14 January 1989
Main style: Brokenbeat
Favorite styles: Acid, Ambient, Breakcore, Breaks, Disco, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Electro, Experimental, Funk, Glitch, Grime, House, IDM, Instrumental, Jazz, Jungle, Neurofunk, Rave, Reggae, Ska, Techno, Trip-Hop
DJ, producer, clubber, listener since 2008
Location: United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Resident: My Home (Edinburgh)
Guest: The Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh), Electric Circus (Edinburgh), The Bongo Club (Edinburgh), The Third Door (Edinburgh), GRV (Edinburgh), Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh)
Was just once: The Dalton Rooms (Lancaster)
It's all Darwinism!

Torn Contracts!

19 PR 0 Electro
Bowler hats and John Carpenter.. 
11 2 PR 0 Experimental
Andy has a lovely voice, Dion is a street thug.. 

The Depths

87 10 PR 0,3 320 Brokenbeat
From the deep, dark depths of out space screams a UFO! 
24 4 PR 0,1 320 Drum & Bass
One of two dark tracks to emerge from ikaraki's consciousness...... 
35 3 PR 0,1 320 Dubstep
The second of the dark tracks to emerge... Black Loch... 

Vinyl Sessions

64 6 PR 0,2 320 Tech House
After listening to Ed Rush's Tech House Sessions again I decided it... 
28 8 PR 0,2 320 Disco, House
Well, I got very drunk at the weekend and by the end... 
86 6 PR 0,8 320 Dubstep, Electro
This time I've gone for a bit of a harder style, I've... 
86 2 19 PR 2,4 320 Ambient, Brokenbeat
The first of a new mix series from me that is going... 

The Circus

305 2 1 355 PR 35,5 320 Synth-Pop
Mmmmhmmmmm, love the verses in the tune so decided to get rid... 
270 12 PR 0,3 320 Dark Ambient
Many aeons in the making... Behold the metal monstrosity! 
189 7 PR 0,2 320 Dark Ambient
Rape, pillage and murder... Someone destroyed the circus! 
249 2 28 PR 1,4 320 Indie
A cheeky wee edit... One of many acts to come in... 


94 205 PR 5,1 320 Drum & Bass
Well finally I've got a set of Technics in the flat again,... 
455 45 PR 1,2 320 Jungle
A wee promo mix for the up and coming Shake Yer Shoulders... 
57 16 PR 1,4 320 Techno
Mmmmmm, it's almost Halloween and also Shake Yer Shoulders so here's a... 
73 1 9 PR 0,3 Techno
Made a while back when I had Technics... Full vinyl... 


20 1 PR 0 320 Experimental
Set myself a wee challenge - 2 hours to make a track,... 
155 6 PR 0,2 320 Brokenbeat
A simple electronic beat that I came up with while getting used... 
90 10 PR 0,3 320 Drum & Bass
An evil and deep Drum & Bass track I managed to get... 
72 2 PR 0,1 320 Electro
A deep and moody electro beat today, been steadily working away on... 
49 4 PR 0,1 320 Electro
Another Electro beat that came out of the bag! Just... 
81 13 PR 1,5 320 Techno
A bit of dark tech house with some space shuttle launch for... 
100 4 PR 0,1 320 Tech House
A slice of Tech House I make over the last week, starts... 
64 4 PR 0,1 320 Electro House
An Electro House cut today!  Bit more lively this one, a big... 

Sunday Sessions

126 21 PR 0,5 320 Chillout
Well, all good things come to an end... I've found... 
41 9 PR 0,2 320 Electro House, Breaks
Well my internet has apparently gone south so this weeks Sunday Session... 
154 27 PR 1,7 320 Neurofunk, Drum & Bass
Heavy days today, full on Neurofunk! Needed something hard to get... 
34 6 PR 0,2 320 House, Deep House
The last Sunday Session of the month... Going for a... 
311 13 39 PR 3 320 Funk
This time it's pure unadulterated funk for the Sunday Session! There are a... 
116 11 PR 0,3 320 Dubstep, UK Garage
Well you all know what day yesterday was so it's time for... 
98 14 PR 1,4 320 Tech House, House
Going to start getting a weekly mix on the go on a... 

Frequent Flyers

95 10 PR 0,3 320 Dub
A wee beat under Frequent Flyers. 
66 6 PR 1,7 320 Tech House
A lovely tech house banger I made with Iain as Frequent Flyers. 

ikaraki is one of the many Frequent Flyers that wander the globe in search of sights and sounds!  Over many a year a love of pretty much any genre has been realised, usually verging to the deep, dark, evil, heavy or distorted end of the spectrum.

In Frequent Flyers and alone, ikaraki has DJed in numerous clubs and pubs in Edinburgh and one in Lancaster.  High flying eh?!  He's also managed to figure out how to make music somehow.

This is one portal to that world, filled with various weird and wonderful noises, enjoy..

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    DJ.Driver  25 August 2012 13:57 #
    ++++++ development :)
      ikaraki  25 August 2012 14:01 #
      Cheers! Getting on it now...
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