Favorite styles: House, Progressive House, Tech House
DJ, promoter since 1996
Performance: from €400 / 2 hours
Location: Russia
Resident: Черчилль Холл (Vladimir)
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НК Таганка, Ivanovo, 10:26 // 30 April 2011
НК Колизей, Orenburg, 10:14 // 16 April 2011
Рафинад, Ivanovo, 10:59 // 28 January 2011
Almaz Citrus Hall, Gus Hrustalnyi, 12:34 // 4 April 2009
Electro House
Открытие Нового клуба, Petushki, 00:00 // 14 March 2009
BOOKING +79036475020


811 12 278 PR 33,8 ▲ 320 House
4 июня 2011 Миллионы лет назад зародилась жизнь на земле Мирриады звезд сгорели не... 
769 19 313 PR 33,2 ▲ 320 House
Отличная подборка свежих треков этой снежной зимой )))) 
Alex Koks

DJ Alex Koks – was born on June 26th, 1975 in Vladimir, Russia. In 1996 he started playing the turntable at Iceberg Club for the first time and the city was immediately overwhelmed with new rhythms and the perfect manipulating of vinyl records. His fans could enjoy excellent music recorded on the club’s promo-CDs «ice dances» regularly released until 1998. Those records are a kind of invaluable rarity now, the beginning of club movement in Vladimir. 1998-2000 – Residency at Kolizey Club – the party animal, the ladies' killer and the leader of the whole club movement. 2000-2003 – Residency at Ultra Club. Frequent trips abroad in search of new rhythms and sound were not in vain. Charming velvet and mellow rhythm was a real revolution to the city! He brought new HOUSE music that captured mind with its power and tenderness to reality. Since 2003 Alex Koks has been working at dj cafe Fresh 44. Anxiety for new music makes him visit Amsterdam constantly and obtain vinyl records there. A new program «ProDvizhenie» was broadcasted on Dinamit FM – the best and new HOUSE music. In September 2003 "Fresh Mix" was released on "KDK Records" in Saint-Petersburg. A large edition was sold out quickly and frequent tours to Saint-Petersburg followed. In February 2004 Alex Koks left for Egypt. Now there is BACK IN USSR Club in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt). The club was designed in accordance to the best traditions of the USSR days. However the club is supplied with up-to-date equipment. On his arrival from Egypt Koks released "Fresh Summer Mix" (June 2004), the mix filled with funky oriental summer rhythms able to control your body and mind. In July 2004 Alex Koks played with Katrin Vesna and Sergey Pimenov at «Dinamit Rave Festival», over 10 000 people came to the party. It was a significant event for the city. In March 2004 he played at «Vesna party» alongside with dj Kolya and Katrin Vesna (2000 people). In 2005 Alex Koks released the anticipated mixes and over 7000 copies were sold. In January 2005 Alex Koks got his own Web-site in the Internet Dj Alex Koks is indeed the high priest of the club movement; he played with all Russian DJ celebrities (Grad, Kolya, Rudyk, Shushukin, Pimenov, Katrin Vesna, Benzina, Agent Smith, etc.) as well as with Dr. Kucho, Andy Morris (Narcotic Thrust), Andrea Doria, Paul Harris, Dino Ramirez, Hoxton Whores, Chris Lake, Micky Slim, Nick Terranova, Chris Cargo, Rene Amezs, Jon Gurd, Angel Anx, Chriss Ortega, Belocca, Will Bailey, Tim Le El, Ed Kane. Koks often goes on tour to different cities. The clubs he has visited recently: “MDM” (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt), “City” (Samara), “Forvater” (Vyborg), "Skala" (Saint-Petersburg), Krater (Ryazan), Citrus (Omsk), Ekipazh (Ivanovo), ReFreШ (Kovrov), NEO (Moscow) and others. On September, 17th 2005 Alex Koks played on in main thing Open Air of a planet «Creamfields Russia». Headliners festival were Pete Tong, X-Press 2, John Digweed, Jimmi Van M, Auduo Bullys, Infusion, Futureshock, Circulation. Koks is a professional DJ having a spotless reputation of a consistent devotee of hard pushing electro sound — without any style defects and genre deviations. The key to understanding the absolute purity of sound. To his 30-year anniversary Alex Koks is releasing “S.O.S. Mix 2005” (Sound Of Summer Mix), a hot mix that will melt your brains with a wonderful vocal. Now Alex Koks goes on tour much, and also is engaged booking foreign DJs. More recently it for the first time has brought to Russia young and talented DJs such as Will Bailey, Angel Anx, Belocca. In the end of 2007 Alex Koks together with friends opens a house label SPINBACK DJs which basic direction should become creation of fashionable dancing music and booking as the Russian and foreign DJs. Opening a site of a label to the address of soon takes place

  • +2
    DJ MATUYA  22 October 2013 19:51 #
    Хай! +
    Jack Wonder  19 February 2013 10:02 #
    Моя поддержка, коллега!
    +PR (328)
    Рад видеть в друзьях!)
    Удачи во всем!;)
    DJ SHTOPOR  19 February 2013 2:41 #
    ALLFORDJ Novosibirsk  7 December 2011 9:54 #
    Pasha Light  8 August 2011 13:44 #
    ++ PR, буду рад взаимности, давай в други!
  • +1
    Slava Clerk  26 June 2011 22:24 #
    С Днём Рождения Алексей!!! Всех благ!!!
  • –2
    Dj Antonio Montana  23 April 2011 12:39 #
    привет, думаю понравится, буду рад поддержке! :)
    Niki Safrano  17 March 2011 15:22 #
    приветствую кокс послушай и оцени мои треки как для начинающего музыканта,если будет время!!!++++++++,за творчество,отлично играешь!!!
    Салават ★ СВОЯ АТМОСФЕРА  8 March 2011 18:18 #
    Ай Да в друганы?
  • –1
    Slava Clerk  28 December 2010 0:44 #
    Поздравляю с Новогодними праздниками!!!
    Eddie Mono  24 November 2010 19:17 #
    Aikan (AFTD)  23 November 2010 23:52 #
    HEY DJ Ждем в субботу в Jam Club!)) RULISH
    Dj Antonio Montana  8 August 2010 21:10 #
    Давно наслышан о твоих подвигах в DJ-инге
    В своё время миксов твоих было много интереснейших)
    Хорошо что тебя нашёл здесь, ставлю плюс тебе такой ОГРОМНЕЙШИЙ, жму "в друзья" и жду и в гости!
    Забегай Wink
    Slava Clerk  26 June 2010 11:19 #
    Алексей, поздравляю тебя с Днём рождения!!! и всех благ!!!
  • –1
    Dj Andrey Strike  18 June 2010 20:11 #
    Предлагаю послушать мой новый микс Жду комментариев
    ILYA PROROCK  11 March 2010 4:25 #
    Slava Clerk  31 December 2009 13:52 #
    С Новым годом!!! Желаю крепкого здоровья, счастья, всяческих успехов, финансовой стабильности и сбытия всех мечт!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! PROMOELKA 2010!
    DJ SkUrD  2 December 2009 22:53 #
    привет класс отыграл в шуе в максимусе ! лови ++++ и прыгай в друзья!!!!!!! PROMODJ РУЛИТ и давай ЕЩЁ! работы
    alina vip  22 August 2009 13:07 #
    КАЙФ ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! Эксклюзив RULISH
    JULIA LASKER  2 August 2009 0:49 #
    очень приятно было выступить в Рафинаде. спасибо
    ELECTROGIRL87  28 June 2009 16:21 #
    Поздравляю с прошедшим Днём рождения!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))))))))) )Очень люблю твоё творчество RULISH КРУТО
    Slava Clerk  26 June 2009 11:48 #
    HEY DJ С Днём рождения Алексей! Здоровья тебе, удачи и творческих успехов!!!
    DJ [Ka_D_eT]  26 June 2009 0:55 #
    Topface  14 May 2009 17:21 #
    Заслуженнй плюс!!!!+PR!!! Поддержим земляков!!!!
  • –1
    DJ Jenya Cross [Welcome to the electromusic room]  1 May 2009 15:19 #
    Вам понравится!
    DJ freeZ.  24 April 2009 11:28 #
    Очень хорошие треки:) лови плюсы:) слушал как играешь в иваново:) зе бест:) лови плюс и давай в друзья;)
    DJ Grafov  24 April 2009 10:02 #
    Здарова!!! BEST ! Слыхал Эйфорию слыхал! держи плюс+
    marusya36  13 February 2009 9:36 #
    Slava Clerk  1 January 2009 14:17 #
    С Новым 2009м годом! HEY DJ
    AlexBelyu  21 December 2008 18:14 #
    Привет, старичок.....выставляй здесь Эйфорию ЕЩЁ!
      Alex Koks  3 January 2009 17:03 #
      чо то тиы меня рано в старички то записал ))))
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