Kayla' Caryapadas

#17 at TOP100DJ RUSSIA according 7MINUTES | MAGDJ.2016

Kayla tried as a DJ for another school disco in Moscow, and began playing in clubs in 1996 in Cambridge, UK. Returning to Russia, Kayla was involved in the development of underground psychedelic trance movement in the post-Soviet space, and in 2002 went to the Indian state of Goa, where he opened the first DJ Bar Ganesha Room OF Goa, and later participated in the creation of the first Russian restaurant in Goa, BABA-YAGA (Chapora).

Kayla Caryapadas is considered as the star of Russian Goa trance scene - a favorite of multi-colored and open-minded psychedelic crowd, he took part in the organization of large and private musical events in Goa, and later in Russia and the former Soviet Union. He has made a contribution to the cultural life of the Russian trance movement.
In 2004 Kayla created new wave in the night life in Moscow - an intelligent symbiosis between house and trance music. He accurately foresaw the trend of fashionable club subculture, embodying in sound and bringing harmony to the psychedelic mood of sophisticated audience. It was Kayla Caryapadas launched a wave of Psy-Prog in the glamorous parties in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Minsk. 
In 2008,on the central street of Russia «Tverskaya-Yamskaya '27», Kayla Caryapadas opened G.R.O.G. Shop aka Ganesha Room OF Goa, which remains the only permanent center psychedelic culture in Russia for all this years.
In 2009, GROG published the first Russian \ English lingual magazine about the Russian trance music and culture «TRANCE'n'RUSSIA». 

From Summer 2012 Kayla Caryapadas officialy playing for Digital Nature Records. 

Today Kayla Caryapadas professionally Dj-ing psychedelic music in a variety of styles and genres, as can be seen on the site

DJ Kayla Caryapadas from Moscow one of the veteran DJs of the the Russian Trance scene, spinning tunes behind the decks since 1996. Kayla was involved in the development of underground psychedelic trance movement in the post-Soviet space, and in 2002 went to the Indian state of Goa, where he opened the first DJ Bar Ganesha Room OF Goa. Kayla played almost every major Psy Trance event in Russia over the last couple of decades. Kayla was exposed to progressive trance since its early days and has a smooth and powerful sound with commanding crowd response and has been with Digital Nature firm the past 5 years.


我的朋友是一个有名的唱片骑师。他铁别喜欢中国。 他肯悦耳你们! 






多年来DJ的品味和风格的验证永远不会离开无动于衷甚至最苛刻的市民。 DJ凯拉' - 众所周知的,在私人VIP活动总是一个受欢迎的客人。

是的,也许在我心中已经有了一些“pop”恍惚的音乐,现在我比以前更柔和,但我可以看到,这是一件期待已久的聚会 - 一个新的政党格式。的人的风格,技巧和口味之间的这种过渡。过渡平滑,并在同一时间不妥协的 - 我的舞池总是在情感的高峰期,我们顺利起飞,加速大幅飞几个星系,然后就像顺利回到自己的星球。
这是新的智慧,新的人,新的情感的音乐。这是活动的冥想形式 - 的方法:认识自我,与自然合并,并得到了进入开放的空间,而无需使用额外的设备。


我的朋友是一个有名的唱片骑师。他铁别喜欢中国。 他肯悦耳你们!

Kayla' Caryapadas
Favorite styles: Abstract Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Ambient, Ambient House, Atmospheric Breaks, Balearic Beat, Blues, Chillout, Classical Crossover, Dark Psy Trance, Deep House, Deep Techno, Disco, Disco House, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dub Techno, Easy Listening, Experimental, Full-On, Funk, Futurepop, Goa Trance, Grunge, IDM, Instrumental, Intelligent, Jazz, Jungle, Lounge, Melodic Trance, Minimal psytrance, Minimal Techno, Neotrance, Neurofunk, Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Progressive rock, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Psy Trance, Psybient, Psychedelic breakbeat, Psychedelic rock, Reggae, Rock'n'roll, Ska, Slow Motion House (Disco), Space Disco, Spacesynth, Tech Trance, Tropical House
DJ, producer since 1996
Location: Russia, Moscow, Belorusskaya
Resident: 9 BAR, Anjuna, Goa. (Andjuna), PARADISO, Anjuna, Goa. (Andjuna), SORBETTO (Moscow), ОМ-кафе (Moscow), Ganesha Room Of Goa (Moscow), Bora-Bora (Mordjim)
Guest: WEST END (Goa), Крыша Мира (Moscow), Шанти (Moscow), Gaudi Arena (Moscow), B1 Maximum (Moscow), Progressive Daddy (Moscow), Sky Lounge (Moscow), Штопор (Moscow), 117 (Feodosiya), ЗОДИАК (Koktebel), Stereo Beach (Rostov-na-Donu), GazGallery (Moscow), Gazgolder (Moscow), Массандровский пляж (YAlta), #trimurtifestival2016 (Torzhok)
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