RАЙ, Moscow, 23:00 // 28 January 2011
London, Moscow, 01:00 // 23 January 2009
The Pallazo, Las Vegas, 00:00 // 17 January 2009
Friends, Fans and Idols

Friends: BOBINA  Dj Sveta  DJ NEJTRINO  DJ RATEK  DJ Kefir  ЖАН [] #dmitryzhan  саксофонист SYNTHETICSAX  Ivan Spell  DJ ДЕНИС РУБЛЁВ (DJ RUBLEV)  Roma Pafos  DJ BAUR  DJ ЦВЕТКОFF  Denis A  DJ NATASHA BACCARDI  DJ Groove  sohoroomsmusic  dj Antonio  DENIS FIRST & VLADLEN REZNIKOV  DJ Lvov  Инфинити  MISHA KLEIN  Sergey Kutsuev  Sergey JunGO!! [DJ JunGo]  DJ TARANTINO  YASTREB  DJ RICH-ART  Виктор Строгонов  DJ MATUYA  Smash  FONAREV  all

Idols: BOBINA  DJ NEJTRINO  DJ BAUR  YASTREB  DJ KIRILL CLASH  DJ Niki  DJ PERETS  streemmedia (Джинглы, Логотипы, Брендирование)  ZARA WILD  FASHION BEAT (Luxury Music)  D.Matrosov (LUXURY MUSIC)  ELIA  DJ Anna Khilkevich  Dj MAX MYERS ( LUXURY MUSIC )  ADRIANA (LUXURY MUSIС)  SODA-PROJECT  909 / DRUNKEN DONUTS  Maria Balak  Dj Four (Luxury Music) 

Fans: DJ BAUR  DJ Stranger  YASTREB  ALEX JET  DJ KIRILL CLASH  DJ Andrey Golubev  DJ HaLL (Хэл)  DJ Niki  DJ Карабас  DJ ALEX TSVETKOV  De FROiZ  RICH-MOND  DVJ SINE  Ural DJs  13th Warrior  ФАБРИКА ДЖИНГЛОВ / J-Factory  Silver Nail (SN Records)  DJ Raskolnikov  Anthony Armstrong (Ham Factory Records)  DJ SERGEY ZAR & DJ VALERIANO  DJ Andrey Glazkov & Dj Ruslan IvanOFF ( Джигурда Бразерс )  Jingles Production (джинглы, дикторы, интро) by Alice Boogie  DJ DIMA BEKS  DJ CORTO  ATOM MIX  DJ Dandy  Елена Аверина  Dj Timur Giniyatov  Dmitriy Nema  DJ Melloffon  all

Booking:+79262236308 Витя /+79253815861 Андрей
Luxury Music ®


The Musical Label Luxury Music was specially created for those, who crave for seeing & listening to the up-to-date music in a high quality performance of the artists, who gained the general public’s acceptance, aspiring to be always abreast of the latest world music tendencies, and being in the thick of the main club events.

Luxury Music is a unique atmosphere of luxury & style always accompanied by the quality musical format & the positive energy only!

Storing a huge creative luggage, the founder, ideological inspirer & producer of the label, dj Nejtrino is known with his shows at capital’s best clubs for being a resident & issuing a great number of mixes, that are definitely of great success among pretentious public, the one who didn’t want to stint himself in a simple cd dubbing & making remixes out of already popular hits.

With the help of colleagues & friends from the club industry sphere, he decided to join the efforts on the way to create his personal label – Luxury Music.

The key aim of the label is the creation & promotion not only of the beautiful music but also of the beautiful life. The Luxury Music Team already numbers few tens of famous & mostly called–for djs, musicians from Russia & the near abroad, that hep to good & quality music, setting up style & fashion in a club area and, fully correspond to the “Luxury Music “concept naturally.

They are no longer mere djs & musicians, they are well-known society persons & proved artists.

The real professionals & well-liked – DJ Nejtrino, Dj Baur, Dj Anna Khilkevich, DJ Misha Klein, Dj Dюsha, Dj Niki, DJ Stranger, Ruslan Nigmatullin, Dj Stas_USB, DJ Kirill Clash, Dj Max Myers, DJ Alex Menco, DJ Bak$, Dj Davlad, Dj Sazonov, Dj Maniak, Dj Dima Matrosov, Dj Tommy Lee and also the vocalists, that besides the worthy vocal have a startling appearance – incomparable Mary Balak, tender Adriana, lovely ELIA – this is the Luxury Music Team!

The main thing that distinguish Luxury Music from the tens of other Record-labels & booking-agencies – perfect relationship with club promoters all over Russia & CIS, invariably good referencies,

creative professional experience of several years’ standing, set in motion during the working process, good feeling of the dance floor, but the most important thing is a constant replenishment of the line-up & label residents!

Favorite styles: Deep House, Disco House, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Funk, Funky House, House, Nu Disco, Progressive House, Tech House, Trap, Tribal House, Vocal House
Listener, collaborations
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Opera (Moscow)
Guest: Dfm 101.2 (Moscow), Radio Record (Orenburg), Radio Record (Moscow), RUS XM (New York), Funky Mama (Moscow), Большевик (Serpuhov), BAR 20:12 (Moscow), Васюки (Reutov), , Megapolis 89,5 FM (Moscow), DFM 101.2 (Moscow), KISS FM (Kiev), DFM (Moscow), DFM 101.2 (Moscow), Queen (Paris), Мегаполис 89.5 FM (Moscow), Радио ЮFM ( 94.0 fm ) (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: SOHO ROOMS (Moscow), LONDON (Moscow)
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