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Сибирская Ярмарка, Novosibirsk, 21:00 // 29 April 2012
Drum & Bass
Первомайский Сквер, Novosibirsk, 18:00 // 24 September 2011
р.Куба (Республика Алтай, Чемальский район), Barnaul, 09:00 // 8 July 2011
Drum & Bass
пляж Водный мир, Barnaul, 20:00 // 2 July 2011
Liquid Crystal Faith

Liquid Crystal Faith is a unique project out of ‘em all. Two
musicians, Kovalyov Nikita and Elyshev Artyom, coming from two
different music poles, mixed live sound, electronic experiments,
broken rhythms and unrestrained drive into a killer psychedelic
cocktail! Together they created project that plays only its own music,
only live and nothing but live. Hardware equipment is what gives an
incomparable opportunity to work with samples, drums, synthesizer
parts, effects and sequencers in real time. That is why each
performance of Liquid Crystal Faith is unique – improvising, they
create their music anew every time. Within a 5 years that the project
exists, LCF has successfully performed in all around Russia cities,
including Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Astana, Tomsk,
Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Barnaul, Novokuznetsk etc. They were also headliners for such well-known raves as:



• MEATING 2008, MEATING 2009, MEATING 2010@ Gornyi Altai

• 4-th international DRUM&BASS festival Wet Luck'07 @ Gornyi Altai

• Happy Rave ft. NOISIA @ Academgorodok Beach (Nsk)

• "Darkness " Last...feat. Submerged @ Astana

• Halloween 2007 @ Planet 3.5.7 @ Omsk


Played on one stage with Submerged, Cooh, Raiden, Lucio De Rimanez, Viktor Strogonov, Dereck, The Sect, Propaganda, Noisia, Fanu, Electrosoul System, Implex, Dissident, DJ Art, Paralyzah, Idoleast, Xpander, Deny, Acidrain, Kubrak, Salamandra, Tomic, D’Nee, Phanatique, Invader, Di-man, Kite, CCCP, Thasonic, Thrillabeats etc.


In their sets L.C.F. use following equipment:

KORG D888 - digittal recording studio

KORG ESX1- tube groovebox-sampler

KORG EMX1 – tube groovebox-synthesizer

Roland MC-909 - groovebox

KORG Kaoss Pad 3 – sensor effect processor

BBE MaxCom – compressor-maximizer

Alesis AirFX – 3D dynamic effect processor

Lexicon MX400 – effect processor

Komus – national Altai instrument


In May 2007, Khan & diciuS together organized the 1st private open-air rave at a deserted cottage in honor of their birthdays, and through the summer such outing have become a tradition. Next times the crazy music shook up a forest, then a lakeshore in the moonlight, and finally – a deserted kids’ summer camp. It was the first time Barnaul has seen anything like this, but this was only the beginning. In December 2007 with the powers of LCF a new Underground Club Pautina (The Net) was opened. It shook the city with a number of extreme parties, where, besides Liquid Crystal Faith, performed many musicians well-known in Barnaul as well as outside the city. They are: Lemon, Idoleast, Lena Lumiere, Enemee, Stalker, Elvenfox, Crazy. The variety of styles – from Darkside, Experimental & IDM to Trance & Techno, and a unique atmosphere, which Barnaul was waiting for so long – that’s what had made Pautina a blast within a couple of months.

Main style: Acid
Favorite styles: Acid Breaks, Acid Techno, Ambient, Breakcore, Breakstep, Chillout, Detroit Techno, Drum & Bass, Drumfunk, Dubstep, Electro-punk, Experimental, Frenchcore, Glitch, Grime, Hard IDM, Hard Techno, Hardcore, Hardstep, IDM, Indie Dance, Indietronica, Leftfield, Minimal psytrance, New Rave, Oldschool Drum & Bass, Rave, Schranz, Techno, Turntablism
DJ, producer, promoter, clubber, listener, collaborations since 2003
Performance: from $600 / 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Barnaul
Resident: Паутина (Barnaul)
Guest: Prime Time club (Novosibirsk), Prime Time Club (Novosibirsk), Zebra (Barnaul), тур.комплекс Империя туризма (Barnaul), Che Guevara (Barnaul), Zebra (Barnaul), Сальвадор (Astana), Автомойка Министерство чистоты (Astana), Club Африка (Barnaul), secret place (Barnaul)
Frequent visitor: Бункер (Novosibirsk), Планета Льда (Moscow), PRIME-TIME (Novosibirsk)
Was just once: Underground (Saint Petersburg), Matrix (Tomsk), ПЛАНЕТА 3.5.7 (Omsk), Космос (Novokuzneck), Европа-Азия (Moscow), ЮЛА (Novosibirsk)
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