..be careful what you wish for... or it may come true!
Fresh Produce

Melodies of the summer, the southern sun and blue ocean, caught by the midday breeze, heard by the night storm, inspired by the dawn - all this - Fresh Produce ...

Love can be different. It can be exhilarating, like wine, can be tender, as a light chocolate, stormy, like a spring river or gentle, like a cloud in the sky.

Love is impossible to hold, you can not let go, she appears and disappears without our desire, it does not ask our permission to fall in love or fall out of love. In our music we do not open new horizons and are not trying to prove something or convince someone.

Our music - it's just free flight of love in our world.

Wherever we go, wherever we were, people smile, laugh, fall in love - it has always been for us the main award.

Fresh Produce opens for you the world of it's love. On the one hand, the hottest songs of the sunset and the summer, with another - this notion of happiness, euphoria and dance, because, as you know, it is the dancing, the person receives the greatest happiness.

All this is seasoned with a twist, the quintessence of style, very rare and exotic instrument called the Theremin. Instrument Invented in 1908 by Russian scientist Termen, got its second wind with Fresh Produce.

All this creates an atmosphere of real happiness and unconditional love.


Fresh Produce | Lounge SpaceCat | Romantika Sound




Romantika Sound - Electric Rendezvous (DA, Single) Mediadrive Records 2008

Duran Duran — Ordinary World (Lounge Spacecat instrumental Cover){DA, Unofficial) GREEN MONO Music Studio 2009

Barbitura — Believe (Romantika Sound Going Back Mix ) (DA, Comp) GREENMONO.RED 2009

Romantika Sound - Moscow Sunset (Lounge SpaceCat Edit) (DA, Comp) GREEN MONO Music Studio 2009

Romantika Sound - I Want You Go (DA, Comp) GREEN MONO Music Studio 2009

Romantika Sound - My January (Original Edit) (DA, Comp) GREENMONO.RED 2009

Awesome 3 - Dont go! (Romantika Sound Remix) (DA, Unofficial) PI Music 2009

Romantika Sound - I Got The Stuff (DA, Single) GREENMONO.RED 2009

Romantika Sound - StereoSummer (DA, Single) GREENMONO.RED 2009

Romantika Sound - Awakened Cafe (DA, Single) GREENMONO.RED 2009

Romantika Sound - Sexy Dreams (DA, Single) GREENMONO.RED 2009

Romantika Sound - A Day in Moscow Sunset (DA, Single) GREEN MONO Music Studio 2009

Romantika ESound - Monday Morning (CD, Comp) PsyRaver 2010

Romantika Sound - StereoSummer (DA, Maxi Single) GREENMONO.RED 2010

Romantika Sound - Magnetism (CD, Comp) Astronix Records 2010 

Fresh Produce - I Feel You (DA, Single) GREEN MONO Music Studio 2010

Junior Family feat Anna - Dancing (Fresh Produce mix) (DA, Single) JUNIOR FAMILY 2010


Fresh Produce EP "Shake Yer Body"

Chinese Dream (original mix)

Dig This (original mix)

I Can't Get Over You (original mix)

I Can't Get Over You (vocal edit)

Green Mono Music Studio 2011


Fresh Produce - Step Into The Music (DA, Single) Mixadance 2011

Future Releases:


---National Sound Records---

The Storm EP

Fresh Produce - The Storm
Fresh Produce - The Party
Fresh Produce - It Wasnt Me
Fresh Produce - Set Me Free
Fresh Produce - This Way Like I Like It

---LiftedSounds Records---

All we need (EP)

Fresh Produce - All we need

1Touch Pres. Atemnia - Impossible (Fresh Produce Club Remix)

---Incepto Music---

Solid Ground EP

Fresh Produce - I want you
Fresh Produce - Solid Ground

---Green Mono Music Sound---

L'orchestra EP

Fresh Produce - L'orchestra

---Portrait Digital Records---
My Little lover EP

Fresh Produce - My Little lover

---Spring Tube---

Movin' and Groovin'(EP)

Fresh Produce - Movin' and Groovin'
Fresh Produce - Sun is Shining
Fresh Produce - Summer Breeze

---Eliptikal Records---

English Summer Rain (EP)

Fresh Produce - English summer rain
Fresh Produce - Magnetism
Fresh Produce - Morning Star


Stay EP

Fresh Produce - Stay!


---Spring Tube----

"Endless Summer Dance"  EP

Jimmy Roqsta feat. Thalya Hill - Endless Summer Dance (Fresh Produce Remix) 

[Junior Family [CDR]] 

"Ain't you or me"  EP

Jezka ft Dianisa - Ain't you or me (Fresh Produce remix) 

[Monologue Records ™] 

"Never Say Goodbye" (EP)   

Fresh Produce - Never Say Goodbye

Fresh Produce - Shake It! (summeredit)


ID-ID [Incepto Music]

ID-ID (Fresh Produce “From the Stars to the Earth” Remix )

Various Artists Emansipation In Progressive vol.3
Various Artists Emansipation Vol.1
Various Artists EmanSipation Vol.2
Various Artists EmanSipation the Deep Vol.4
VA - Russian Full On
SEX mix V: Queen
"Various Artists - Miami House Session 2011" [Final House Rec. (Spain)]
Various - JF Selection Vol 1 [ Magnetic United ]
NHNM Com 4  [No Money No Honey ]
The Best Of Summer 2011 [Spring Tube]
 VARIOUS The Future Of House   [House Place]



Руки Вверх - Королева Красоты (ремиксы)

Fresh Produce Production

Conception Music

202 5 353 PR 15,3 ▲ House, Progressive House
Конечно же, любовь и музыка неразлучны. Специальный микс от Fresh Produce подтверждает... 
408 14 382 PR 21,2 ▲ House
Первый микс из серии Диско vs Чикаго. 2 жанра музыки от проекта... 

Рецензии и Радио

6 596 58 1 518 PR 102 ▲ 320 House, Nu Disco
Услышав удар колокола в ночной тишине, пробуждаешься от сна, в котором видишь... 
1 808 43 444 PR 49,5 ▲ 320 House
Черновая версия 2010 года. Всегда разная всегда одинаковая. Она всегда сама... 
2 203 16 934 PR 46,7 ▲ 320 House, Funky House
Max, the man behind the guise, Fresh Produce kicks off his debut... 
1 001 30 525 PR 55,2 ▲ 320 House, Funky House
Это черновая версия начала 2010 года. Я хочу, чтобы мелодии... 
205 2 237 PR 9,1 ▲ 320 House, Nu Disco
Эта версия не планировалась войти в релиз, эксклюзивно для PromoDj! 
435 5 570 PR 19,6 ▲ 320 Tech House, Electro Progressive
Несвойственное, в последнее время, мне звучание, но тем не менее одно из... 
262 7 147 PR 7,9 ▲ 320 Progressive House, Nu Disco
Release Info: Incepto Music is proud to present our debut release... 
1 468 37 191 PR 47,5 ▲ 320 Progressive House, Deep House
Скачать демо версию в хорошем качестве МОЖНО и НУЖНО!)) http://vipultima.com/prom... 
2 049 50 716 PR 65,7 ▲ 320 House, Vocal House
Мой первый трек, после того, как проект покинул вокалист и гитарист Ruslan... 
432 2 476 PR 17,7 ▲ 320 House, Disco House
One of the three brand new tracks in this release is “I... 
550 4 889 PR 30,9 ▲ 320 House, Disco House
One of the three brand new tracks in this release is “I... 
3 353 16 815 PR 43 ▲ 320 House, Progressive House
Best moments of life - dig it up with Fresh Produce 
352 4 296 PR 18,6 ▲ 320 House
Черновая версия 2010 
1 337 3 370 PR 21,3 ▲ 320 House
StereoSummer - is the release of Romantika Sound with absolutely amazing feedbacks... 
502 6 236 PR 18,3 ▲ 320 House
Всегда разная всегда одинаковая. Она всегда сама с собой - но вместе... 
5 559 17 1 252 PR 43,1 ▲ 320 House, Vocal House
Love Will Find A Way! Вокал от  Monique Lawson! 
449 15 181 PR 15,1 ▲ 320 House, Deep House
эмоции музыки поддержанные видео картинкой. 
8 520 53 1 836 PR 86,5 ▲ 320 Full-On, Psy-Progressive Trance
Тут не место удобным диванам и прочим местам отдыха, тут можно найти... 
3 471 6 1 228 PR 44 ▲ 320 House, Progressive House
Эта музыка сопровождает тебя везде, и не дает забыть её никогда. Музыка... 
5 211 30 1 227 PR 92 ▲ 320 House, Progressive House
спасибо Н.Караченцову за интонацию передающую на 100% смысл сказаного, check this 
2 657 6 326 PR 18,1 ▲ 320 Funky Breaks, Old School Rap
Хочешь поговорить? Начинай. ФЛуд о сексе приветствуется.   Хочешь еще... 
1 544 9 307 PR 25,6 ▲ 320 House, Vocal House
Если вы любите красивый хаус с обилием разных инструментов и разностороннего подхода... 
1 420 10 451 PR 22,2 ▲ 320 House, Vocal House
Долгожданное возвращение этого трека на promodj.ru 1 версия была написана 2... 
157 2 110 PR 8,8 ▲ 320 House, Progressive House
1 731 37 471 PR 39,3 ▲ 320 House, Chicago House
МЕГАПОЗИТИВ Хаус трек с элементами прогрессива и чикаго коммерческий продукт... 

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