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Main style: Progressive Trance
Favorite styles: Hard Trance, Neotrance, Tech Trance, Uplifting Trance
DJ, producer, collaborations since 2009
Performance: from $100 / 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Guest: Elliptical Recordings (Chicago), Energetica Recordings (Ivano-Frankovsk), COF Recordings, Hot Sound Record (Novosibirsk)
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Пилот, Tver, 20:23 // 19 June 2012
Progressive Trance
Венецианский мост, Гидропарк, Киев, Украина, Kiev, 22:00 // 15 June 2012
air fm, Ivano-Frankovsk, 21:00 // 7 June 2012
Progressive Trance


100 1 7 PR 4,1 ▲ 320 Progressive Trance
Support from Mike Green - Atmosphere @ Club Time 61 [18.10.13] MC... 
192 1 28 PR 5,5 ▲ Progressive Trance
Кат нашего ремикса на трек STAR & AIR-T из радио-шоу "Club-Styles" by... 


1 500 137 186 PR 29,8 ▲ 320 Progressive Trance, Progressive House
Этот ремикс участвует в Конкурсе ремиксов на W&W - Countach. Когда... 


122 13 23 PR 11,3 ▲ Progressive Trance
Label: Azima Records Release date: 10.10.2013 
204 33 43 PR 23,9 ▲ Trance
Label: Overtmind Records Release Date: 18.04.2013 
407 37 122 PR 31 ▲ House, Atmospheric Breaks
Label: System Odio (USA) Release Date: 02.05.2012 Наша новая работа.... 
271 51 145 PR 14,5 ▲ Progressive House, Progressive Trance
Label: Energetica Recordings, Release Date: 09/05/2011 
Life Fusion
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Project Life Fusion is a creative symbiosis of two creative persons:

DJ GLS & Sasha Stateburn.

The musical spectrum of Life Fusion's activity is many-sided - the organization of own music events,

performances at adjacent events, producing own tracks,

cooperations with colleagues-adherents, online-radio stations.

And that's not all...

Each track, each set of the project brings something new, novel,

mysterious, energetic, melodic, romantic, positive and vital!


Sounded on air of such radio stations:


DI.FM (Digitally Imported) (New York/USA),

PURE.FM (San Francisco, CA/USA),

Kiss FM (Kiev/Ukraine),

Stolica (Kiev/Ukraine), (Kiev/Ukraine), (Moscow/Russia),

Tanz FM,,,, (Kiev/Ukraine), «Chat FM Internet Radio»,

Megaport FM (St. Petersburg/Russia)



LIFE FUSION – No Ordinary Girl [Energetica Recordings] 2010

LIFE FUSION – Charming Clouds [Sound Energy]
Compilation: Masterpiece Of Emotions 2010

LIFE FUSION – Wake Up! (OTO Recordings)

LIFE FUSION – Road To Solar City
[Energetica Recordings] 2011

LIFE FUSION – Storm Warning
[Hot Sound Record (COF Recordings)] 2011
LIFE FUSION – Underwater Explosion [Elliptical Recordings]
Release Date December, 2011
Incl.: Sanglare Remix and DJ GLS Remix
LIFE FUSION – Paradise 42
[System Odio (USA)] 2012


From 2009 residents (Kiev/Ukraine)

with radioshow Trance Fusion

From 2010 residents (Kiev/Ukraine)

with radioshow Trance Fusion


Life Fusion Played at such parties:


*Trance Night @ Sheriff 21.05.2009

*Spring Emotions @ Art Cafe "Cocoon" 29.05.2009

*Before TIESTO Pre-Party @ Art Cafe "Cocoon" 28.06.2009

*Mysterious Aesthetics @ Cinema-Club 03.07.2009

*Golosa za Zhivotnih @ Khreschatik open-air 11.07.2009

*Energiya Chuvstv @ Sheriff 04.07.2009

*Summer Emotions @ Art Cafe "Cocoon" 17.07.2009

*Trance Saturday @ Misteria 19.09.2009

*Orange Splash Party @ Sheriff 29.09.2009

*DJs Day @ Cafe Del Mar 19.10.2009

*DJs Day @ Cafe Del Mar 26.10.2009

*Autumn Emotions @ Fidel Party-Bar 30.10.2009

*The Best From DJ's Day @ Cafe Del Mar 20.11.2009

*Mysterious Aesthetics Episode - 2 @ Prime Club 25.11.2009

*Builderz @ Cinema-Club 27.12.2009

*Trance Sturday @ Misteria 30.01.2010

*The End Of The Fucking Session @ Prime Club 02.02.2010

*Dancing Angels @ Renove 06.02.2010

*Trance Selection @ Greenwich 12.02.2010

*Trance Selection @ Greenwich 26.02.2010

*Star Girls @ Misteria club 07.03.2010

*Trance FM Party @ Status Party Bar 12.03.2010

*Alexey Omen in Kiev @ Prime Station @ Prime Club 09.04.2010

*Diablik @ Let's Go To Riot @ Cinema Club 16.04.2010

*Club-kids @ Forsage Club 25.04.2010 "Star Fish" (Zatoka, Odessa/Ukraine)

*Sunbeams Open Air @Trukhanov Island 07.08.2010

*TE Open Air @ Trukhanov Island 23.07.2011

аnd more...

Played in such Clubs:

"Cinema-Club" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Queen Bee" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Taboo'' (Odessa/Ukraine)

"Katarsis" (Vasilkov/Ukraine)

"Riverest" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Sherif" (Borispol/Ukraine)

"Cocoon" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Misteria" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Cafe Del Mar" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Fidel" (Kiev/Ukraine)

''Prime-Club'' (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Renove" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Greenwich" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Status Party Bar" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Forsage Club" (Kiev/Ukraine)

"Star Fish" (Zatoka, Odessa/Ukraine)

"Trukhanov Island Open Air" (Kiev/Ukraine)




Rambler's Top100

I like: Музыку

I hate: Нужно избавляться от этого чувства...

I recommend: Оставаться собой при любом раскладе.

I am interested in: Музыкой, ее написанием; ди-джеингом; дизайном.

I know: Что утром вставать тяжело, но все равно работаем до поздна...

I can: Немного, но желаем научиться большему.