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Getting Started - Choosing Music / First Attempts!!

I've read the guides and watched YouTube videos. I have a DDJ setup, Rekordbox, etc. But all the music I listen to is Spotify and Soundcloud. So I'm trying to drop $50-100 into a set of songs from Beatport to try to start really learning the hands on mechanics of beatmatching.

This is where I'm struggling. There are a lot of songs I know really well. So my basic question is--

Do you recommend buying a selection of songs that I know well, have listened to a lot so I have a good idea how they flow and where the transitions, etc are, and then starting off with that? I understand the technical aspects of beatmatching, harmonics, etc. What I'm struggling with is how to actually start DOING it rather than watching YouTube videos. How do I pick my first set of songs?

If it helps, I made a few playlists of songs I know well that I think would go together well in a set.

I realize this is kind of an open ended question. I'm just sort of stuck at the stage where I need to figure out what songs to spend money on to actually get started, put them in my library, etc.https://xvideos.onl/ https://xnxx.onl/ https://ixxx.onl/

My thought is that I should stick to a couple genres that I like listening to the most (so I'm having fun doing it) and that I know really well (so I already know the song inside and out before I start playing with mixing using it).

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4 July 2019 11:36


check me out and please leave a comment

thank you,sophi
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