The Kazantip Republic. National Anthem Contest

The Kazantip Republic as a territory of creative legality gives all gifted musicians the annual opportunity to express their selves – and, at the same time, the main national idea -- in the new anthem of the Republic. In search of the musical composition able to become the main tune of the 19-th Z season, Government announces the Anthem Contest.


The contest is open to authors of any nationality, confession or proficiency, providing they are endowed with a talent and an objective critical self-awareness.


The contest will be conducted in two consecutive phases.

Phase 1: Feb 1st – Mar 1st. Uploading, registration and longlist public voting at PROMODJ. The 20 best tracks based on the voting process will be named on the long list for the second phase.

Phase 2. Mar 1st – Apr 1st. Shortlist public voting at the official web site of the republic The outcome of the voting will determine a shortlist of 5 candidates. The second phase will be duplicated at PROMODJ.

After considering the results of the second phase, the government committee will select the best track and bring it to perfection in collaboration with the author.


  1. Each entry must be a new track created especially for the contest and never previously released.
  2. Each entry cannot be mentioned elsewhere, even under any other title.
  3. Each entry must be legally clean and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties. Track cannot be owned, wholly or partly, by a publishing or any other company. At the conclusion of the contest, not-winners may do whatever they want with their music. The winner (or winners) will sign the contract of transfer of the exploitation rights to Kazantip Republic.
  4. The title cannot contain the words “anthem” or “KaZantip”.
  5. Potential anthem may be either vocal or instrumental. The lyrics may be written in any intergalactic language.
  6. Technical requirement: STEREO
  7. According to article 13 of the constitution, “A piece of music able to give the PreZident goose bumps is deemed the National Anthem of the Republic". On this basis, there are no genre limitations for a potential anthem; however, it will be appreciated that the motives for selection of the winner will be subjective.


  1. The best track is awarded the status of the official anthem of the Republic 2011 and goes down in history. The anthem becomes a national treasure, and the author has to transfer it into free distribution among the great nation.
  2. We produce a music video for the anthem and provide rotation on TV.
  3. The author of the anthem receives:
    • national fame, honor and respect
    • The Visa of National Artist (in case the winner is a band, all band members get the Visa) + 3 guest visas.
    • Paid round-trip from any place of the world and paid accommodation within 3 days.

We recommend all entrants check out the compositions that were the anthems of prior years.

Good luck,
The government of the Kazantip Republic.

846 candidates

Unknown PR 33,5 ▲

Sunproof PR 11,9 ▲

Brilliants - The Miracle (Demo) PR 9,5 ▲

TopDJ ua is devoted (DJ MDA) PR 2,4 ▲

Любовь PR 2,3 ▲

Timuly Sound System - French House of Temmi PR 2,4 ▲

DJ Mykos - I Love The Way (Radio Edit) PR 10,9 ▲

Andrey Zhuravlev - Republic of positive (progressive trance).mp3 PR 13,6 ▲


ManRo - Random Thingz PR 0,4 ▲