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dj lokki
Favorite styles: Electro House, Electro Progressive, House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech House, Techno, Trance
DJ, collaborations since 1999
Performance: from €500 / 1 hour
Location: Russia
Guest: STELS (YAkutsk), Юпитер (Biisk), клуб Кейптаун (Novokuzneck), Club GAO (Romaní), клуб К-19 (YAkutsk), клуб Turbo Dizel (Biisk), Adrenalin club (Zarinsk), Dosug club (Zarinsk), Gelaxy club (Bishkek), DASTAN Club (Moscow), Лада (Uglich), First club (New York), FESTIVAL NIGHT BOSTON (Boston), foamy evening party club surf (Paris), Metalurg Club artick (Deputatskii), Takinava (Tokio), Ramzec (Hurgada), open air (Sochi)
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PR+++ не забудь поставить

dj mix

95 20 PR 0,5 ▲ 320 Dutch House
Лучшее на сегодняшний день !!!!!! 
677 157 PR 1,8 ▲ Electro House, Deep House
Хороший и отличный микc для того чтобы слушать 
325 70 PR 0,2 ▲ Electro House, Trance
на мой взгляд получился отличны ремикс 
dj lokki

Сертификат на никнейм dj lokki, зарегистрирован на Величко Олег Викторович
Застолби твой nickname!

DJ Lokki is rightfully considered by star club scene. This is a honourable rank well-earned in many club of the World and is repeatedly confirmed in city of the Russia. C begin 2008, leads the propaganda of the club motion New wave, new current. ELECTRO MUSIC, coming to us because of ocean. Rash advancement in Europe DJ LOKKI does not avoid the side Russia. Lokki -prefers to conquer the public by music, using exclusive music material in stiletto: HOUSE,ELECTRO HOUSE , PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TRANCE, does special звучания in their own set. Due to this he has deserved the confession of the colleagues on shop and endless love of the public. DJ Lokki is a participant of the many festivals as well as participated in many precotton wools -a stalemates and closed evening party of the stars world shov business. . Playing their own sets in club he plays on all 200% returning whole energy in common-room , amateur to show that that new. Always, the public greets and accompanies the tempestuous ovation , for that he is always thanked its public.

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On all technical questions:


Presently plays House, Electrohouse and Progressive house, Electro Sex.

Touring райдер

Technical райдер:

- 2 sd player: pioneer 500, 800, 1000.

- mixer Pioneer 600,500 ,1000,SVM-1000

- a monitor of the goodness (advisable on the left)

The Conditions of the flight/moving and home райдер.

- At finding of the place of the appearance only авиа-flight.

- In city not having aeroport: flight through nearest city or trip on train (sv is ransomed completely).

- Under long moving (more 1 hour) - good-conditioned (summer with conditioner or climate by checking).

- A Meeting - an proin. in aeroport on car good-conditioned . person from taking sides without fall

- An Accomodation in hotel not less 4*, number "luxary" or "half-luxary". (In roast time year - with conditioner, in cool - VERY warm number)

- A Full-fledged feeding not less 3 once in day.

Club райдер.

- 2-h sentry set actor must be not broken shov-program.

- A Granting cooling and alcoholic drink during set.

- A Guard Dj- for time of the appearance. (In the same way checking guard for time of stay in club)

- Information on liing ahead action, composition other participant (dj) must be stipulated beforehand.

- Video and photo removal (but in the same way publication of the material with participation of the actor ONLY AFTER actor) - And From HIS(ITS) CONSENTS ONLY!

The Actor has a right to abandon to photo/videoremovals on its discretion.

The Payment and трансфер.

- A Customer pays the actor a fee in the following order: 50% from the whole amount of the fee - is paid at least for 3 weeks before action.
The Remained amount is paid not later 1 weeks before sending the actor on route.

The Date of the appearance is bolted for taking side, only after receptions 50% downpayments for it.

The Actor leaves to place of the undertaking the appearance at condition 100% payments of the remained amount of the fee and round trip ticket in g.Moscow.

Upon default of some conditions райдера taking side actor has a right to abandon to appearances, leaving for itself 50% payment and not indemnifying expenseses made in consequence of his(its) delivery.

In the event of force-majeure, for instance such, as not flight of the plane, impossibility to fly on picture of health, actor contractually sides:

but) Leaves for itself 50% percent of the payment, not flying again.
b) Carries the appearance on other (free) date.
*The Repeated avia -flight pays the inviting side.

In the event of not taken place appearances due to taking sides, actor has the right leave for itself 50% downpayments. The Appearance carried taking side to the other date, is paid in 100% amount of the fee.

I like: Спорт, музыку, дайвинг, сёрфинг .Бывать в разных местах за сутки люблю когда публика приветсвует танцами на танцполе

I hate: ложь, обман, не уважение к себе

I recommend: вести здаровый образ жизни, клубиться и слушать хорошую музыку

I am interested in: написанием своих треков, миксы на популярную клубную музыку

I know: знаю всё что мне нужно

I can: играть на всём чём придёться

    AlexandrSchuchardt  29 March 2014 1:03 #
    Держи ++PR
    SKYLINE PROJECT  1 June 2013 22:17 #
    DJ MALINA  18 April 2012 15:49 #
    SVET  5 November 2009 0:58 #
    DudUha  5 July 2009 17:47 #
    Со вкусом +
    AELYN  5 July 2009 2:40 #
    WOW WOW WOW у музыки энергетика просто сумасшедшая...))))))))) суперрр)) лови ++))))))))) уже в друзьях)
    Bms.oul®  4 July 2009 7:46 #
    ооо - какие люди!!! Привет!!! Как твой проект в Якутии??? Что нового???
    Bms.oul®  7 November 2008 14:29 #
    Привет ещё раз Олег;))
    С настроем всё в порядке,а вот с работой не так всё гладко-больше приходится общаться,договариваться....чем играть!Но ни чего,дело наживное!
    Как сам?где сейчаз работаешь?
    Bms.oul®  31 October 2008 22:11 #
    Приветствую Олег!!! +++
    alex montano  3 August 2008 11:58 #
    +5 к PR! RULISH
    glamurik  2 August 2008 20:35 #
    ты прелесть я помню как ты приезжал к нам в турбо дизель клуб мне очень понравелось ты молочинка BEST RULISH КАЙФ ЕЩЁ!
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