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Privat House, Dnepropetrovsk, 20:00 // 19 November 2010
Chocolate Club, Dnepropetrovsk, 23:45 // 6 November 2010
Capuchon, Dnepropetrovsk, 00:00 // 5 June 2010
Capuchon, Dnepropetrovsk, 00:00 // 30 May 2010
Capuchon, Dnepropetrovsk, 00:00 // 29 May 2010
NEW: Макс Барских - Пылай (Eugene Lex Remix) [2013]
Eugene Lex

 Eugene Lex

DJ & Producer
Preferred style: house, electro house, progressive house

From thousands of national DJs, Eugene Lex is selected with the sound and serious way to his business. He spent many years for studying theoretical bases of classic and modern music, captured a play on a guitar and passed the first-class teaching of djing and production. His teacher was one of the founders of Ukrainian Dance Music Academy (UDMA) – Max Goody.

By the way Eugene Lex pays attention to the quality of sound, he uses synthesizer Access Virus TI. Such equipment do not have many famous domestic djs and another will often ask: «And what is it?».

In 2009 Eugene Lex left off to be a simply «perspective» young dj. He obtained the first serious successes. To them it is possible to add the receipt of the status of resident of top Britannic label "Hardphaze Recordings" and close collaboration with the known Ukrainian producer Andi Vax. Track «Cheers», which was produced by Eugene Lex sounded on Kiss Fm, Radio Mix and DJ Fm.

It is prepared for releasing his sensational remix on composition «DJ Smash - Best Songs», which got status of the real hit and brought to dj enormous success and fame over the all Ukraine. He got in many dancings charts, such as: TOP 100 Nokia (Kiss FM, UA), 10 Dance (Kiss FM, UA), Best Remix 2009 (Radio Mix, UA), and received support from such djs as: Smash, Lutique, Sender, Noiz, Andi Vax, Streamteck, Stranger and other.

In autumn 2010 not stopping on attained Eugene Lex starts an author mix show «Rezept». Continuing active studio work, appears his remix on track «Andi Vax feat. Ira Champion Universe». This work got large support from colleagues and got in the rotary press of the radiostation Kiss Fm. A release will be produced on label "Hardphaze Recordings".

During his performances Eugene Lex feels public and, except for high-quality material, always has exclusive tracks, remixes and bootlegs. All performances surely get good reviews as from club promoters so from visitors.

Eugene Lex is opened for a collaboration with artists and producers. On 2010 he has a lot of plans, his way to success is only beginnings, that’s why he tries more then other.

Main style: House
Favorite styles: Club House, Disco House, Electro House, French House, Pumping House, Vocal House
Producer, listener since 2007
Location: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
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