Sergey Zavizion
Favorite styles: Electro, Electro House, Minimal Techno, Tech House
DJ, producer, listener since 2007
Location: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Guest: Party Night (Wien)
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Ricco, Dnepropetrovsk, 22:00 // 13 September 2008
Electro House
just listen!!!!
Dj Greyman

A good DJ is not the one who has good vinyl records and not the one who can combine them in a musical gorge but the one who is able to control the mood of the dancing ones, turn the public up, drive it crazy.

DJ GREYMAN has recently made his contribution to the millionaire-city club life and it had been noticed.
So, the following material is for those who is still wondering in the darkness of ignorance.

Who is he?

DJ GREYMAN (real name is Sergey Zavizion) was born on the 13th of September 1988 in Dniepropetrovsk (Ukraine)

The spectr of creativity of DJ GREYMAN is many-sided it houses Electro, Electrohouse/Electroclash, House, Minimal techno, Minimal-electro, Progressive House, Tech-House and this is not the full list of the styles which are his preferable. In private life DJ GREYMAN loves drum`n`bass, so we may soon be the witnesses of interesting musical experiments of mixing main-stream style with psychedelic elements.


About style:

“I do not like fracture rhythm. A well-known fact is that Electrohouse/Electroclash, House, Minimal techno, Progressive House, Tech-House styles are closer to main-stream. I divide these styles into two categories main-stream and underground. Personally I prefer main-stream. Now I want to try myself in mixing styles. It always sounds new. I try to bring a piece of me into the music, that is why everything turns out to be organic and is easily conceived by the listener.”

About priorities

While private talk about tastes priorities and values DJ GREYMAN confesses: “For me music is everything I can not imagine my life without it. I devote the whole time I have to it up to 9 hours per day. I can easily live without such benefits of civilization as TV or going for a walk with friends but I can not exist without music. Even when I am out of the process of music creation it is still in progress in my subconscious.”

The beginning

DJ GREYMAN has shown the great interest to the music since his very childhood but as melomaniac. A little time later he began to visit night clubs. In the age of 15-16 he began to show a great deal of interest in club culture but not as others. He visited night clubs not for dancing or listening to the music but for watching the way DJ works.

This is the way DJ GREYMAN recollects his first attempt of mixing: “I was 17 year old boy. Once I came to my friend’s place and saw a 2-channel sound mixing console connected to the computer which replaces usual players because of pre-installed Traktor DJ Studio 2 software. It interested me and I asked my friend to explain how it all works then I had tried it was a great fun. The resulting musical “beast’ became a powerful motivation for further development and self-realization as musician. The only right way I saw was to take learn from DJ JAM (NC “Labyrinth”). He seemed the only person in Dniepropetrovsk capable of teaching something.”

My name is I

“As for my pseudonym everything is simple. I like my name. but to be called as DJ Sergey is at least funny. “Grey” is a derivative from my name, that is the way the pseudonym “Greyman” appeared”

About inspiration

As Dj Greyman says, inspiration comes in different ways. But he is absolutely against seeking inspiration through conscious deformed with drugs or alcohol. The set of his tracks depends on thematic direction of every particular party. “In the whole, I choose tracks for myself. I am very glad that my choice responses to the one of the public. If to try to dig and understand more deeply the essence of being a Dj is that ecstasy you get from the contact with clubbers who like the WAY I play and WHAT I play. It is a kind of emotional impulse. I can not foresee the mood I will have tomorrow ever. And I build my set on my emotions”

About «Appena Ascoltare»

«Appena Ascoltare» promo group is a kind of elite association which appeared in winter of 2008 in the result of DJ GREYMAN and DJ Antonio de Plaza acquaintance at one of his friend-paries. DJ Antonio de Plaza got interested with a new Dj talent and had offered cooperation.

As for the decryption of «Appena Ascoltare» residents of the association desided to make it laconic for everyone and said: “Try to find the translation in the vocabulary”. Among the directions of joint cooperation of «Appena Ascoltare» association residents united with the idea of musical perfection are experience exchanging, joint tours, records and informal communication.

Places and presence

Among the demands of DJ GREYMAN’s performance place firstly comes decent light and sound. “For me the factor of a good place for performance is sound, equipment and people. In the whole everything has to be on a good level for me to feel comfortable. Only in such conditions One can please somebody with the set. If all of the conditions are on good or excellent levels in this case I like the place. As the result I make everything possible for clubbers to have an unforgettable dancing night” – says Dj


If you ask DJ GREYMAN whether he likes to visit night clubs he replies: “I think that it is not amazing that my rest is connected with music, but during these moments I am not inside the process of its creation I gain the fruits of labor of other musicians and Djs. When I want to relax I visit night clubs as a usual music lover but every time I catch myself on a thought that it is almost irresistible desire to use the sound desk.”


A Dj starting his carrier believes it to be nice and useful to exchange with experience between Djs from all over Ukraine. Also one thinks it to be a good reason to organize joint closed type sessions.

The ideal of skill for DJ GREYMAN is Joachim Garraud. “He is a great man! His skill is just astonishing! When I first was present at the party with him taking part in it I was absolutely shocked. That unbelievable set filled with positive energy, which turned the crowd up with a single sound to such a condition that it was chanting his name while being in total ecstasy! I believe such a reaction of public to be a serious factor of high level. Hi is the man one can look about” - GRAYMAN says enthusiastically.

About plans

At the moment GRAYMAN is busy with composing his authorial tracks his further plans include tours, cooperation with professional vocalists and possible remixes on famous performers. But without any details for now.


JAN [E.P.]

Jan [E.P.] 

akkamuzik [italia]

Release Type: E.P. 
Release Date: 20/02/2009 
Tracks No: 5 
Producer(s) : Greyman,Vladimir Verdysh,Denny Caputo DJ


1.infinity [ 8:11 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: Trance 
Producer: Vladimir Verdysh 

2.October [ 6:22 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: trance
Producer: Vladimir Verdysh

3.Bustle [ 5:24 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: Progressive house
Producer: Greyman

4.Stream [ 5:55 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: Progressive house
Producer: Greyman

5.Caos [ 5:21 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: Progressive house
Producer: Denny Caputo DJ


c 20.02.2009 на

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20 February 2009 23:19
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Razor Head [E.P.]

abnormal-behavior records [Greece]

Release Type: E.P.
Release Date: 31/12/2008
Tracks No: 2
Producer(s) : Greyman, ilyesh

1 . Gorilla [ 7:34 ] ( Original Mix )
ISRC - GRAB10800005
Genre: electro
Producer: ilyesh

2 . Electric razor [ 5:25 ] ( Original Mix )
ISRC - GRAB10800006
Genre: electro
Producer: Greyman

________________________________________ ___________________
Купить и прослушать треки,можно в этих интернет магазинах:
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31 December 2008 3:31
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coming soon Razor Head [E.P.]

new electro release is nearly out for New Year's Eve marking
the end of 2008 and the beggining of 2009. Featuring Greyman and
Ilyesh with two fresh electro tracks. 
On 31/12/2008 "RazorHead" will be
out in all music e-stores. 
Stay tuned....

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24 December 2008 0:11
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Electronic Radiation presents:GREYMAN

ELECTRONIC RADIATION presents Greyman @ 21:00-23:00 GTM+2 

Austria- (Party Night)
Greece- (Nova FM)


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13 December 2008 18:53
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Greyman - The Waiting Line [E.P.]

abnormal-behavior records [Greece]

Release Type: E.P. 
Release Date: 30/11/2008 
Tracks No: 2 
Producer(s) : Greyman

1 . Distance [ 5:50 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: electro 
Producer: Greyman 

2 . Waiting for your call [ 6:08 ] ( Original Mix ) 
Genre: electro 
Producer: Greyman


Купить и прослушать треки,можно в этих интернет магазинах:

и др.

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12 December 2008 15:57
no comments
    Igor Sky  14 July 2009 20:19 #
    Прив! Заценил твои миксы - гуд! Плюсы в копилку
    Заходи в гости,буду рад КРУТО RULISH
    GEORGE VAN GOGH  7 April 2009 10:29 #
    Привет,Серёга!!)Миксы качаю,+)за них и+)в общий!!Ну и в други давай.Жду у себя
    Angel on the party  14 March 2009 12:16 #
    тебе от меня +ПР))))))) RULISH
    Sergey Vaulin  23 February 2009 2:30 #
    Привет, с праздником!!!Зацени вещицу!!! …
    Sergey Vaulin  14 February 2009 1:06 #
    Зацени тречек, плиз, необходимо мнение профессиональных DJ …
    2ways  19 January 2009 22:23 #
    Привет!!!!!!!! + Миксы !! Френд!!!
    Зацени новый микс!!!!!
    Pavel Volya - Mame(Dj T. BesСлоff remix)
    Marya Ky  19 January 2009 20:57 #
    Ну блондинко, не поняла))))
    Marya Ky  19 January 2009 8:51 #
    Пасибки)))))Лови отетный +, а что за прикол за яшку?
    SONYA  18 January 2009 23:41 #
    привет.добавила.как ты?
      Dj Greyman  18 January 2009 23:43 #
    Tanualin  14 January 2009 12:28 #
    WAZZAA! ++
    Алексей Легостаев ♛ Грэм  12 December 2008 11:23 #
    Majestic One  12 December 2008 10:55 #
    Спасибас HEY DJ взаймный +
    Sergey A (Dj Parenb_OK)  9 December 2008 0:29 #
    + тебе в копилку,и за миксы)))земляк))
      Dj Greyman  9 December 2008 0:33 #
      спс мэн;) КРУТО
      Sergey A (Dj Parenb_OK)  9 December 2008 0:34 #
      та нема за шо)))для земляков не жалко...кульные миксы)))
      Dj Greyman  9 December 2008 0:47 #
      скоро новый буит;)так что заходи ещё на страничку чуть позже)))
      Sergey A (Dj Parenb_OK)  9 December 2008 0:50 #
      без проблем,только сообщи когда))
      Dj Greyman  9 December 2008 0:52 #
    Lera-Amaze  6 December 2008 17:31 #
    приветик! HEY DJ
      Dj Greyman  6 December 2008 18:01 #
      приветик приветик)))) Wink
    Liliya  12 September 2008 0:30 #
    с наступающим тя GOD IS A DJ
      Dj Greyman  12 September 2008 1:04 #
      спасибочки))))очень приятно)
    Liliya  24 August 2008 23:32 #
    молодчага, дружим
    dj Uriy Vilen  24 August 2008 16:20 #
    Хай! Взаимно материал отличный держи + сы
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