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Maiia (Mystic Sound Records)

Maiia (known also as Alla Vagner) was from the childhood surrounded by music, in particular alternative music – her music loving parents gave her from her early years love for heavy rock. Still in her teens it became insufficient for her just to listen music on the home acoustic system. Arranging with the beloved sister the tunes they heard for parties for different instruments quite logically brought the wish to study musical notes and to play guitar. This developed into first steps in musical creativity – rehearsals in garages and trial performances in clubs, so much energy and drive! With the passing of time and the development of musical individuality the musical tastes undergone the changes that could be expected: the death-doom-grind-metal music transformed into more quite alternative trip-hop and noise-jazz.

But main self-realization and revelation came in the voyage in India when on the coast of Goa under the black cupola studded by billions of stars Alla for the first time heard and got knowledge of the psychedelic electronic music. This music so much strong influenced her that under this impression she immediately started to learn and discover for herself still new and new psychedelic styles and currents. The closest by content and intrinsic harmony she felt the music in the psychill style. Alla started to collect tracks, create her own collections, play them for her friends. Then due to the coincidence of various factors and rather funny circumstances (here you may relate how they made you perform for the first time) Maiia-psy-chill djane appeared to the world.

As a result it became less interesting just to play tracks of others, however nice and beautiful. The urge appeared to fix and let the others hear that music that appears and sounds in your own head. So started the acquaintance with sequencers, hardware and program synthesizers and prolonged-long trials and experiments with arranging of sound to achieve the results giving life to notes and sounds full of nice emotions, beauty and harmony.

Translated from sanskrit language MAIIA means magic, illusion, power and result of cosmic creativity. Through the music of the project we wish to draw the listeners attention to ancient ethnic rhythms, to magic sounds that filled the space even at the time when no civilizations existed, to remind them of the Nature around the human beings and to bring joy and love to their hearts.

Year 2009 was especially rich for joint projects with other artists, creating in the process tracks with live instruments and concert productions. At various stages of the project such talented musicians as Misha beta700a, Egor Choodoo, Gleb DooyDoDoom, Neolead, Vitalic Labutin and other took part in the live performances. As a result of such musical experiments the stage name Maiia transformed itself into the independent band of the same name bringing together new and talented musicians.

At the present project MAIIA is composed, in addition to Alla herself, of Irina (IRUNE) Savitskaya, Julia (Rhythma) Antropova and Mikhail Finogenov. New members of the project have organically joined and enriched the Alla’s music, introducing sounds of light percussion, rhythms of bongo, jembe, pouring there in the magic sound of dijeridoo and fillng it the beautiful guitars.

Starting 2008 there are issued tracks on various compilations and in autumn 2009 it was released the EP under the name of Forest Magic consisting of four tracks.

Alla Vagner
Main style: Downtempo
Favorite styles: Ambient, Ambient Breaks, Ambient Dub, Breaks, Chillout, Chillstep, Dub, Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Psybient, Psychedelic breakbeat
DJ, producer, promoter, listener, group / joint project since 2005
Performance: from 5 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: DI FM (New York), Psychic Radio Station (Kiev), Altar Records (Abercorn), Ovnimoon Records (Arab), Mystic Sound Records (Moscow)
Guest: Радиостанция факультета журналистики МГУ им М.В. Ломоносова (Moscow), Radio (Svoboda), Kiss FM (Kiev), Чай (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: Forum Hall (Moscow), Plastilin (Moscow), клуб Город , Москва, Старая Басманная ул.20 (Moscow), Икра (Moscow), Шанти (Moscow), Воздух (Moscow), Правда 24 (Moscow), Вермель (Moscow), ГлавClub (Moscow)
Was just once: Namaha records (Delhi), Liquid Tunes Records (Makedonska Kamenica), Millenium Records (London), GS Consept records (Moscow), Space Baby Records (Kiev), Club Shadow (Moscow), Космонавт (Saint Petersburg)
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