Аврора, Saint Petersburg, 00:00 // 1 May 2011
Progressive House
Club Пятница, Vyatskie Polyany (Kirovskaya obl.), 00:00 // 5 March 2011
Progressive House
Пиранья, Volgograd, 00:00 // 19 December 2010
Tech House
Кировская область, Малмыж, Рожки, Kirov, 21:00 // 7 August 2010
Electro House
MegaPort.FM, Saint Petersburg, 20:00 // 11 July 2010
Progressive House
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OUT NOW! The Confusion - Dark Highway [Digital Motion Records]

Due to a serious attitude to their work, Maxim can rightly be considered one of the most talented and fashionable of Representatives DJ and club culture. Behind the maxim is not one released by release on various labels in Russia and abroad. Thanks to his excellent musical in his mixes you'll hear only the freshest, dance and relevant sound. Large amount of released mixes and tracks, a unique approach to presenting the material the listener ...

Here are the key to success of Maxim

MAXIM LANCER since 2011 Ar Mananger Label "Digital Motion" 

Is the founder and one of the fashionable residents of the project "GAUDI PROJECT".

Resident of the ultra-fashion label "Dextrous Records"

Relizer on the "F & S RECORDS" - ""

THE CONFUSION - Project 3 DJs and musicians, 2 brothers, "MAXIM LANCER & IMAGINE & KOLYA FUNK" 

The project was founded in 2011!

TRAFFICK - Project 3 DJs and musicians, "DJ EMIL & MAXIM LANCER & IMAGINE" 

The project was founded in 2011!

GAUDI PROJECT - A young, growing and full of promise, a musical project, which consists of 2 DJ and musician (Maxim Lancer & Max Davey). Speaking at numerous parties and open-mascovyh Eyrah, this quartet under the name "Gaudi Project" has to prove itself as a promising musicians and DJs on the club scene of the largest megopolisov Russia! Their performance turns into an unforgettable magical show filled with lots of positive energy ... It is not only technically good work - an explosion of emotion and a fantastic dive into the atmosphere of happiness and joy ...
Prior to the meeting in your town!

I like: Качественную музыку

I hate: Не качественную музыку

I recommend: The Confusion | Traffick | Gaudi Project

I am interested in: Девушками

I know: Немного о многом

I can: Вкусно готовить

Maxim Lancer
Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: Electro Progressive, House, Tech House, Techno
DJ, producer, promoter, listener since 2004
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Resident: Dextrous Records (Saint Petersburg), Digital Motion Records (Saint Petersburg)
Guest: РЦ PLANETA , (Kirov), OPEN-AIR (Рожки) (Malmyzh), MegaPortFM (Saint Petersburg), Club 43 (Kirov), Пиранья (Volgograd)
Was just once: TUNING HALL Club (Moscow)
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