Аndrey Shushukin
Favorite styles: Acid House, Ambient, Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Electronic Body Music, Full-On, Minimal Techno, Psy Chill, Tech House
DJ, producer since 1996
Performance: from €2,000 / 4 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
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Kazantip Z:19, Evpatoriya, 00:00 // 12 August 2011
Acid House
Kazantip Z:19, Evpatoriya, 00:00 // 11 August 2011
Acid House
Kazantip Z:19, Evpatoriya, 00:00 // 11 August 2011
Acid House
Progressive Daddy, Moscow, 21:30 // 25 February 2011
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Shushukin – this is primarily music for people well versed in the electronic sound and who prefer so-called “intelligent dance” music. Chic and elitism play an important role for this particular group of listeners due to the fact that they can, without exaggeration, be called sophisticates. A key landmark in Shushukin’s music is a tight groove and rich electronic sound with shades of spacy and cyber. Their emotional style of presenting their material and their expressiveness, supported by this DJ’s relentless passion towards fluorescent space-influenced outfits, partly determine the relevance of Shushukin as an artist. This music has just as much been coveted for the purposes of thousands of raves and private after-parties.

Shushukin began his DJ career in 1996, during a period in Moscow marked by the existence of such legendary clubs as "Ptuch", "Territory", and "Angels". Since his early childhood, the pattern of songs by Kraftwerk, which he heard on his father’s reels and cassettes, left a strong impression on him. When he became older, the key influences on his musical taste included Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and Front 242.


Another interesting fact in Andrei’s biography is that Shushkin’s first DJ equipment was received as an inheritance from his colleague Anton Kubikov, who had earlier obtained it a rather well-known musician. Apparently, from the very outset, vinyl record players provided a positive karmic charge in his life.


The year 1999 was marked by Shushukin’s first performance on the stage of the infamous Kazantip Festival. He was subsequently approached with an invite to perform on the radio, on the “Station 106.8”, where he has his own popular night show called “The American Hour”, which was devoted to Chicago house and Detroit-style techno music. Since 2000, Shushukin has actively taken up touring activity, thanks to which he has achieved fame, both throughout Russia and elsewhere in Europe.


In his early career, he actively collaborated with representatives of the fashion world, having played at private events in honor of Vivienne Westwood and Dirk Bikkembergs (Alba moda 2001, 2002). He also recorded the disc “Versace Home Collection” and produced soundtracks for Jean Claude Jitrois and Igor Chapurin for Fashion Week in Moscow in November 2003. As well, he appeared with a live set during a fashion show by designer Masha Tsigal during Russian Fashion Week and, for a long time, maintained a close professional relationship with the St. Petersburg-based art-fashion designer Biondi.


In 2003, the magazine “DJ Culture” listed Shushukin among the twenty most popular DJs in Russia. The Moscow-based magazine “Vash Dosug” (“Your Leisure Time”) also listed Shushukin among the top ten DJs in the country and, by the end of the year, declared him to be the best disc jockey in Moscow.


Shushukin was also among the headliners of Fort Dance 2003, an event in St. Petersburg that was attended by a total of 20,000 people. After that, he played another concert for an audience of 10,000 people at the first Gatecrasher festival in Russia, which also involved such renowned performers as Andy Fletcher, Ferry Corsten and Nick Riley. He performed alongside Seb Fontane for the event World Wide Clubbing, for which the audience numbered 5000 people. He also performed on the stage of Russia's major festival - the fifth Fortdance 2004, which involved 45,000 fans of electronic dance music.


In the winter of 2004, this DJ put on shows in a number of clubbing venues on the heights of the Courchevel ski resort in the French Alps, and, in the summer of that year, he participated in large-scale parties in Saint-Tropez. In 2005, he played in Ibiza at the Russian week of the Bacardi Ibiza Tour. At every opportunity, whenever he visited Europe - whether in Italy, Germany, or France - Shushukin replenished his vinyl collection. His favorite place to buy fresh records is London.


In parallel, the company Miller trusted the DJ enough to hold company parties by the name of “Shushukin Miller Party” at the club “Fabric” (in Moscow). At one of these events, in honor of Andrei’s thirtieth birthday party, the club gathered a whopping 2000 people. At the same time, another event that is unprecedented for Russia also occurred when the licensed CD “Shushukin Birthday” was issued with a circulation of 100,000 copies.


In 2006, the website of the authoritative British magazine “DJ Mag” named Shushukin the “Top Russian DJ” and included his name in the list of the most popular DJs on the planet. This event coincided with the signing of a contract between Shushukin and the booking agency DMA, organized by “Krysha Mira” ("Rooftop of the world”). Meanwhile, Andrei accepted an invitation from Megapolis FM and, as a recognized authority in the field of non-commercially oriented music, he again took to the air in the Friday evening slot, where he appeared regularly over the course of two years.


Also in 2006, Andrei visited Indonesia to get to know that country better and, since that time, he no longer spends his winters in Moscow. Over the past four years, Shushukin has repeatedly visited India (Goa) to do shows, as well as the island of Boracay (Philippines), the island of Bali and Gili Trawangan (Indonesia). At some point, his passion for India led to the range of electronic that is nowcustomary for DJ Shushukin - deep house, acid house, techno, progressive – which has widened to also include goa and full-on trance.


In 2008, Shushukin marked his own professional holiday at the festival World DJ Day in Kyiv, an event that attracted a total of 10,000 people.


In the 15 years of his career, Shushukin has played and has been a resident DJ at nearly all clubs in Moscow, including  “Giusto”, “16 Tons”, “Propaganda”, “Ministry”, “Zeppelins”, “Fabric”, “Gazgolder”, “Vanilla Ninja”, and “Progressive Daddy”. He shared the same DJ platform as a number of such stars of the electronic dance scene as Pete Tong, Bob Sinclair, Stephane Pompougnac, Nick Warren, Tiga, Robbie Rivera, Sander Kleinenberg, Davoli, Leeroy Thornhill (ex-Prodigy), Mark Spoon (ex-Jam & Spoon), Phil Weeks, Benny Benassi, Audiofly, Tristan, James Zabiella and others. He has recorded many mixes, most of which have subsequently appeared on CDs. Among his releases in 2010 are several triple-albums including “Time Machine”, “Perpetuum Mobile”, “FM Café”, and “Futuristic Music Technology”.


Today, Shushukin has plans to create a new musical project that is more geared towards the European scene, and he is now considering the possibility of cooperating with a decent electronic label.

Ты культ,я рос и развивался под твои звуки!Respect+
а где миксы???, я ищу трек листы holoween если конечно это этот шушукин
Хорошая музыка ...прекрассные фотографии...одно слово прекрассное творчество...
АА..Ахрененный диджей))!! А где синтетика???)Признаюсь в любви) аж лет 10 слушаю и всегда на высшем уровне...даже старые миксы!..СУПЕР!
Я вашим творчеством ,в себе свой мир открыл о композитор счастья !!!++++PR)))
С прошедшим Шу! Новых экспериментов в музыке и творческих свершений!
ШуШу с ДР! 2 недели одними тропинками бродим! Счастья и всего светлого!))
Где можно найти твой старенький альбом Strong Mix CD1 и CD2, ищу давно ну просто очень хочетца послушать и понастольгировать!!!
Если ты ещё жив, скажи, куда тебе залить
С Днюхой! Mr.SHU!!!
отличный сет на Fade in Fest )
Как Лестат оказался сегодня на разогреве у тебя,понять не могу. Совсем не в тему вышло. Тебе СПАСИБО. Оч порадовал!
респект + жду в друзья!
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дядька привееет!
спасибо тебе Андрей! я вырос на твоих миксах! очень качественная, красивая и стильная музыка! плюсую на сколько можно! было бы круто видеть тебя в друзьях!
Окозал большое влияние в выборе стиля для меня!!!
ждем в "Столице" !!!)
звучит по настоящему
выглядит потрясающе
ты знаешь что нужно публике !
Андрю, поздравляю с Днём Рождения! До скорых встреч на танцполах! Peace! ЕЩЁ!
Приветствую!!!Ещё в 2002 ом слушал твои миксы в "Пилоте",респект! ЕЩЁ! WOW +
Я твой фанат!!! Просто нет слов!!! Эксклюзив КАЙФ КРУТО
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