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Frankie Bones - How Not To Be A Douchebag DJ

Frankie Bones - How Not To Be A Douchebag DJ


1. Stay true to the scene.

There was a time where DJ's played vinyl. We would not be here today without that. But the scene has moved on. Play on what makes you comfortable. Vinyl doesn't work in the digital age. Turntables got old. They hold things like drinks and CDR booklets. So I will still bring records yet realize my CD's & selection are just as important for the Pioneer CDJ-1000's as records are for a Technics 1200.
And don't hook your Serato up in the middle of my set. Thanks.

2. Stay On Top Of Your Business

If you do not have your own personal bank account and keep your funds under your own control? You are going to be shit out of luck at a later date. Managers, Agents, Wives, Girlfriends ETC, should not have access to your money. If they do? Well soon your money will be their money.

3. Remain Down To Earth

While many point to my profile pictures and think I am being a "superstar", the truth is I am just a guy with a good bag of records and a long time playing them on various parts of the world. There are a lot of different people to deal with and it could be fans, reporters, other DJ's & producers, label owners. Watch who you are being watched by.

4. Do not dis your fans

Whenever I go out of town it is important to shake hands, sign autographs & take pictures and say hello to anybody that is there to see you. Sometimes it is not an easy task to do but we live in an era where most people who hear your music are also making music and playing records. So they are being critical to everything you do. Many big time DJ's were thrown into the spotlight and take it all for granted. It is always a nice gesture to be cool with whoever you might meet. Because by doing so, you know you have just done something 99% of your peers would never do.

5. Do not ever stop working

The real superstar DJ's are way to comfortable being pampered and catered to. I have gone to gigs all alone on planes to rental cars and 150 miles on the road driving straight to the venue. And the shock value of the promoters faces always makes me wonder on why I am the only DJ that would ever do just that.
I can't rely on nobody but myself and that makes me realize that
I will have nobody to get upset with except myself in case of emergency. That has not happened in recent memory.

6. Bring your own needles

I guess that would be something a CDJ would not require. But I mean you could send a cardboard cutout of yourself with a mix CD
and book yourself in 10 cities on the same night as an option.
Otherwise, bring your own Carts when playing vinyl. We are not bowling here, so you don't need bowling shoes. If you are playing your own records, you don't want to risk using someone else's needles on your records. But that would be another reason to switch to CD's.

7. Keep A Sense Of Humor.

If you cannot laugh at a bad situation or make something humorous, you are going to become a bitch-ass that nobody wants to deal with. My problem is I joke way to much. People do not know that my insanity is what keeps me sane...100%

8. Always Take The Gig

Tronic treatment once gave me $40 a coke and a smile, but it is a Monday Night gig and I live 10 minutes away. Anytime I can play records I will play records, and even though I have gotten paid I always will hook up a small party if someone is nice enough to explain themselves
and not try to take advantage. I turned down a $2000 gig to play a batchelor party for a couple hundred just because I was asked by someone who explained the situation...To me, I want to play records and that has never been about $$$ to this day.

9. Have Fun

All joking aside, you have to remain amused and not let those middle airplane seats ruin your day. If you cannot have fun when you travel, the only thing you will have for memories, is that "I forgot to have fun"......

10. Do What You Do Best

Everyone has something unique to add to DJ Culture. Do whatever it takes to get yours heard by as many as you can.

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11 May 2011 12:37
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