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Ivan Enot
Favorite styles: Acid Jazz, Ambient, Deep House, Lo-Fi
DJ, producer
Location: Russia
Guest: Record (Saint Petersburg), Record (Saint Petersburg), D'fm 103.4 fm (Saint Petersburg)
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184 8 PR 4,2 ▲ Deep House
Скоро на Conya Records... 
161 5 PR 3 ▲ Deep House
Скоро на Conya Records... 

Open "Home Music" Studio

Друзья! А вот и долгожданный новый проект, который мы готовили почти год. 

Добавляйтесь, слушайте.

Мир всем!

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13 August 2011 13:02
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New Release Ivan Enot - Morning (incl. BarBQ & Kimbar Mixes)

New Release, Acryl Music... 
Ivan Enot (Support House, Vendetta, Om Records) with his debut on Acryl Music.'Morning' is one of those tunes we got sent and signed immediatly. The melodies, the harmonies...check it out and you know what we're talkin' about.…


Ivan Enot-Morning by Acryl Music


DJ Feedbacks: 

"original is cool" 
Nick Warren (Global Underground, Bedrock)

"The original mix is just unbeatable. If the name 'beach house'hadn't been raped by commercial crap labels, I would call it just that." 
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Satin Souls)

"BarBq remix is very nice!" 
Latenta Project (Wafesurfing, Deepology, Witty Tunes)

"Thanks for a great promo. great tracks, original and both remixes I really liked, I will definitely be playing these tracks in their sets, it is nice to hear a Russian release on Acryl" 
Acos CoolKas (Brown Eyed Boyz, Nang, Discoteca)

"Like the original. Remixes by BarBQ and Kimbar are really great. Thanks." 
Addex (Soul Industries, 2600 Records, Love Zone)

"Original is on the top for me. Deep, uplifting & spiritual. Will play in my radioshows on and dj gigs." 
Vincent Inc (Toto Recordings, Manuscript)

"Very positive vibe from Ivan Enot, and beautiful alternative to today's dark, techy, blip'n cuts. Full support for original and BarBQ mix." 
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"Nice pack...Original is mine..Thanks!" 
Elastic Sound (Aquamarine, Deepology)

"Kimbar remix is for me, thanks !" 
Sezer Uysal (iRecords, Brown Eyed Boyz)

"Original has a terrific groove for the dance floor, love it" 
Craig Stewart (Seamless, Mn2s, Coffee Bar Music)

"Love the remixes but original is great. Full support from me" 
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"Original is top of the pile here. Nice vibes!" 
Richard Earnshaw (Guess, Farplane, Duff Note)

"Original is a summer hymn! Nice to see this one on Acryl!" 
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"love the depth of it!! nice work!" 
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica, Deep Class)

"really nice EP, the original and Kimbar remix are my favorites. support" 
Pad (In Deep Records)

"Kimbar Remix reflects the conception of the original mix. That's a vital thing while making a remix." 
Onur Ozman (Rebirth, Acryl Music, Next Dimension)

"Not something i'd play out but the production is outstanding!" 
Grant Nelson (Swing City, Hed Kandi, Z Records)

"WOW. just googled and checked all the available info about Ivan Enot and started to follow him wherever I have an account. maybe I missed something but thanks for putting his music in my way! the two remakes are quality stuff too but the original is that teared my head off - thanks for sharing mate!" 
Bios (Acryl Music, Loud Society)

"Nice one..I like the old school style of Kimbar." 
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"All-around good release , but Kimbar remix stands out for me - quite unique sound considering how the genre(house) is so overproduced." 
Microphunk (Deeper Shades)

"Heard this a few months ago and loved it... still do! The Balearic twist is cool on the remix...." 
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Nice deep stuff...BarBq's remix is my pick!" 
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project, In Deep)

"Original mix although progressive is a really lovely track by Ivan, something I would enjoy getting down to in a club, full of atmosphere and melody." 
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Elevation)

"An Astounding Piece of Work at the Drop of the Track!" 
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Like all mixes, thax for promo" 
Deep-Maker (Acryl Music, Galvanic)

"BarBQ's for me" 
Tom Morgan (Discoteca)

"Quality as always from Acryl, nice production, great sounds." 
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Thanks a lot for this promo. Super cool package. BarBQ Remix is ACE!!" 
Dan Welton (Noir Music, Rawthentic, Mokilok)

"Full support! Nice" 
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italia) 

"Original is my fav!" 
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box)

"nice vibe" 
Kelly Sylvia (Simplified)

"Great track, great remixes!!! i really dig this and will support this,a pleasure to play" 
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Dig the 1st 1/2 of the bar BQ remix! the strings after the break don't do it for me. but over all i think this could rumble some dance floors. 
I would defo play the 1st half!" 
Jevne (One Thirty Recordings)

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22 September 2010 16:05
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Уроки доброты!

Вообще, система образования, больше калечит чем учит... Почему то так выходит, что в нашем супер продвинутом обществе дети учатся выживать, а почему? Потому, что недалеко мы ушли от феодализма и система взаимоотношений построена в хищной среде выживания. А тут еще взрослые на каждом шагу подают примеры "правильных" взаимоотношений... Я прекрасно помню свою школу, а так же обстановку царящую в 90-х, было весело :) Куклачев говорит истинные вещи от сердца, глубоко, искренне... Насколько возможно словами это передать, настолько он и делает это... Браво! Юрий Дмитриевич!


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20 April 2010 14:14

Zero Freq @ RTS.FM St. Petersburg - 14.04.2010: Live

Дорогие Друзья! Сердечно благодарим Вас за теплый прием на RTS.FM

Zero Freq @ RTS.FM St. Petersburg - 14.04.2010: Live from Deepnnight on Vimeo.


Love! P.S. Информацию о коллективе и ближайший выступлениях можно найти здесь: Сегодня, 16 апреля, мы будем рады видеть Вас в гранд кафе FR, что на Невском 53! Начало в 0:00 ZERO FREQ (LIVE) DJ-SETs: IVAN ENOT & RAHA

Zero Freq
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16 April 2010 12:15

Moza - "Somewhere On Cuba" EP Support House 09

Raha из Dual Deep познакомил меня с этим парнем из Москвы, именно тогда мы сразу поняли, что он очень талантлив, спустя 3 месяца мы видим результаты по feedback's наших заморских друзей...




Support from:


- Somewhere On Cuba is my favourite here. A truly emotional track with a fantastic atmosphere.

Just up my street. Full support. The Timewriter

- thank you great vibes

Robert Owens

- not a bad EP at all, but a little too generic for my taste. Will listen again to see which one(s) I'll be playing in the end:) Jon Silva (Pesto Music/Plastic City)

- Really nice EP! Deep mood, clicky subtile sounds...hard to pick the best one..."Brain" is interesting. Full support from us! The Messenger/Heim & Jones (Soul Industries/Night Drive Music/Plastic City)

- Yes really like this one too, well produced ep....

Bamo (Spiritchaser)

- This ones deep and rather sparse, useful stuff for very late night early morning sets. I like them, but not sure if I would use them in truth. Thanks for sending guys

Paul (Mr Jones / The disclosure project / JP & Jones)

- yeah, nice one here! love the atmo...will give it a spin, in case you send

Matt Flores (Combination/Mothership/Compost/Farside)

- thanks for sending guys, but this one wasn't for me Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)

- Nice deep sound, but some tracks are bit too boring and empty for my taste. "Dancing Palms" and "A City Of Ruins In The Rain" would be my pick in here!

Ricky Inch (Cabrio/Ceremony)

- Just listen to this Ep and I really like Somewhere in Cuba and Dancing Palms. Beautiful and emotional deep tech house !! Will play for sure when you send me a copy :-) Soul Minority (Pack Up & Dance/Elevation/Kolour/Raw Cutz)


И многие другие!


Друзья, присоединяйтесь к Support House vkontakte:

Свежие новости и etc...


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1 April 2010 2:57
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    Dj A.Titanium  1 August 2015 11:38 #
    Привет! Зацени, PR+
    Jenia T  12 June 2013 21:31 #
    Хорошее у тебя звучание,молодец! )
    Jack Wonder  23 March 2013 12:39 #
    Моя поддержка, коллега!!!:)
    +PR (277)
    Удачи в дальнейшем творчестве!
    Elena Fruit  30 April 2011 1:35 #
    W.I.5.A.  12 April 2011 23:37 #

    Привет) Оцени) Если понравиться поставь PR+)))
    Amersy  28 March 2011 12:34 #
    крутые треки...
    Nik Sunderro  13 March 2011 13:34 #
    Крутой саунд!!!
    dj alex-sandro  10 March 2011 21:24 #
    привет давай в друзья и держи ++ надеюсь на взаимность))
    EFFECT'o  12 February 2011 12:27 #
    + тебе товарищ=) надеюсь на взаимность)

    жду в друзья)
    krupenya777  5 February 2011 23:41 #
    ПЛЮСАК ++++ за такой стиль. Суперррр.
    Dj SPIDoff  4 February 2011 13:55 #
    Dj SPIDoff  4 February 2011 13:55 #
    Dj Supremacy  23 January 2011 3:29 #
    Миксы что надо! fck yeah
    Хотелось бы оценки и мнения продвинутых: …
    pаul κаne  15 January 2011 16:26 #
    DMST  31 December 2010 10:04 #
    * . . . * .
    . * . *. . * . . .* . * *. . * . . ** . .* . . * * . . * . . * * . . * .
    * . .С НАСТУПАЮЩИМ НОВЫМ 2011 ГОДОМ!!! * . * .
    . * . . * * . . . * . . * . *. . * . . .* . ** . .* . . * * . . * . . *
    * . . * . * . . * . .* * . . * . . * . * . . * . . .. * . . * . . * *
    DJTWIN  26 December 2010 13:19 #
    отлично++++ GOD IS A DJ КАЙФ RULISH
    Ext@ile  6 December 2010 20:54 #
    ух ты !здорово! Отличные работы! КАЙФ
    Sem-N.E.W.S  4 December 2010 6:46 #
    Привет . Цени вкусные треки . Буду благодарен за комментарии и оценки ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! .

    Найди время, и порадуй душу . Добавляйся в друзяки!

    Если прокачало, и есть хорошая идея на совместную работу под твой продакшен в стиле репа тогда мы ждем минус.

    Мир =)

    Вот еще выступление можешь посмотреть PROMODJ РУЛИТ

    DMST  21 November 2010 16:50 #
    Amandil  24 October 2010 17:31 #
    Mangaka / Ilya Mangazeev  21 October 2010 18:09 #
    Молодец! У тебя вкусные работы! ЕЩЁ!
    DJ Ivanes_seanc  24 September 2010 18:44 #
    Alexey Alt+f4  22 September 2010 13:45 #
    Doors in the sand  18 September 2010 20:04 #
    работы зашибись!)...катманду вообще улет) ..буду рад если мои послушаешь)
    Юрий SunRise  17 September 2010 12:58 #
    как всегда круто!!!

    а проект Zero Freq - супер просто!
    Bianalate  15 September 2010 12:27 #
    Респектище тебе! ++++
    Кирилл Касьянов  4 September 2010 17:48 #
    большой молодец!
    big up & full support!
    DJ PAVEL TIKHONOV  31 August 2010 0:45 #
    Привет)))Отличные работы )))Дерди плюсягу в копилку))) КРУТО GOD IS A DJ GOD IS A DJ GOD IS A DJ HEY DJ RULISH RULISH RULISH КАЙФ ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! Эксклюзив
    Sparkless  28 August 2010 0:14 #
    Ванек, где новый стаф, скучно без лирики!
    DJ Ivanes_seanc  13 August 2010 23:17 #
    лови плюююсики за все хороший ДЖ ))) и дафай в други_)) Оцени мои работы плиз)) WOW BEST Эксклюзив
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