Mod, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 4 August 2018
FREEDOME, Saint Petersburg, 23:00 // 26 May 2018
ЛЕС VILLA, Saint Petersburg, 23:00 // 30 April 2018
PRAVDA, Moscow, 00:00 // 20 January 2018

Hardimpulse is one of the most influential Hardstyle DJs in Russia for many years. His love to electronic dance music started long ago – at school years in the beginning of 90s. Distribution of CDs at that time – both various volumes and productions of particular DJs – certainly influenced him and “brought” him to rave and hard dance styles.

Advising his friends to listen to this music, he made the right choice, and soon he started to organize school “discotheques” where he played hardcore, techno, and hard trance hits on CDs. He knew the difference between ordinary tracks and real bombs, studying the releases of foreign DJs and musicians. Organizing successful events and being educated in electronic styles, already at that time he became very informed in music not only among his contemporaries, but also among older fellows and girls. Getting familiar with new releases, in 2001 Hardimpulse discovered a new branch of Hard Dance music – Hardstyle. Getting involved into it more and more, he is the first one who decides in 2004 to conduct true Hardstyle parties in night clubs, but he still appreciates other “friendly” styles – jumpstyle, as well as Hard Trance and hardcore. Then he founds his promo group and also launches the "Harddance Invasion" project – the series of club events for both new perspective musicians and famous ones. Having absorbed the best elements from Hard Trance, techno, hardcore, and Hard House, and developed the unique sound, Hardstyle is still one of the leading branches of Hard Dance music for the given representative of Russian harder styles scene.

Sets and mixes by Hardimpulse are characterized by the high quality material that includes the latest fancy tendencies in electronic music. This is why lots of Hard events in Petersburg and other cities include the participation of Hardimpulse. Today he is the harder styles dj, who prefers to play Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Hard Trance  sound; he is also the participant and co-organizer of various promo groups that promote these styles. He is the one who actually introduced the harder styles, many DJs, and producers to the entire country. He played on the same stage with famous foreign and Russian hard-DJs such as: Zatox [IT],Endymion[NL],Technoboy [IT],Luca Antolini[IT],Andrea Montorsi[IT],Lady Dana [NL], The Prophet [NL], Neophyte [NL], Paul Elstak [NL], MC Da Mouth Of Madness [NL], The Panacea [GER], Misanthrop [GER], Loop Stepwalker [ESP], Daniel Gabler [GER], Alec Tucker [GER],Hellsystem[IT], Headhunterz [NL], Yoji Biomehanika [JP], Techno-Bitch [USA], DJ Basil [GER], Paul Sitter, Alpha Damage, Showtek [NL], Mark Hawkins [GBR], Noisecontrollers[NL], Billy Daniel Bunter [UK],Sasha F[FIN]; Russian promoters such as: Viktor Stroganov,Live Summit,Stylemasters,Audiogenetic, Flashback [Spb], Mad from Ozzo Promo, etc.

Since 2004, DJ Hardimpulse has been organizing lots of events that gathered the huge number of lovers of Hard Dance styles, such as Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Hard Nrg, Hard Trance,Hard Techno, Hardcore. He’s been invited to play his hard styles sets in many cities in Russia.

Hardimpulse cooperates with such promo groups as Ozzo, Selector, Underground Experience, Stormbringer, Royal Sound, Hardvision Group, NUGround, Hardcore Creation, Audio Code, Glaz-Pro, Peregruzka, DKLR-Production, Speedcore Team, AntiTela, T-Robots[Teodor Fest], Rosdance Events, Arzamas16 [GES FEST] etc. He is the resident of in 2008-2009, Hard Channel since 2011. Cooperates with many promoters from Saint-Petersburg,Moscow and other cities helping them conduct harder styles events. The active participant of meetings for “shufflers” and “jumpers” in Saint-Petersburg. Organizes the performances by shuffle-teams. Coordinator of 'TEODOR FEST','T-RADIO'. Organizer of well-known 'SHUFFLE MANIA' parties. According to 'Moscow Hardstyle Awardz' – the winner in the nomination “The Best Hardstyle DJ in Regions of Russia 2009”, “The Best Hardstyle DJ of Russia 2010-12” at 'Russian Hardstyle Awardz',2nd place in 2013.

Eugene Smirnov
Main style: Hardstyle
Favorite styles: Hard Trance, Hardcore, JumpStyle, Tech Trance
DJ, producer, MC, radioshow, promoter since 2004
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Resident: Teodor Radio (Saint Petersburg)
Guest: Clubbery.FM [Hard Channel] (Moscow), Clubberry FM (Moscow), Broco Pulse (Saint Petersburg), С (Saint Petersburg), (Ekaterinburg), (Moscow)
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