Екатерина Котёнова
Main style: Trance
Favorite styles: Acid Jazz, Breaks, Funk, Funky House, House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, singer, poet since 2007
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Belarus, Grodno
Resident: Флинт (Grodno)
Guest: STOP-LINE (Grodno)
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Baden, Bolshaya Berestovica, 11:53 // 8 August 2009
Progressive House
Flint, Grodno, 23:03 // 22 May 2009
Platforma,Budden, Bolshaya Berestovica, 22:44 // 4 April 2009
Progressive House
Flint, Grodno, 00:16 // 17 March 2009
Progressive House
Flint, Grodno, 00:00 // 24 October 2008
Progressive House
Виновна в своей непосредственности
Kate Nova


Kate Nova - настоящее имя Котёнова Екатерина


Саксофонист играет на сцене барделя
И ловит жалкие взгляды пьяных от дыма людей
Мелодия сердца звучит и пахнет забытой постелью
Но все же он чувствует запах небесно росы

Саксофон напряженно выводит мелодию
От которой мысли летят в никуда
Людские улыбки – лишь жалкая пародия
Того счастья, а которому стремятся сердца

Сигары в руках. Мушкетки у дам, и тлеющий аромат дыма который сводит с ума
И виски в бокале – люди убегают от себя в печали
В глазах к этой жизни нет былой страсти,
Но скоро рассвет сменит запах дыма на запах дождя в океане(с)Dj Kate Nova





Kate Nova. Real name Ekaterina Kotenova.
When being a silly little chap, she got attached to head-phones and a mic. The girl stood out from the crowd of her coevals. The offbeat behavior distinguished her greatly.
Whatever she did, she aimed to differ from others.  
At the age of 6 she started singing. Music appeared in Kate’s life as an integral part of her solo activity and studies at a musical school (violin class).
In 1995 Kate got by chance to a symphony concert, where she saw for the first time how one can masterly play the violin. Under the great impression, the girl, unknown for her parents, enrolled herself for a music school. She was as well selected for a chorus that moved her closer to a solo carrier.
Kate’s solo carier came to the end, when she was 16. Since then she is inditing lyrics and working at creating her own compositions. Her lyrics are already used by St.Petersburg and Polish bands.
Her first connection to club music was in the late 90s – Jean Michel’a Jarre, Mike’a Oldfield, Depeche Mode.
Kate did not avoid their influence, but she was not going to put them on a pedestal either.
In 2000 Ekaterina left for Poland that influenced greatly her musical preferences (rap, hip-hop). She indited verses in cooperation with Polish rappers.  
She finds concept to be the most important in music. Her carrier as a DJ have started quite recently. She devotes the most part of her time to the musicians and live-projects.
In 2007 she gave a series of parties, and was a co-organiser of a number of parties in Grodno.
The same year she bought up heaps of disks and started learning DJ art. She holds to her own manner and is working in several styles.
With all this going on, she kept on indicting verses and lyrics.
Ivan Melnik and Kotenova create a uncomercial project Brother feat Sister.
At the end of 2007 Kate started cooperating with a Polish vocalist Irena.
Kate is one of the competitioners of Belarus in the music 2008 at the worldwide internet radio station (Berlin).
In 2008 she has met a young promising duet Violet Tight ands Nina Wicked. Now she is their manager.
This year she has as well started cooperating with major radio stations (Europa+,, Radio Zet, RMF.FM).
She has also returned to her previous activities and devoted herself to promoting and organizing parties.
She is currently cooperating with foreign booking agencies, managers, promoters and musicians, as well as she is keeping in touch with domestic agencies and promo-groups.
Kate is working at creating her first album with live- jazz project in cooperation with a vocalist Olga Naruta and many DJ-musicians allover the world.


    ACTUM  21 February 2013 20:42 #
    Треков с собственным вокалом уже не послушать?
    MAREEKMIA  1 November 2011 12:57 #
    Держи +!
    DJ Oleg CheiZ  25 May 2011 15:20 #
    С Днём Рождения! :)
    Bolotoff (Russia,Arzamas)  25 May 2011 12:50 #
    С днем рождения!!!
    Nicky  25 May 2011 0:16 #
    С днём Рождения!:)))
    Sanr Vendenta  21 January 2011 10:10 # s/2068121/Sanr_Vendenta_The_wi ll_of_the_senses_zhest.html s/2072327/KaZantip_2010_Kazant ip_2010.html

    DJ Lana "Candy Girl "  29 December 2010 12:01 #
    Silver Nail  3 October 2010 19:15 #
    Екатерина + за творчество и креатив
    нет нет нет нет  23 June 2010 19:59 #
    Намастэ! Будет интересно услышать твоё мнение!
    Le Hard  30 May 2010 3:09 #
    Првет! С прошедшим.Извини за "своевременность".
    Excellent [Exclusive Only]  25 May 2010 22:26 #
    С Днем рождения)
    Dj enu  25 May 2010 18:47 #
    С днем варенья)
    Electrosila  25 May 2010 11:32 #
    С днем варенья!
    M O R R I S  22 March 2010 22:56 #
    Ты Dj? Но очень сложно пробиться среди миллиона таких же талантливых?!
    Radio Ranak предлагает альтернативу! Если ты действительно талантлив, то можешь попасть в ротацию - в ежедневную программу о лучшей клубной музыке - Rollin' вместе с Dj Morris Mayhem и Dj Foma!

    Условия для участия в программе просты как ... даже не знаю как что)))
    Требования к миксу:
    * качество не ниже 256
    * продолжительность - не длинней 55 минут

    нет нет нет нет  14 March 2010 15:13 #
    нет нет нет нет  6 January 2010 19:13 #
    Nearfield  25 August 2009 21:14 #
    хорошие миксы + за творчество
    Dj RIVV  6 August 2009 15:18 #
    ПРивет!-)))Класные работы!-))))++++ тебе от меня)))
    Жду в гости)))) RULISH
    Le Hard  27 July 2009 21:35 #
    Я ни на что не намекаю,но но у нас одинаковые названия миксов.
    Crazy Kazoo  24 July 2009 3:25 #
    Nice mixes!!!!Keep going!!!+1 from our duo!!!!
    Vadim Shira (Soul of the World)  6 May 2009 7:19 #
    Приветик, вот тебе ++++)))
    TEKTOYS  22 April 2009 20:18 #
    саксофонист SYNTHETICSAX  22 April 2009 6:54 #
    Точно про меня стишок;)))
    саксофонист SYNTHETICSAX  22 April 2009 6:50 #
    MagicDream  10 April 2009 22:54 #
    DJ Z66  5 April 2009 16:46 #
    + люблю поэтесс! ЕЩЁ! Поэтичность и в миксах слышна
    LaoTzy  4 April 2009 13:09 #
    Для начала + и респект за музыку Прыгай в друзья и все вопросу через личку
    DJ Hunt  22 March 2009 17:05 #
    привет!!!!! + тебе за творчество!!!!!! приглашаю в гости!!!!
    новый трек!!!!!!
    DJ Squirrel  6 March 2009 17:53 #
    RULISH напарница BEST
    Dj enu  29 January 2009 23:27 #
    держжжи плюс..) просто так
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