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Having decided to produce their own music, Yuriy Karpenko and Sergey Yan, began experimenting on Ableton Live in 2009. Later, their experience and interest helped them to consider opening an indie label together. They have started up the label for their works, as well as for other young producers’ compositions, who have the same interest and want their music to be spread outside the boundaries of limited local scene.


Ilisho Groupe | Antonio Brezza | Dr. Nice | Stacie Flür | KOOBIQUE | Geas | Baldric Klob


Ilisho Records aims to promote new ideas and new musical and visual approaches of our digital world with independence and integrity. One push is all it takes to make an idea a new reality."

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Send the demos track complete (not preview) on ilishorec@gmail.com to 320kbit/s with a mail with a sendspace link and we will trash the demos that are not properly appointed


Набор Треков в Underground Компиляцию "ILISHO MUSIC COLLECTION vol.3"

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Дорогие друзья ! Закрывается набор треков в компиляцию "ILISHO MUSIC COLLECTION vol.3" . Основной стиль - Underground! Сочитайте свои звуки в таких направлениях как Техно, ХардТехно, и Вы обязательно станете участником сборки. 

Присылайте Готовые версии треков на ящик ilishorec@gmail.com или кидайте свой плеер сюда.

Всем удачи и приятного звука!

Треки с открытой скачкой - не рассматриваются!!!

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ECHnOCK - Minimizer

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21 May 2013 9:28

ILISHO in Juno Player

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11 September 2012 17:53

ILISHO Releases On Beatport Downloader

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9 September 2012 8:54
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RETRO ROOM - Urban Phobia

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22 August 2012 16:56

From White To Black


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1 August 2012 14:11
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