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Mad Maxx Selecta
Main style: Dancehall
Favorite styles: Reggae
DJ, promoter since 2002
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Центральный район, Советская 5-я ул., 45 КЛУБ «ШУМ», Saint Petersburg, 23:00 // 24 December 2010


1 121 226 PR 6,1 ▲ 320 Dancehall, Reggae
Промо-микс специально для True Jamaican Camp 
Mad Maxx Selecta

Mad Maxx Selecta is one of the very first selectors in Russia at all. He started to play reggae and dancehall music in the year 2002. Since then Mad Maxx has been playing and promoting Jamaican style music in many different clubs and events not only in his home city Saint-Petersburg, but in different cities of Russia including Moscow.

Mad Maxx was one at the very beginning of dancehall movement in Russia who realized that dancehall music is the best party music and Jamaican style of dancing and musical expression is the hottest ever made by humankind.

Mad Maxx started to express his passion to reggae music from collecting Jamaican 7inch vinyls and spinning them at parties for friends. Interest to that music was growing and Mad Maxx started to host his own parties dedicated to dancehall only. He made a lot of successful parties, some popular in Saint-P weekly and monthly series.

But it was not an easy road to create a basis of dancehall in Saint-P and success didn’t come constantly and quickly. Dancehall was new culture for russians, it seemed so strange and unfamiliar. In addition there are no large black community in Saint-P as well as in other Russian cities. Mad Maxx and his fellow selectors used the rise of r’n’b and hip-hop music in the early 00s to promote dancehall as another one side of black dance culture. Also they played at a lot of d’n’b, jungle and more rave parties to reach the wider audience. But still the development of dancehall culture proceeded quite slowly until today.

In the year 2010 Mad Maxx made another one breakthrough, once again he was in the forefront of dancehall in Russia

Firstly, he concentrated on digital releases and now his goal is to represent mostly contemporary “up to di time” dancehall. Still Mad Maxx is the first of just a few Russian selectors who plays the latest stuff and promote the latest dancehall/reggae trends. That move marked with the nick name change. Previously he performed as Simplemaxx Selecta.

Secondly, Mad Maxx started to run new sound, SP Jugglers Sound. He involve some of the very best Saint-Petersburg selectors and local artists to take part in this sound activities. SP Jugglers Sound is going to grow and have a lot of plans of taking Russian dancehall to the higher level. Russia is going to be the next one area on the reggae map of the world and we already made a lot and still are going to make much more things for that.

And the last but not list, SP Jugglers established Saint-Petersburg Dancehall Queen Competition in 2010 as a part of Official Russian Dancehall Queen Contest (DHQ Russia). Nowadays a lot of hot sexy girls from all around Russia are taking the competition to became the Dancehall Queen. The final contest is annually event in Moscow. And what SP Jugglers do is the Saint-P stage of this battle.

SP Jugglers believe that this DHQ movement is a promising direction for international collaborations with dancers, artists, sounds.

Also 2010 became a starting year for Mad Maxx with making international links and laid the foundation to his dubplate collection. One of the very first and strong links is fresh artist Spida I’yah Venomous (Bahamas) who is making mad quality specials for Mad Maxx and his sound.

And so Mad Maxx and SP Jugglers continue to go straight forward and bring good dance music and positive vibes to the people. They run the dance in their city and they are ready to take new heights.

Mad Maxx message to the world:

Big up all of the dancehall people worldwide! Out of many we are one. Each one teach one. All of us is depending from each other. Don’t stop struggle for better tomorrow and we will reach it! Don’t stop bubble to di riddim and we will put every place on fire!

Lively up yourself and more fire!

I like: Прежде всего - мою красавицу. А так - танцы, лето и неглупых людей.

I hate: Тупиц, холод и скуку.

I recommend: Всем слушать карибскую музыку и не давать телу скучать!

I am interested in: Новыми релизами моей любимой музыки.

I know: Как раскачать людей в моём стайле.

I can: Играть рэгге на любых носителях.


Дабплейты (они же "дабки"). Для тех, кто не в курсе))

Дабплейты (они же дабки, dubz, dubplates, specials) – версии песен, записанные артистом специально для какого-либо селектора (ди-джея, саунд-системы) с упоминанием его (селектора) имени в тексте, всевозможными посвящениями, восхвалениями, пиаром.

Традиция записывать дабплейты возникла на Ямайке много лет назад и является важной и неотъемлемой составляющей reggae/dancehall культуры.

Суть - для артистов это отличный способ заработать (делать дабки на заказ за деньги) или выразить респект своим линкам (друзьям, контактам), для ди-джеев (селекторов) - отличный способ продемонстрировать свою крутизну, играя хиты с посвящениями им лично, эксклюзивные интересные версии песен.

Очень хороший и важный вариант симбиоза между артистами и селекторами.

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28 March 2011 17:40
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    RoDiK aka RDK  7 March 2013 9:43 #
    dj Ishta  6 March 2012 3:00 #
    С днём рождения, Макс!)
    ПАСТЫРЬ  14 November 2011 13:07 #
  • +1
    Winsman  2 May 2011 2:47 #
    Mad Maxx РУЛИТ :)
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    ♔XUZEI4IK.♔  11 February 2011 5:51 #
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    Tenqz  14 January 2011 5:11 #
    биг ап биг ап!!!
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    Max Vortex  16 December 2010 10:51 #
    Привет пазитивным людям)))+)))
  • +1
    Emerald Sky  29 November 2010 23:22 #
    твори,ТОВАРИЩ,твори больше рагги +PR,чтобы рагга не исчезала!
    • +2
      Mad Maxx Selecta  1 December 2010 9:38 #
      не исчезнет
      как всегда - всё только начинается, продолжение скоро
    CatAlone  11 November 2010 13:32 #
    Yo man!)) HEY DJ
  • +1
    РАС ГРОМ  10 November 2010 20:43 #
    .Yasha.  24 April 2009 17:39 #
    Big up, man!
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