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"Lunatique - Peculiar Motion EP" (incl. Grigory Melikhov Remixes) [Deep\Tech House] OUT NOW!!!

26 Октября выходит релиз "Lunatique - Peculiar Motion EP" (incl. Grigory Melikhov Remixes) [Disclosure Project Recordings (Англия)], в крупнейшем интернет магазине

Стилистика Deep\Tech House, атмосферный, стильный, интересный, танцевальный, не обычный, вот слова об этом релизе, которые приходят лично ко мне в голову...
Но это не всё, релиз уже имеет множество положительных отзывов (feedbacks):

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just great. will love to play all ep. my support on Ibiza sonica too - igor marijuan

Solid release!All tracks have a nice groove and good feel. Our favorite is Peculiar Motion-Grigory Melikhov Remix. Will chart it. - the messenger

Original mix of Peculiar Motion is my pick, nice deep production... The Grigory Melikhov remix of Bathyscaphe is very pretty also. - paper samurai

"downloadin thank u!" - ricky ryan,

i like the Gregory remmix - roberto palmero

Bathycaphe (Grigory Melikhov Remix) is an incredible deep dark atmosphere. Full support. - hardmix

Hey guys really digging the grigory melikhov remixes. -abraham garza

Nice set of tracks for early doors! 8/10 -chris sterio

nice atmospheric deep house. thanks -graham sahara

both of Grigory Melikhov remix are really good to me! - shin nishimura

The original of 'Perculiar Motion' is superb, great mix of deep & rolling grooves, with some added swing in the percussion. Likewise with 'Bathyscaphe', which does the same job, only better - a great tough bassline & superb skippy drums. Of the two Grigory remixes, the bouncy 'Bathyscaphe' rmeix shades it for me, another wicked deep/tech outing. Top class release! - al bradley

Excellent tracks!!! Excellent synthe melodies and sounds. Our favourite is Peculiar Motion Grigory Melikhov Remix. Full support -demarco electronic project

laid back groovy stuff here... mainly pick the grigory mix of bathyscaphe... thanks ! - lee holman

once again you provided fantastic music, I'm impressed !

All mixes are good here, specially the remixes from this guy i never heard before.

Thanks, -BRUNO from ibiza

very nice deep tunes! -beppe gioia

Love the Grigory Melikhov remixes, pure deep house there. Thanks. - addex

very nice release. No. 3 and 4 is my pick. warm and deep ass-shakin house music ;-) - nadja lind

great ep!! thx for send mee! - azok

Nice sounds in here. Fantastic Groove in Bathyscaphe grigory remix...this is my fav one. -alex v

both mixes of Peculiar Motion for me, really great tune - will play & support! -jon silva

Very nice release, Grigory's remixes are great! support - artette

Peculiar motion( grigory melikhov remix) is best of EP for me. -olegario

good ep! bathyscaphe grigory melikhov is a niceeee remix. Will play ! -dirty culture

really love all trax!deep and smooth:))will play! -satoshi fumi

Both originals for me here, like the progression on both!Deep and groovy yet uplifting ;) - sasha le monnier

love the whole release but i prefer the dubby feeling of peclair melikhov remix. support!!!
-andre kronert

Bathyscape is my favorite track. All mixes are quite good though. They all have nice beats! Thanks a lot. -d reflection

Beautiful Russian Sound *) -andrey fox

Peculiar Motion Org. Mix sounds greats, thanks! S.

grigory's remix of bathyscaphe is my fave here. support. -da funk

1 .- "Peculiar Motion" has a great vibe, with an elegant kick that makes up the energy as it progresses. It is a very good track to place as he leaves the dance floor heating.

2 .- "Bathyscaphe" I really liked that kick and atmospheres that are created as the track develops. The bass line is excellent.

3 .- "Bathyscaphe" original: Excellent bass line to play drums very seductive.

4 .- "Peculiar motion remix": I love the bass line, has a seductive presence and overall drum kit are very well crafted.

In general all these great tracks, a stylish and quality work.
- qbican

So good! Wonderful depth! -richie hartness/untitled music

I like the build up of the original version of Peculiar Motion. Starts rather dry but evolves into an interesting sound scape with the tension in the right spots!
Bathyscaphe than; the version which I like best is the Grigory Melikhov Remix. The original goes on on a more funky and catchy turn while the remix floats on an atmospheric carpet I'd like to be on :-)
The Grigory Melikhov remix of Peculiar Motion is a fine fusion of funky beats with an atmospheric spirit behind it.

Highly enjoyable ep, perfect material for my Deeper Horizons Podcast on

This ep deserves major attention!! - silky jack

Bathyscape remix by Grigory is for me! Amzing bassline and rhythm! Will play!
-reverse djs/santi touch

Quality release, will definitely be playing this,FULL RADIO & OUT SUPPORT
-bobi club fm

All the package have a nice feeling, but my fav is Bathyscaphe Grigory Melikhov remix! Nice work. -edmund

nice tunes! - the abyss

These are quality! -tim andresen

i like the progression on the tunes. Good stuff. -kubatko

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25 October 2010 19:52
Grigory Melikhov


The best comment
  • absid  #
    наконец-то )
  • +1
    Sparkless  25 October 2010 20:15 #
    с выходом, мало сказано известными артистами слов, ибо описать не каждому под силу, трек смутит кого угодно.

    мой скромный сапорт!)
      Grigory Melikhov  25 October 2010 20:20 #
      Спасибо Сань! Очень приятно!)
      • +1
        Sparkless  25 October 2010 20:25 #
        самая крутая штука у тебя на мой взгляд, впечатлил так впечатлил!
          Grigory Melikhov  25 October 2010 20:33 #
          Буду стараться и дальше впечатлять!)
          • +1
            Sparkless  25 October 2010 20:36 #
            ну а я - буду ждать!)
  • +1
    Paul Twins (Stereoteric)  25 October 2010 22:03 #
    отличный релиз ! красота !
  • +1
    PRT Stacho  26 October 2010 1:04 #
    отличные ремиксы!
    Grigory Melikhov  26 October 2010 1:15 #
    Спасибо друзья)
  • +1
    absid  27 October 2010 0:24 #
    наконец-то )
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