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GMMR120 Dean Chapple - Clarity (w/Remixes) GMmS Records

Green Mono Music Studio greets the Holidays with the techy-funky fresh release from London-based DJ and producer Dean Chapple - "Clarity"! Known for having a diversified arsenal of sounds, Dean Chapple puts forth club-worthy releases that range from tribal tech house, to big-room progressive, and to gritty-electro-influenced bangers. "Clarity" however brings us to yet a newer dimension of Dean's sound - the timeless sound of french house! Remix duties go to the hands of four of the label's most prominent artists: Tete Hernandez & Javi Place, DJ Generous and Salato Techno!

Put on your dancing shoes because the original funkified french house version of "Clarity" will show you no mercy on the dance-floor - Dean Chapple has once again done things his way! For the first remix, Spanish duo, Tete Hernandez & Javi Place concoct a track patched up with edgy stabs and undying groove.

Next up is DJ Generous, one of the driving forces behind the label, summing up a remix with his trademark sun-drenched progressive house sound. On to the last remix - the Salato Techno remix: expect something magnificent and sunset-inspired from this one!

Thanks to Dean Chapple and the gang, the Holidays has just gotten hotter with the sizzlin' brand-new release, "Clarity"! Check this out and chart it up!


Artist: Dean Chapple
Release: Clarity
Style: Indie, Techno, Progressive House
Catalogue No.: GMMR120


Indy Lopez, Stephan Grondin, Frisco, Balthazar, Thomas T., Terry Da Libra, Christopher Sheehy, etc... See Complete Support List »
80+ A-List DJs and reviewers support (inc. Billboard, Resident Advisor, Proton, Pure.Fm, BLN.Fm, etc.)
700+ first week snatch worldwide
TOP #36 hit on Indie Releases chart on BEATPORT »

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Dean Chapple - Clarity
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11 December 2011 18:03
GMmS Records
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GMMR118 Kiva - Zhara GMmS Records

In less than a month Kiva reappears at the doorsteps of Green Mono Music Studio to deliver his latest spectacular masterpiece - "Zhara"! Kiva is no stranger to GMMS anymore: last February, Kiva debuted on the label with his release, "She" - the release that helped define the sounds of Green Mono Music Studio. Moreover, just two weeks ago Kiva belted out a smashing remix of "We Are Friends" by Jason Shark. This time around, it's Kiva on the limelight of Green Mono Music Studio once again as he presents "Zhara", the track from October TOP5 by Bart Claessen. Expect also mind-blowing remixes from fellows Nikita Great and Dan Kubo!

"Zhara" sees a depature from Kiva's edgy sound to a smoother, heavier, and deeper take. Kiva crafts "Zhara" in a way that its seemingly slow build-up turns the track into one highly-climactic sunset-inspired record! Nikita Great pumps-up the release with dense, heart-throbbing bass and crunching reverberating riffs!

The Dan Kubo remix on "Zhara" is the third and last track in the package. This remix in particular is a subtle concoction of big-room progressive and heavy techno elements - now this is what we call a ticking time-bomb!

"Zhara", brought to you by Green Mono Music Studio, licensed to ZYX Music GMbH, is out now on your favorite music portals and CDs!


Artist: Kiva
Release: Zhara
Style: Techno
Catalogue No.: GMMR118



Markus Schulz, Paul Van Dyk, Rafy Nieves, Kobana, Nicholas Van Orton, David Vendetta, Dinka, Sezer Uysal, Frisco, dPen, etc... See Complete Support List »
80+ A-List DJs and reviewers support (inc. Billboard, Resident Advisor, Di.Fm, Pure.Fm, BLN.Fm, etc.)
1000+ first week plays worldwide

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Kiva - Zhara
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2 November 2011 21:17
GMmS Records
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The feeling of having a newcomer debut on a label with sounds...
In less than a month Kiva reappears at the doorsteps of Green...

GMMR117 Jason Shark - We Are Friends GMmS Records

You have been warned - the day when Jason Shark attacks airwaves and global dance circuits has arrived! With his brand-new release on Green Mono Music Studio, "We Are Friends", Jason Shark unleashes a vicious four-by-four anthem that will definitely set dance-floors ablaze. To top things off, Kiva, a familiar face on the label, also puts together a straight-up big-room remix just for this release!

The original mix of "We Are Friends" is something you just cannot take in lightly. Massive kicks, bone-breaking bass, and not to mention, crisp synth plucks - all perfectly combined to bring out one ground-shaking break down!

If the original isn't enough for you, wait for the second and last track - the Kiva Remix. This Kiva remix of "We Are Friends" embodies elements from techno and progressive house and that is why you should expect some thundering riffs and heavy bass to rain down in full-force!

That day has finally arrived. Jason Shark, with the support of Kiva and Green Mono Music Studio, has once again showed the world what he is capable of with his release, "We Are Friends" - out now on Green Mono Music Studio!


Artist: Jason Shark
Release: We Are Friends
Style: Techno, Progressive House
Catalogue No.: GMMR117


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Jason Shark - We Are Friends
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18 October 2011 22:24
GMmS Records
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You have been warned - the day when Jason Shark attacks airwaves...