Юрий Левковский
Favorite styles: Chillout, Deep House, Disco House, House, Lounge, Nu Disco, Tech House
DJ, producer, listener since 2006
Performance: from $400 / 2.5 hours
Location: Ukraine, Ternopol
Resident: Black Berry (Ternopol), XL (Ternopol), ГРК ''Aligator'' (Ternopol)
Guest: Шторм г.Хмельницкий (Hmelnickii), Фа-соль (Berdyansk), limpopo (Odessa), Spider (Poltava), Эльдорадо (Sumy), Схидна брама (Ostrog), Safe club (Ivano-Frankovsk), Zanzibar (Lvov), Тортуга (Lvov), Millennium (Lvov), Blue Moon (Rzeszów), Кумбары (Vinnica), Кино (Kovel), The Game lounge (Lvov)
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Malibu, Simferopol, 00:42 // 18 November 2011
Blue moon, Mielec, 00:29 // 10 November 2011
Lounge Bar Maxim, Ternopol, 00:06 // 28 February 2011
Chicago House


3 204 PR 7,8 ▲ House, Disco House
House/Disco House size: 82 mb long: 67:18 
9 215 PR 7 ▲ Deep House
/Deep house/ Записал сет в свой день рождения, можно сказать вложил у него... 
2 193 PR 6,1 ▲ Minimal Techno
size: 85 мб long: 61:54 quality: 192 kbps 


8 185 PR 5,6 ▲ Deep House
Deep/Minimal size: 145 мб long: 106:05 
George Avel

George Avel



    The young and perspective DJ, who became known under the nickname George Avel, was born in Ternopol, the geographical center of Western Ukraine. Start of a professional path marked love for quality dance music and exciting DJs craft. Decided to become the creator, not just a listener, George Avel began to take knowledges and practical skills in favourite directions of powerful house-flow. Visiting various kinds of parties, he takes experience communicating with the best DJs in the city. Soberly assessing own forces, George Avel begins to make his first steps under the watchful and critical eye of his mentor and friend, a famous DJ and producer Riccio aka Jozhy K.

    Considering by his duty to begin a new coil of development his favorite lines in music, George Avel generates completely new ideas of compilations, developing his own creativity and personal style. Working in the genre motifs from chillout, deephouse, discohouse to techhouse, techno and progressive, he gives a high quality product that can satisfy the experienced listener.

    Studying not only music, but also the clubs' psychology, George Avel notes: “Due regard must be given to the compilation of tracks, their order and sequence are important - their right choice makes wonders… And they should be change depending on the nature of the club and the real, momentary needs of the public…”

    Working at the best art-club of the city, whose demanding visitors are not only fans of the house style, brings him a positive experience and joy from musical intercourse with the public in such styles as deephouse, lounge. Thanks to this, some time later, arises series of “Lounge parties”, invariable and favourite resident of these parties is George Avel.

    After working in the project “Global Mix” (Vinnitsa) goes preparation for an official release of a DVD-disk with promo-materials among which sets of a young DJ are brightly allocated. At the beginning of summer 2008 George Avel gets an offer to become the resident in the entertaining complex “Marzipan” and in the “Black Berry” club.

    Also success in experiments with house music was noticed by the promoters of the city and at the beginning of 2009 he was invited for working at the broadcasting company “Podolyany”, Party-bar “XL”, to head a project named “Ministry of House”.

    After that the proposal to work at the best city's night establishment was an important point in the artist's biography. And thus, at the beginning of September of 2009, he becomes one of the residents of the “Aligator” club (hotel-entertaining health complex “Aligator” -, where he enjoys his work and creates mood for public till today.

    By processing the whole tons of musical material, appear ideas of creating own compositions, which are full of individuality. In parallel George Avel studies the technique of producing, plunging into the world of electronic music more deeply. At this stage of development of creativity, he works on personal tracks. Also in recent times he works actively on launching own debut project, about this project you will surely learn a little later.


Short summary:


Experience at the stand:

-         10 years

The main styles of music:

-         house, tech-house, techno, progressive, deep-house

Experience in the following styles:

-         lounge, r'n'b, d'n'b


2007-2008 year:

      -     the resident of the art-club “Shinok”

      -     becomes the participant of the Vinnitsa project “Global Mix” –

            Tours across Ukraine: Vinnitsa – Lvov – Khmelnitsky – Kiev – Chernovtsi – Rovno –

            Ivano-Frankovsk – Lutsk

-         successful organization and performance at New Year corporative in Lvov

-         active participation in the festival “Contemporary Art” – “Positive”


2008-2009 year:

      -     frequent performances in clubs of the native city (“IBIZA”, “Marakana”, “Maxim”, 

            “Aligator”, “Las-Vegas” – “Kleopatra”, “Marzipan” – “Black Berry” Club, the trade-

            entertaining centre “Podolyany” – Party-bar “XL”, art-club “Shinok”, Cocktail-bar

            Harley”, “Dominion”, “Riverpool”, lounge cafe “Mjata”).

-         tours by clubs of other cities (“Zig-Zag”, “Aqua” – Kremenets, “Kino” – Kovel’,

“Kumbary” – Vinnitsa, “Pago” – Zboriv, “Tortuga”, “Zanzibar”, "Millennium"  – Lvov, “Shaiba” – Zdolbunov, “Safe club” – Ivano-Frankovsk, “Shidna Brama” – Ostrog, “Shtorm” – Khmelnitsky, “Eldorado” – Summy, “Spider” – Poltava, ”Fa-Sol’ - Berdjansk”, ”Limpopo” – Odessa.


2009-2011 year:

      -     the resident of the party-bar “XL” (broadcasting company “Podolyany” – “Ministry of  

            House” project)

      -     the resident of the “Black Berry” club (entertaining complex “Marzipan”,


-         the resident of  the “Aligator” club (hotel-entertaining health complex “Aligator”,

-     the resident of the “Pudra” club (entertaining complex “Marzipan”,


-         the resident of  the “Sound E-motions” project (Dima Long - Mc Jackas - George Avel)

-         the resident of the "ART-HOUSE" project (George Avel, Serge Bezhnar,

-         the participant of the radio show "Tusse", (radio “RadioTon”, 103,5 FM, Ternopol)

-         the participant of the radio show “ClubTime” (radio “Europaplus”, 106FM, Kremenchuk)

-         the participant of the radio show “Electroshock” (radio “RadioTon”, 103,5 FM, Ternopol)

-         the participant of the direct ether “IN-TB”, festive edition of the program "New Year's Marathon"

-         participant of the festival "Dancing Under Water - 2010" (Blue Lake).

-         active work on own project "Time To Relax"

    Darkman  19 November 2011 19:25 #
    i0ne  11 November 2011 13:13 #

    вчора було мега круто , дякую Тарасу і тобі )))
    Fullsound (Freedom of sensations)  2 May 2011 18:22 #
    Привет, хотел узнать твою оценку)
    Sergey Shifter  28 March 2011 20:27 #
    Успехов в твоём творчестве!+
    Dj Oleh_inteame  17 December 2010 21:14 #
    +++і в друзі земляк
    Darkman  19 July 2010 17:52 #
    Начинающий DJ весь бычках и банках из под пива заходит в апаратную и
    сталкивается там с опытным DJ. тот ему советует:
    -Слушай, ты не умешь вести дискотеку. Вот смотри, сейчас ты выходишь на сцену и говоришь:"Назовите-ка мне часть тела из трех букв, в которой есть буквы Х и У."
    Все кричат "ХУ#", а ты им "Нет это УХО которым вы сейчас услышите групу
    Ну начинающий возращается на сцену и говорит:
    - Назовите мне часть тела из трех букв, в котором есть буквы У и Х
    - УХО... ???
    - А вот и нет! Это ХУ#, которым я сейчас так обоссу передние ряды, что задние
    увидят радугу. Группа Rainbow!
    Darkman  15 July 2010 1:32 #
    +1 до всіх твої музткальних творінь! Вони дійсно варті на це!
    De Kuyper  30 June 2010 20:45 #
    привет Друзьям Из Тернополя ++++:))
    STREYK  16 June 2010 1:57 #
    Непогані мікси,вних є розривна енргетика +++
    Cosmo / Studio 21 / Our Space  25 May 2010 1:16 #
    Йо! Юрчик! Рад видеть!! ))) + ...)
    Djyn  12 May 2010 16:06 #
    Непогано!!! + і в френди
    MichaelS (Michael5)  21 April 2010 16:04 #
    Вот мой новый MIX (апрельский).Жду Твоей оценки))) …
    Slava Host  23 March 2010 20:14 #
    Maksim Mice  7 January 2010 17:02 #
    Mc_Jackas  8 November 2009 23:31 #
    WOW ..всех найду....
    krokodiljchik  24 October 2009 11:01 #
    знаєм,чули!ти молодець!все дуже класно виходить,я про музику;))))))))))))))) RULISH RULISH RULISH
    Dj Andripikus  30 August 2009 11:41 #
    Привіт!Лови +++++)))
    DJ VANYA BENZ  22 August 2009 0:45 #
    Я толька недавно з уопена приехал три дня висели Я первое место выиграл можешь поздравить:) а так все акей . Слишал что в Тортуге снова движение уже на 9 дней ти играешь??? там
    DJ VANYA BENZ  13 August 2009 23:00 #
    Привет дружище как ти там лови +++ и в друзя

    ПС... Як до дому добрався з Львова
    Dj Svetlofor  16 July 2009 2:05 #
    привіт тобі від здолбунова!)
    Держи великий плюс+!)
    і плюс во френди!)
    uyjnurr  17 May 2009 18:58 #
    е-ге-ге-ге-ге-й!!!!!!....я тебя нашёл!!!! +1 и бегом в френды!!! =)))
    Markus Miracle  5 April 2009 22:31 #
    take +
    Markus Miracle  22 March 2009 17:26 #
    hello ) ))) how are you ?? PROMODJ
    Lui Paster  17 March 2009 2:26 #
    Тримай так надалі!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! КРУТО
    lesik_bright  9 March 2009 17:04 #
    +++ земляк!)) GOD IS A DJ
    Desert Voice  9 March 2009 14:23 #
    WOW +
    DJ LAX  4 March 2009 18:10 #
    здаров Зємєля WAZZAA! ЕЩЁ! WAZZAA!
    Dellife  27 January 2009 16:25 #
    Да, все оотлично работает, пока не жалуюсь!
    Dellife  26 January 2009 21:47 #
    Привет дружище! Позитивные треки, грамотные, держи ++, давай в друзья!!!
    SashaBieniek  23 January 2009 13:37 #
    Льова заходи в асю, у меня Димина аська
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