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Main style: House
DJ, radioshow, promoter, collaborations
Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Guest: Euro (Ekaterinburg)
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Euro, Ekaterinburg, 21:00 // 8 May 2012
DaBar, Ekaterinburg, 21:19 // 7 April 2012
Persona club ЕКТ, Ekaterinburg, 00:00 // 30 March 2012
Euro, Ekaterinburg, 22:21 // 6 March 2012
Kirpitch, Surgut, 10:03 // 18 February 2012
Tech House

DJ Dee-Mon (FHDJ's)


has been performing in night clubs since the middle of 90s. He is playing all kinds of house and break beat music. One of the first DJs in Yekaterinburg. He was a music editor of a television project called “Do Not Sleep TV” as well as his own radio show called “Fresh Air”. Since 1997 he released more than 10 compilations with self mixed tracks. These releases have been sold at record shops all over the country. He opened the first vinyl records shop in Ural-Siberian region. He was invited to perform in a great number of clubs in big cities and small towns of Russia such as Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Snezhinsk, Perm, Ufa, Sovetskiy, Surgut, Novouralsk. DJ Dee-Mon has been a resident of “Canyon” club-in-cult since 1996 when it had been opened and up to 1998 when it had been closed. He performed at almost every dance floor of Yekaterinburg including the best ones such as: Yula, Luk, Ekran, Mendeleev, Autoban, Histerica, PV, Da Bar. He presented his DJ-sets on one stage along with the world-known names among whom were Robert Miles, Seb Fontaine, Tomcraft, Add2basket, ATB, Klubbheads, Dave Kendrick, Patrick, Simon Patterson, Dr.Scissors, Nicci Belucci, Morphelius. He took part in the following events: Каzantip 1997, Megadance Clubbing 1998, New Music 1998, Street Ball 1999, Riviera 2000-2003, Eclipse 2001, Evolution 2001, Tavatooj 2003, Red Racing 2004, DeeJay Session 2005 @ d’barcardr overdrive club, Crimile 2005, MTV Yekaterinburg: FreeZone 2004, Timeline 2005. Over a period of 10 years DJ Dee-Mon has been being one of the top-ranked headliners of Ural Club culture. At the present time he releases the “FULL HOUSE” radio show every Saturday at PILOT radio station and performs a lot all over the country.


DJ Muravyoff (FHDJ's)

has been performing in night clubs since 1998. He plays exclusively house music, mostly electro/tech sounds. His DJ career has started far beyond the geographical limits of Yekaterinburg in the northern city of Surgut. There he has been an eminent figure of Tyumen region night life. He took part in development process of Opera House Club (Surgut) well-known all over Russia. Dj Muravyoff had spent 3 years as a resident there. In 2003 he is moving to Yekaterinburg city where he becomes the resident of the legendary PV club. (Beryozovskiy/Yekaterinbrug). At the same time he is joining Simile Sound System Label. Since that moment and on DJ Muravyoff starts to perform energetically all over Ural-Siberian and other regions of Russia. He had participated at all biggest events and raves of the region. He was a winner of regional DJ fest in 2003 and received the “Best Mix Award”. (Nizhnevartovsk, Pyramid club). In 2006 he becomes a co-author of “Special Mix” radio show on Radio Pilot 105 FM. At the end of 2007 he is organizing the “FULL HOUSE DJs” dj community. He was invited to perform in a great number of clubs in big cities of Russia and presented his DJ-sets on one stage along with famous Russian superstar – djs and world-known names such as DJ Flo, Steve Smart, Alexander Kowalski, Azzido Da Bass, Oxia, Dr.Scissors, Allison Marks, Doorkeeper. At the present time he releases the “FULL HOUSE” radio show every Saturday at PILOT radio station and performs a lot all over the country.


1 734 34 533 PR 33,4 ▲ 320 Speed Garage, Bassline
Микс записан на вечеринке "ЛЮК LOVERS", в клубе DaBar (01.01.2012) !!! Cамые... 


Вечеринка EXTRA RANGE обьединяет людей музыкально фанатичных, как за вертушками, так и на танцполе. Обоима диск жокеев, каждый из которых по праву может считаться экспертом в области HOUSE музыки выступит в полном составе 8 мая в клубе ЕВРО. 

MURAVYOFF [fullhouse]




HOUSE под правильным углом обозрения и все что может принести предверие жаркого и сексуального лета произоидет в процессе ночи в EURO.

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6 May 2012 11:15
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'DO YOU TRIBAL?' @ DaBar (17.03.2012)

do you tribal @ FULLHOUSEDJ's

only vinyl & only tribal house !!!
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7 March 2012 18:00
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FULLHOUSE SESSION @ Euro (07.03.2012)

fhsesss @ FULLHOUSEDJ's
клуб "еURо" представляет три веселые ночи, в компании совершенно разных, но одинаково профессиональных ди-джеев! 7 марта, этот танцевальный марафон начнет группа музыкальных энтузиастов и активистов движения FULLHOUSEDJs . Эти творцы танцпольных игрищ уже не в первый раз появляются за диджейским пультом клуба "eURo", но впервые именно в этом составе!

Muravyoff (FHDJs)
Dee-Mon (FHDJs)
Kirill Nec

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6 March 2012 22:32
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31 January 2012 19:25
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Breakbeat Vinyl Session RESTART @ DaBar 20.01.2012


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12 January 2012 9:07
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