1998 | Early career DJ

2001 | DJ Holod founded the command "New Wave Promo", which included the best hardcore musicians and DJs Russia: DJ Holod, Ki-Real, K-Pax, Deliverance, Embrion, Reactor Project & Mc Che Guevara, Vortex, De- vice, Karantin, Khumaan. Engaged in promoting music compilation "Hardcore Madness". In the six years of its existence were 8 parts, this collection has become a brand and has established itself on the music market. The label "New Wave Promo" was all represent the elite of the Russian Hardcore scene. 2001 became a new stage of development Hardcore scene, a member of the label "New Wave Promo" under the project Ki-Real has signed a contract with the Dutch label Bionic Recordings. Thus was born the world's first vinyl record Hardcore Russian musician.

2002 | DJ Holod provided the Russian public in the style of music Hardstyle. The base of the project "Realmen" (DJ Holod & Ki-Real), a series of collaborative releases on the compilation "Hardcore Madness".

2003-2004 | DJ Holod resident works in the Moscow Dance Radio "NRG 104.2 fm" (Moscow).

2004-2005 | Base record label "New Wave Records". The collection "New Wave Of Hardcore" with the participation of both Russian and well-known Dutch artists DJ Da Predator, Tellurian, Bioforge, Ferox.

2007 | DJ Holod founded the music and DJ school "NWP DJ & Music School".

2008 | Following the vote nationwide radio "DFM 101.2" and a leading music portal "DJ.RU", DJ Holod falls into the "TOP 100 BEST DJ's RUSSIA" is the only one who is on the list Hardcore DJs.

2009-2010 | Introduction to the promising Ukrainian musician "Komarovski" (Kiev, Ukraine), the output of the joint track DJ Holod - Fuck Off (Komarovski Remix Oldsound)

2011 | Spring, the label "New Wave Promo" comes out happy hardcore album of the Russian-Ukrainian project "Outlandich - This is Hardcore!". Beginning of cooperation with the DJ Holod young promising musician DJ Gipnotizer (Russia-Germany, Moscow-Nurnberg), the output of two joint tracks: DJ Holod & DJ Gipnotizer - Better Dayz, DJ Holod & DJ Gipnotizer - We are in the dark. Fall 2011, DJ Holod enters into a contract with the Dutch label Rotterdam Records (Mid-Town) ...

2012 | At the beginning of the year at one of the most famous Dutch label Rotterdam Records (Mid-Town), comes the official release of a joint album Dj Holod & Komarovski - Cooomooon!!! EP, which includes three powerful tracks: Cooomooon!!!, East Ta West, Fuck The World. In the spring of 2012 on the label "New Wave Promo" comes two new tracks from DJ Holod & DJ Gipnotizer - Cometh The Hour, and FOBOZ feat. IRENE - Reality Of Life (DJ HOLOD & DJ GIPNOTIZER REMIX) - PREVIEW ... As well as tracks DJ Holod & Komarovski fall in collections known Dutch and German Hardcore: The Ultimate Collection 2012 Vol.1, THE BEST RELEASES 2012 OF ROTTERDAM RECORDS, Hysteria Vol.2 - The Ultimate Hardcore Collection, Hardcore Top 100 2012 ... Release new compilation "New Wave Of Hardcore" (vol.2) coming soon...

The start radio-show "NEW WAVE OF HARDCORE" at pirate Radio SPACE 96.3FM (Saint Petersburg city). In 2013 Radio is closing and we holded radio-show.

2014 Summer. Reunion the team members New Wave Promoю New digital releases from DJ Gipnotizer (Andrey Sukhorukov) on album New Wave Of Hardcore 2014. ReLoading, ReBranding and UpGrading of the New Wave Promo ... 

For 16 years, on account of DJ Holod & Team "New Wave Promo" to organize and participate in more than 200 events involving: DA PREDATOR, NEOPHYTE, ANGERFIST, OUTBLAST, KORSAKOFF, FEROX, TOMMYKNOCKER, DJ D, J MAJIC, SIMON'BASSLINE'SMITH, DISTORTED MINDS, HI-TACK, KLUBBHEADS, DRUNKENMUNKY, SASHA DITH, BROOKLYN BOUNCE, DJ JET, FLEXY, HADDAWAY, ZVERI team and many more ... DJ Holod continuing to experiment with different directions in music. In his speeches sound the freshest songs and the hits, the energy that will blow up the dance floor apart! ...




FOBOZ feat. IRENE Reality Of Life: Hardcore Remixes (H.P.G. Detonator, Russia)
Danger Zone 2: Contolled By Machines (H.P.G. Detonator, Russia)  
Hardcore Top 100 2012 (Cloud 9 Music, The Netherlands)
Hysteria Vol.2 - The Ultimate Hardcore Collection (Pink Revolver, Germany)
THE BEST RELEASES 2012 OF ROTTERDAM RECORDS (Rotterdam Records, Mid-Town; The Netherlands)
Hardcore: The Ultimate Collection 2012 Vol.1 (Cloud 9 Music, The Netherlands)
DJ Holod & DJ Gipnotizer - Cometh The Hour
DJ Holod & Komarovski - Cooomooon!!! (Rotterdam Records, Mid-Town; NL)
DJ Holod & Komarovski - East Ta West (Rotterdam Records, Mid-Town; The Netherlands)
DJ Holod & Komarovski - Fuck The World (Rotterdam Records, Mid-Town; NL)

• DJ Holod & DJ Gipnotizer - Better Dayz
• DJ Holod & DJ Gipnotizer - We are in the dark

• DJ Holod - Fuck Off (Komarovski Remix Oldsound)

• DJ Holod - Hardcore Trilogy: Re-Live The Past (promo cd mix)

• New Wave Of Hardcore 1 (cd)

• DJ Holod & Ki-Real - The Cannabis (Trava u doma)

• Hardcore Madness 6: (cd)
• Hardcore Madness 5: Firestarter (cd)
• DJ Holod & Ki-Real - Real Sound
• DJ Holod & Ki-Real - Men At Work
• DJ Holod & Ki-Real - Head Out
• New Wave Promo -
• DJ Holod - Rubilovo!!!
• DJ Holod - No Words
• Hardcore Madness 4: Killer Beat (cd)
• DJ Holod & Deliverance - F#ck X-Streme
• DJ Holod - F#ck the Past, Living the Present and Look to the Future
• Deliverance - Across The Void (DJ Holod mix)

• DJ Holod - Stupid Immortality 


• REAL NAME: Pavel Holodkov
• PROJECTS: Holod, Realmen
• ABOUT: Producer, Top 100 Best DJs in Russia
• MUSIC STYLES: Hardcore, Hardstyle 
• LABELS: New Wave Promo (RU), Rotterdam Records (NL)
• RADIO SHOW: New Wave Of Hardcore






Pavel Holodkov
Main style: Hardcore
Favorite styles: Hardstyle, Rock, Trance
DJ, producer, MC, radioshow, promoter, vocalist, poet, listener since 1998
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: Dfm 101.2 (Moscow)
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