Радо, Saransk, 23:00 // 18 October 2008
Радо, Saransk, 22:00 // 1 December 2007
Psy Trance
БО Чистые Пруды, Penza, 21:00 // 8 September 2007
Psy Trance
Инсар, Saransk, 19:00 // 11 August 2007
Psy Trance
Indigo Children

"...Indigo Children are Eugene Gorbovoy and Alexander Livanov, two young producers from Russia. They started with production since early teens and began their cooperation by the begining of 2006. In short period they’ve developed unique sound with powerfull grooves, morning emotional melodies, gorgeus vocals and wicked sounds..."

PsR Net Label ("Unknown Sensations" EP Announce), February 2009


"...A new monster EP from new and talented duo Indigo Children. Fresh sound with solid production is a real gem for Psy Trance DJ's and music lovers. Watch out for this one! ..."

National Sound Records("DB_Creator" EP Announce), April 2009

Alexander Livanov Evgeni Gorbovoy
Main style: Psy Trance
Favorite styles: Downtempo, Full-On, Psy Chill, Psy-Progressive Trance, Trance
DJ, producer, listener, collaborations since 2006
Location: Russia