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Lada GLS
Main style: Trance
Favorite styles: Acid Trance, Electro, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Psy-Progressive Trance, Rave, Tech Trance, Uplifting Trance, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, radioshow, clubber, listener since 2006
Performance: from $200 / 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Resident: Trance FM (Kiev)
Guest: TABOO (Odessa), Sound Planet (Kiev), Cinema (Kiev), Sheriff (Kiev), Pre-party bar Кокон (Kiev), Фидель (Kiev), Fiesta (Kiev), Cafe Del Mar ( ул. Костёльная, 11 ) (Kiev), Taboo (Odessa)
Frequent visitor: DANCE CLUB “FORSAGE” (Kiev), Saxon (Kiev)
Was just once: Katarsis (Kiev)
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Заходим на страничку нашего проекта :)


283 10 208 PR 16,1 ▲ Tech Trance, Hard Trance
Мой сольный ремикс на наш трек "Underwater Explosion" от нашего с Sasha... 


331 3 61 PR 7 ▲ Latin House
Старенький миксец... Треклис не помню, но поищу.... Приятного прослушивания! 

Mash Up

281 7 60 PR 5,6 ▲ 320 Hard Trance
ХардТрансовый взрыв!  Trancelovers vs DJ Cyber & Phill York vs BLK3... 
DJ GLS (Life Fusion)

Project Life Fusion is a creative symbiosis of two creative persons:

DJ GLS & Sasha Stateburn.
The musical spectrum of
Life Fusion's activity is many-sided - the organization of own
music events, performances at adjacent events, producing own tracks, cooperations with colleagues-adherents, online-radio stations.
And that's not all...
Each track, each set of the project brings something new, novel, mysterious, energetic,

melodic, romantic, positive and vital!

DJ GLS (Life Fusion)


Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Hard Trance, Hard Style, Electro

With TRANCE forever!!!

* * *
Music is My Life! My Past, Present and Future! My Dream and My Reality
* * *
No drugs, No drinks, No smoke, No lechery!
Only thing You Need - Music So Sweet!!!!!

* * * *
The listener of music I am since the childhood. Techno most it was necessary to me to liking. Its bright shades and in 90 with the advent of styles Rave, Dream Dance have soon begun to sound, Trance - I have found reflexion of the soul in music of these styles.
Tracks of such known projects as Brooklyn Bounce and DJ Quicksilver became the beginning of knowledge of electronic music and sincere love. Works of these creators bear in themselves vivacity and force …, and the main thing gentle melody that forces to worry unusual sensations: with each droplet of tenderness it is filled smothering and from each vivacity with a droplet the vital forces are added. Further acquaintance to music was shown in knowledge of creations Red 5, Central 7, M, DJ The Crow, Future Breeze, Kosmonova, Beam and Yanou, Ayla, Dolphins Mind, SM-Traxx, Megara, Interactive, Kai Tracid, Faithless, Sash, Shah, Klubbheads, 666, Robert Miles, Nels van Gogh, Age of Love, Talla2XLC, 3 Drives, D.O.N.S. DJ Dado, Shiller, Vinset De Moor, Paul Van Dyk, ATB and more...
Collections Dream Dance immerse in gentle sincere euphoria. Further eventually Dreaming sounding became more progressive and Trance has accepted shape such dj's – musicians as Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, Rank1, Above and Beyond, Blank and Jones, System F, Yahel … Melodious Dream Dance and Trance tracks as 90 and the present at listening cause gentle and quivering emotions as though hear them for the first time … and it would be desirable to listen to them more and more … to play … completely plunging into the world!
Music is my style of life!
I like to spend a free time in the country where free flight of thoughts and imaginations merges with the nature and inspires on creative ideas.
Music and the nature that from God …
I Wish All:
Hopes, Belief and Love. The world and good. Protect the Nature and fine secret corners Of the Soul!!!
The basic favourite styles are Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Melodic Trance, Vocal Trance and Hard Trance. Music where the rigid bit intertwines with unusually beautiful melodies and a pleasant vocal.
Music with sensation of flight, gentle, melodious and during too time powerful which fills with a positive and generates the finest emotions, plays soul strings.
The aspiration to dj has appeared at 13 age. Infinite listening of music has outgrown in desire to reduce tracks. At first on СD and computer programs, and later on professional dj the equipment.

In 2006 year became for the professional DJ equipment from what the new era DJ GLS has begun. The premiere has on fm-radio Stolica (Kiev) in September 2006 in show The Planet of Trance. In 2008 participation on Eto. Happy. New. Year. Marathon on Eto Radio Dance ( and Hard Marathon on and

DJ GLS Director Sound Life Style Project

From September 2007 is the Organizer parties in the best clubs of a city:

*Double Party @ Prime Live tomorrow…23.09.2007 (trance+electrohouse)
Line-up: Dj Anna Lee, DJ OK, DJ Rey-Na, DJ Freak, DJ NeO b2b DJ Artemov,
DJ Dima Fly, DJ Lynch, DJ GLS & MC ClubNichka
*Alternative Electro Night@Saxon 24.10.07 Live tomorrow…
Line-up: DJ Light, DJ_NeO), DJ Andy Cat, DJ Sasha-Smile,
DJ Streamtech, DJ AlexUnder, DJ Fed
*Mega Trance Session @ Sound Planet 22.12.2007 DanceForLife
Line-up: DJ Ivan Ionov b2b DJ Dima Krasnik, DJ Andy Power, DJ I.R.A'., DJ OK: ),
DJ May J, DJ Aquile & TB, DJ Andy Cat & MC ClubNichka
*Hardstyle Revolution@Cinema-Club Live tomorrow… 06.03.08
Line-up: DJ Donatas, DJ OK: ), Doctor Tunez, DJ GLS, DJ Volcano,
DJ Andy Cat, Dima Krasnik, DJ TanySun, DJ Freak, DJ Maximus & MC ClubNichka
*Sound Attack Live tomorrow…@ Cinema-Club 10.04.2008
Line-up: DJ Artem Neba, DJ Tagir, DJ Tokyo, DJ Tanysun, DJ Andy Cat, Doctor Tunez,
DJ GLS, DJ Maximus, DJ Zim. MC ClubNichka
*Mega Trance Session 2 Live tomorrow…@ Cinema-Club 15.05.2008
Line-up: ISTAR project, Dima Krasnik, DJ Ivan Ionov, DJ Tanysun, DJ Lynch,
DJ GLS, DJ Andy Cat, DJ May J, DJ Maximus & MC ClubNichka
*Mega Trance Session 3 Next Level. Live tomorrow…@ Cinema-Club 31.05.2008
Line-up: DJ Newman, DJ Carl Linsky, DJ OK, Dima Krasnik, DJ Tanysun, DJ Andy Cat,
DJ GLS, DJ Romka, DJ Maximus, DJ KMS, Live Show by Sound Illumination & MC ClubNichka
*Eto Radio Dance Birthday Party. Live Tomorrow... 18.06.2008. @ Forsage
Line-up: DJ InaVal, DJ IRA, DJ Andy Power, DJ Donatas, Aquile & TB, DJ Opener,
Shinelovers (Base-T & Alive Stone), DJ Trizet & MC ClubNichka
*Trance Night @ Sheriff 21.05.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion)
*Spring Emotions @ Арт Кафе “Кокон” 29.05.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion), DJ OK : ), DJ Romka aka TNT
*Before TIESTO Pre-Party @ Арт Кафе “Кокон” 28.06.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn DJ GLS (Life Fusion), Two Worlds
*Mysterious Aesthetics @ Cinema-Club 03.07.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn DJ GLS (Life Fusion), Two Worlds, Digital illusion
*Energiya Chuvstv @ Sheriff 04.07.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion)
*Summer Emotions @ Арт Кафе “Кокон” 17.07.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion), DJ Alex T, DJ SickMaN
*Orange Splash Party @ Sheriff 29.09.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion)
*Autumn Emotions @ Fidel Party-Bar 30.10.2009
Line-up: Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion), DJ OK, Digital illusion
Miss-DJ & Dj-Slon, DJ Alex T, Steven Getz
*Mysterious Aesthetics Episode - 2 @ Prime Club 25.11.2009
Line-up: DJ Artem Neba, Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS (Life Fusion), Digital illusion
DJ OK, Miss-DJ, Dj-Slon  b2b Dj Magrite
*Prime Station @ Prime Club 09.04.2010
Line-up: Alexey Omen, Life Fusion (Sasha Stateburn & DJ GLS), Istar Project, Steven Getz, VanSide, Light Airwave
аnd  more...

Sounded on air of such radio stations:
DI.FM (Digitally Imported) (New York/USA),
PURE.FM (San Francisco, CA/USA),
Kiss FM (Kiev/Ukraine), Stolica (Kiev/Ukraine), (Kiev/Ukraine), (Moscow/Russia),
Tanz FM,,,, (Kiev/Ukraine), «Chat Fm Internet Radio»,
Megaport FM (St. Petersburg/Russia)
From 2009 residents (Kiev/Ukraine) with radioshow Trance Fusion
From 2010 residents V (Kiev/Ukraine) with radioshow Trance Fusion
 LIFE FUSION – Underwater Explosion [Elliptical Recordings] 
Release Date December, 2011
Incl.: Sanglare Remix and DJ GLS Remix
Played at such parties:
*Trance Night @ Sheriff 21.05.2009
*Spring Emotions @ Art Cafe "Cocoon" 29.05.2009
*Before TIESTO Pre-Party @ Art Cafe "Cocoon" 28.06.2009
*Mysterious Aesthetics @ Cinema-Club 03.07.2009
*Golosa za Zhivotnih @ Khreschatik open-air 11.07.2009
*Energiya Chuvstv @ Sheriff 04.07.2009
*Summer Emotions @ Art Cafe "Cocoon" 17.07.2009
*Trance Saturday @ Misteria 19.09.2009
*Orange Splash Party @ Sheriff 29.09.2009
*DJs Day @ Cafe Del Mar 19.10.2009
*DJs Day @ Cafe Del Mar 26.10.2009
*Autumn Emotions @ Fidel Party-Bar 30.10.2009
*The Best From DJ's Day @ Cafe Del Mar 20.11.2009
*Mysterious Aesthetics Episode - 2 @ Prime Club 25.11.2009
*Builderz @ Cinema-Club 27.12.2009
*Trance Sturday @ Misteria 30.01.2010
*The End Of The Fucking Session @ Prime Club 02.02.2010
*Dancing Angels @ Renove 06.02.2010
*Trance Selection @ Greenwich 12.02.2010
*Trance Selection @ Greenwich 26.02.2010
*Star Girls @ Misteria club 07.03.2010
*Trance FM Party @ Status Party Bar 12.03.2010
*Alexey Omen in Kiev @ Prime Station @ Prime Club 09.04.2010
*Diablik @ Let's Go To Riot @ Cinema Club 16.04.2010
"Star Fish" (Zatoka, Odessa/Ukraine)
*Sunbeams Open Air @Trukhanov Island 07.08.2010
*TE Open Air @ Trukhanov Island 23.07.2011
аnd more...
Played in such Clubs:
"Fiesta" (2006-2007 residents)(Kiev/Ukraine)
"DM 101" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Cinema-Club" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Queen Bee" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Taboo'' (Odessa/Ukraine)
"Katarsis" (Vasilkov/Ukraine)
"Riverest" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Sherif" (Borispol/Ukraine)
"Cocoon" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Misteria" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Cafe Del Mar" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Fidel" (Kiev/Ukraine)
''Prime-Club'' (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Renove" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Greenwich" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Status Party Bar" (Kiev/Ukraine)
"Forsage Club" (Kiev)
"Star Fish" (Zatoka, Odessa/Ukraine)
"Trukhanov Island Open Air"

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