Паша Peps
Main style: Hip-hop/Rap
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Breaks, Chillout, Crunk, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Easy Listening, Funk, Lounge, Progressive House, R&B, Reggae, Trance, Trip-Hop, UK Garage, Vocal Trance
Producer, MC, Photographer, vocalist, poet since 2000
Location: Russia, Zelenokumsk
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Совместные NEW

MC PEPS и Vint-Дэ-Вито - Квинтэссенция альбом 2011

MC PEPS - i-net Promo Release (ZARAZA) LP (2007)

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512 3:56 1  249 PR1,1 ▲
Experimental, Hip-hop/Rap

INSTRUMENTALS (бесплатные для скачивания мои авторские фонограммы или уже использованые в песнях мои фонограммы)


Im beatmaker, the author and the executor of the texts, TRUE MC. ex.label INTROMUSIC RECORDS and the project of group Relapse - the INTRIGUE (the first structure of 2005). On this page I will spread the creativity.


In 96th year PEPS has been infected by the Rap from the Pyatigorsk party, then Hip-hop the culture has started to develop roughly there, infecting vicinities... In 97-98th year to hobby for the Rap one more was added, it were PRODIGY, Leeroy has inspired on incorrect not clear dances which have then reincarnated in hobby for the Break dance, by the way PEPS and now sometimes wishes to dance with the b-boys. In 99th year - there was a first acquaintance to the musical program - Frutti Loops with which began probably all at that time …. But it is all it was frivolous, and to undertake a microphone in general was on the verge of a fantasy. In 2000 year PEPS has left secondary school and has arrived to study in Essentuki city where has struck up new acquaintances, thereby has received necessary stimulus for advancement in hip-hop to culture. In the summer of 2002 year he has learned that in Zelenokumsk there are Rappers who read out, they had appeared Palevo and MAX (structure of the future first project in which participated PEPS - crew CBS), PEPS knew them still before, with Max he together started to be engaged in a breakdance, and with Palevo he stuck from SIR MIX-A-LoTa, Tupaka and Vanilly still going to school, and since with cartridges the pressure then was, constantly changed, all novelties of a rap could be found in a city only at these two persons. Their group then was called "Cool as Boyz Style" ака "Cool Braza Style" ака CBS. Guys have offered PEPS ` at make to them fonogramm as on one looser synthesizer won't make much, as a result he was included into this group, at first as beatmaker, has joined and as МС since at school did sketches of texts later, but it was not represented to realize a case of a rhyme. Record of soundtracks and a vocal occurs at PEPS ` an at home in Zelenokumsk. The first song shown in a track and executed on a scene - "the Dream or life", thanks to her CBS have begun the lifting from a non-existence and shit... In the end 2002, the beginning of 2003th years CBS gets acquainted with Pyatigorsk group "Relapse" which already then swung "cities" :-)). All 2003 PEPS constantly contacts to them, has put a rod uphill, there are performances on fest ("URBAN" in the city of Nevinnomyssk, "8 mile 26 RUS" in the WHALE of a city of Pyatigorsk, still a heap of the anonymous...) In June 2003 Palevo take away in аrmy and as PEPS was the second after him on the technician flow he willy-nilly becomes leader CBS. In the summer 2003 there is an association Relapse, CBS, the Bastile (Nevinnomyssk) and solo МС – Brahman ` and (Essentuky city) under one label - "INTROmusic records", is issued the collection of the best rap groups KMW - "RAP Parade 2003" in which track-sheet there are 3 tracks from CBS (from them 2 songs - solo performances Peps and Palevo). After performances have begun and prospects in growth PEPS began to dawn has decided to undertake thoroughly a rap and took a right course, having put for dense work with Recidivists. Communicating and working together with those who above you on level, itself without noticing that you start to last upwards faster, than it would be independent. Well and further there were shifts in a label: CBS and the Brahman with a crash have taken off from him, but PEPS remained, is more exact than him and didn't gather kick down . This is results of 2003. In 2004 from a label the Bastile has taken off. Year has come to the end with release of maxi-single Relapse – the FORTRESS where PEPS takes part, and Gran AT Relapse on Rap Music 2004. In 2005 there is a label replenishment, in particular group Composure (protege of Arut). PEPS this year graduates from the institute and defends the diploma in a speciality jurisprudence combining and alternating it to shootings of a clip the INTRIGUE and participation in the album of a label with the same name. The autumn 2005 is marked by an exit of the first album of Relapse – the INTRIGUE which on-essence the INTRIGUE … is an album of group

2006 Peps leaves in solo creativity, renews communications with the former workmate at the command of CBS - Vint.

2007 - there is begun a recording of the album at present is ready promo album MC PEPS - i-net Promo Release (ZARAZA 2007).

2008-2010 - make a singles and ones track.

2011 - release of NEW album!

The history proceeds and there are separate tracks, teamwork. Prepares EP. comin soon!

привет друг.держи + PR жду в друзья.чувак я давно ищу песню вашей группы CBS она начинается со слов:серп и молот на нашем гербе...где ее найти можно?
Салам, Заходи ко мне в страничку и комментируй...
Крутой трек "Делай"! Ща остольные прослушаю. +давай в друзья
Уже есть кой какой свежий щиит! Велком бро, ко мне!
Respect дружище! PROMODJ РУЛИТ
Память RULISH В пром от меня)))
а промик-то изменился в лучшую сторону!
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