Matao - Anastasia EP. Beatsmedia review


Label: Nueva Digital
Release date: Oct 4, 2011
Reviewed by: Rachel Rixham 

Already appearing on Silk earlier this year, the prog-trance force that is Matao breaks onto Nueva with one of the most well polished EP’s that you’ll hear all year.

Matao starts this EP off with ‘Anastasia‘, a very animated track which introduces a wide range of quirky, and very charismatic components, tightly woven together to unleash a crisp tech-filled build. Forthwith the gorgeous melancholic groove entices whilst the edgy synth-work omits an unctuous coolness. For sure a track that will gather much attention from fans, not to mention be included in many artists CD wallets for many months to come.

The last track on this EP is ‘Perfectro’, if you enjoyed ‘Anastasia’ then you will very much enjoy this track too. As with the first, Matao keeps that pernickety quality intact while plunging deeper in to the progressive realms with a highly driven tech composition. A powerfully built bass, wooden cupped percussion and rich layered synths converge to create a nice clean cut and reputable production!

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7 October 2011 22:33

Ferry Corsten's COUNTDOWN

Трек Planet Z попал в радиошоу Ферри Корстена "COUNTDOWN".

Screen shot 2010-12-17 at 5.02.57 PM @ Matao


Прогoлoсoвать за любую понравившуюся композицию можно на официальной странице радиошоу.

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17 December 2010 19:11
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