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Maxim "Max" Aleksandrovich Fadeev (Russian: Макси́м Алекса́ндрович Фаде́ев; born 6 May 1968) is a Russian singer–songwriter, composer and producer.


Early life and career:

Maxim Fadeev was born on 6 May 1968 in Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast, Russia. When he was a child, he attended a musical school in Kurgan, and learned how to play bass guitar. He later attended two universities, both musical, aged only fifteen.

Fadeev started working with professional musicians in 1989, such as Larisa Dolina and Valery Leontyev. At the time he was supported by showman and actor Sergei Krilov, who also presented Fadeev to the world of professional music.

1993—2003: Linda and Star Factory 2:

In 1993 Fadeev started managing a singer Svetlana Geiman, who would later become famous as Linda. Fadeev was writing, producing and composing her hits. While she was managed by Fadeev, Linda rose to media attention and became popular singer. Their partnership, however, broke in 1999. Linda has eventually started writing her songs herself.

After a great success as a music producer, Fadeev was also successful as a television producer of the second season of Channel One talents show Star Factory, Star Factory 2. Star Factory 2 eventually rose to prominence many popular Russian singers, such as Yulia Savicheva, Elena Temnikova, Irakliy Pirzhalava, Pier Narciss, Elena Terleeva and the others. Yulia Savicheva eventually competed for Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, reaching the 11th place. Soon after Star Factory 2 Fadeev started managing singer Glukoza, who became a music star.

2003—present: Monolit Records, Star Factory 5 and SEREBRO:

Fadeev developed his own recording company, Monolit Records, in 2003. Located in Moscow, it has soon become one of the most influential recording companies in Russia, but also in the states of the former USSR. In 2004 Monolit Records produced and published the album of Katya Lely, Jaga-Jaga, that reached Platinum certification.

In 2005 Fadeev once again returned as a co-producer of Channel One talents show Star Factory 5. He, however, later focused on his new project, a girl group SEREBRO. The band won the third place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, won numerous awards and became one of the most popular Russian bands. The band released their debut album, OpiumROZ, on 25 April 2009 for the Monolit Records.

Fadeev and the Monolit Records have recently opened an audition for new solo female singer.

Maxim Fadeev
Producer, collaborations
Location: Russia, Moscow
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