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Back to 90s, when the F-Word project had just begun it’s story, it was easy to feel the influence of hardcore and jungle sound, and the first beats of electronic music in it. Later, the new wave of breakbeat inspired the project to do some kind of serious experiments. Going back to roots, F-Word gains a great interest in funk, soul, hip-hop and DJ-culture. In 2005 he performs his first DJ-set and gets the inspiration from breaks music. After that, he finally steps into the breaks-music path.
The year 2007 was a very important year for the project and it was full of significant events such as "Red Devil DJ Battle" and release of the first single, which became popular overnight in many foreign web stores. In june 2010 F-Word smased the world with magnificent 70-track-DJ-mix for Ninja Tune's Solid Steel radioshow.
At the moment F-Word produces new tracks and remixes, performs DJ-sets, and has more than ten singles, many of them are in top-charts of best-selling releases in popular web-stores. F-Word tracks are being played on radio-stations all over the world.

And this is just the beginning...

F-Word Spotlight Interview 

Big up yourself F-Word! Please tell our readers all about your current releases out now please :)
F-Word: Hi everybody! My latest release is “The Crunch” with terrific remixes from Dom Almond, Mobius and Macho. It came out on V.I.M. label and I proud that three tunes from this release hit the beatport’s top100 breaks tunes. And you should draw attention to my forthcoming 3 track EP on Downbeat.

Are you producing music mostly or djing? Which came first for you?
F-Word: I started producing music when I was 11. And my first DJ-set I played seven years later. So I mostly consider myself as a producer though I believe that my DJ skills are pretty brilliant and I really enjoy playing on stage.

When did you start to get into breaks and how?
F-Word: When I was 17, I heard the tune from Freestylers’ “Raw As F**k” album on street at the south of Russia. It sounded from tiny shop where a lot of pop music was selling and I was really surprised to hear this. I heard few earlier tracks of Freestylers but this was totally different. That time I was listening to Drum & Bass, funk and breakbeat music, but I think this moment was the main point in my getting into nu breaks.

How do you love to create your basslines? What do you use for Bassline productions in your tracks?
F-Word: I mostly use just a simple sine waveform for basslines. Not always, but in 80% of my tunes.

Are you a nerd?
F-Word: I don’t think so Well, do nerds admit to being nerds? :)

What is one of your biggest inspirations to help you make your tunes?
F-Word: I dedicated several tunes to girls so I’m sure I was inspired by them. Unfortunately my current girlfriend is a fan of Rolling Stones and this kind of music and she finds breaks absolutely boring. But I dedicated my track “No Spam” (Lucky Break Recs) to her though. It’s an anagram of her surname.

What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you while djing?
F-Word: Well, I don’t remember really crazy things, but once I was playing at Kazantip festival and one drunken or in high girl was dancing about a hour on table in front of me very close. Then she squatted down, hugged me and told that she feeling my music veeeery deeply and tried to kiss me.

How are your ears now? Are they in good condition?
F-Word: Yes, they’re OK. Thanks for asking.

List some of your favorite breakbeat producers (past/present):
F-Word: From the past I like Ctrl-Z, Screwface, early Freestylers, Aquasky, Rogue Element. Now my favorites are Noisia, A Skillz, Curtis B, Excision, Specimen A.

Are there any upcoming collaborations you'd like to let us in on?
F-Word: My new tune “Crowd Control” with vocals from American MC BBK will be out soon on The Pooty Club Records with Destroyers remix. That’s gonna be a huge release. Also the tune called “Orange Juice” featuring Russian trance artist Ellez Marinni is coming on VIM Records. It’s a kind of experiments in psy-breaks genre. Sounds not so deep, but energetic.

Did you ever go to a music school or take classes to learn an instrument and if so do you think it makes your djing any better?
F-Word: I was studying at music school for five years. I was taking flute and piano lessons. Don’t know how it made my DJ skills better, but I think it was an important point to my producing talents.

What do your parents think of your music and did they ever come see you at a gig?
F-Word: When I was living with my parents, they certainly knew about my passion for music. And they were talking to me regularly not to bring that noise at nights. And when I signed my first track I told them about it and played my tune for them. The said “OK, good”. They didn’t see me playing live and I don’t know how it can be possible :). Maybe they’ll see me on TV or on Youtube.

What does your studio consist of?
F-Word: I don’t use too many equipment. There are computer, synthesizer as MIDI keyboard, Evolution UC-33e MIDI controller, M-Audio Audiophile 192 sound card and studio monitors KRK RP6 G2.

What are you using to produce nowadays? Logic audio? Live ? Cubase?
F-Word: I use Reason 5. That can be strange for somebody (Breakzhead told me that I must be crazy for sure), but I was discovering Reason for 8 years and I know the potential of this software. I was trying Ableton Live, but If we can say about misunderstanding between person and program, there totally is between me and Live. I just cannot work with this.

What would be your dream track to legally remix?
F-Word: Maybe something from childhood. Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Fatboy Slim. I think I’d be happy to remix legally any random tune from them.

What do you think is happening around the world, are you gonna be ok in 2012?
F-Word: I’m pretty sure I will be OK. There’s nothing can be worse in political and economic situation in Russia than today.

If you were stranded on an island and had a portable record player with enough batteries to play one last track...which track would you choose to listen to?
F-Word: Alvin Lucier - I am sitting in a room.

Tell us some words of wisdom that you live by?
F-Word: Run if you got tired of walking.

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