logic stories, his live actions are improvisations of soul's flights. Only for two years hi draw attention of main part of famous night places in Saint-Petersburg, Russia - «Ludovic», «Shine», «Buddha Bar», «Duat», «Hermitage», «Kronverk», most successful summer projects of 2008 year - «Blesk» - with Lovely Laura (Hed Kandi) and Romina Johnson - and beach club «Paradise beach», underground places - legendary «Red club», «А2», «2-nd Floor», loung places - Lounge café «Barhat», «Pudding cafe and Sculptors restaurant», Chillout cafe «Trizet», Open cafe «Shater». The main part of famous gives residence of Soho» night club.

Michael Foe - one of the russian dj's list person who has a foreign gig expirience. September of 2009 was pointed by tour to Hurghada, Egypt.

Now Michael Foe works at own singles.


Personal Booking: +7-911-934-37-71 E-mail:

Michael Foe
Favorite styles: Deep House, Lo-Fi, Progressive House, Tech House, Vocal House
DJ, promoter since 2006
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Guest: On-line радио Индиго (Saint Petersburg), Monroe's Beach Club (Egypt) (Hurgada), Magic (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Wasabi (Severodvinsk), Party Club X.O. (Vologda)
Frequent visitor: Сохо (Saint Petersburg), Shine (Saint Petersburg), Red club (Saint Petersburg), Второй этаж (Saint Petersburg), Дуат (Saint Petersburg), Buddha Bar (Saint Petersburg), Pudding cafe and Sculptors restaurant (Saint Petersburg), Бархат (Saint Petersburg), Корабль Кронверк (Saint Petersburg), Эрмитаж (Saint Petersburg), Chillout cafe Trizet (Saint Petersburg), А2 (Saint Petersburg), Paradise beach (Saint Petersburg), Blesk (Saint Petersburg), Шатёр (Saint Petersburg), CafePeople (Saint Petersburg), Queens (Saint Petersburg), Candy Bar (Saint Petersburg), Pakar (Saint Petersburg), Bubble Bar (Saint Petersburg), FR Grand Cafe (Saint Petersburg), Jesus (Saint Petersburg)
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