Winter Dream 2019. Enjoy;)

MageSky aka G-Luminary (Alexander Gerasimov) was born on the 30th january 1986 in the centre of Russian Federation. From since Alex can remember, music has always been an interest to him but it wasn't untill around the 2002-2005 period where Alex really took to the sound of 'Trance'. Fascinated by the sound and melodies, Alex began to collect and listen to all the trance he could get hold of.. and was especially inspired by the 'TranceFormat' compilations. MageSky's love for Trance grew so he decided to take it further by taking up producering..with little experiance at the time, Alex spent most of his free days practicing. As the years went on, Alex felt he wanted something more from the music so began to make the sound using cheap music programs such as eJay, ReBirth etc..although crude, Alex gained the basics from theese programs and developed a small understanding of how electronic music was put together. At around the age of about 16-17 years..Alex started to explore more advanced music programs such as Jeskola Buzz... though more complex, he spent all his time learning and building knowledge of the programs and as time went by Alex added more production equipment to his small 'studio' such as virtual synthesizers, sound modules etc. MageSky is ready for debuting now!



Genre: Uplifting, Epic, Melodic, Progressive Trance

Software: AMD X6 1055T, Acoustic system Microlab Pro-1 (2.0), Sequencer Jeskola Buzz 1.2 + VSTi (many many VSTi ;-))



Costa - Sunburst (MageSky remix) [4SeasonsMusic Records]

Dave & Oliver - Reality (MageSky remix) [National Sound Records]

Aiera - Deepest Dream (MageSky Bootleg) [unnofficial present]   


Wonderful Feeling - Road To Heaven (MageSky remix) [Blue Soho Recordings]

The Chaser & Duality - Doves (MageSky remix) [Shah Music]

MageSky - Mira Street EP [no information]

MageSky feat. Janardana - The Game (Vocal/Instrumental mixes) [no information]

Bobina - Lazy World (MageSky Bootleg) [unnoficial present]

MageSky - Blue Moon Effect (Incl. remixes) [no information]

MageSky - Lighting Trees / Laser Pointer EP (Incl. remixes) [no information]

MageSky - Lunarium / Sense Dynamics EP [no information]

Alexander Gerasimov
Main style: Uplifting Trance
Favorite styles: Disco House, Melodic Trance, Progressive Trance, Techno, Trance, Vocal Trance
Producer, listener since 2005
Location: Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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