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Evgeny Bannikov
Main style: Progressive Breaks
Favorite styles: Ambient, Atmospheric Breaks, Breaks, Chillout, Deep House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech House
DJ, producer, listener since 2006
Performance: from €100 / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Perm
Guest: Online-Radio - PURE FM (USA) (San Francisco), .::CleverRhythms Radio::. (Kiev), Pure FM (San Francisco)
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radioshow Silk Valleys on EnSonic.FM, Montreal, 00:00 // 6 February 2010
Progressive Breaks
Pure FM, San Francisco, 00:00 // 29 October 2009
Progressive Breaks
Online-Radio - PURE FM (USA), San Francisco, 22:00 // 25 October 2008
Progressive House
Online-Radio - PURE FM (USA), San Francisco, 20:00 // 23 July 2008
Pure FM, San Francisco, 00:00 // 31 March 2008
Progressive House
Deep Active Sound feat Cotry - Sunrise for free download!!!


261 3 213 PR 14,2 ▲ 320 Progressive Breaks


128 13 155 PR 18 ▲ Progressive Breaks, Atmospheric Breaks
Хочу выразить огромное спасибо за предоставленную композицию Alfoa - Amalgama (Original Mix)... 

Released Tracks

809 11 270 PR 17 ▲ Progressive Breaks, Atmospheric Breaks
It´s time to say goodbye to 2009, Atrium Sun will be the... 
331 2 145 PR 9,7 ▲ Progressive Breaks
From Russia comes Esthetique, and his remix starts out with a smooth... 
2 663 38 738 PR 78,1 ▲ 320 Atmospheric Breaks, Progressive Breaks
Ремикс будет издан скорее всего уже в 2010 году на лэйбле Mistique... 
674 19 333 PR 24,6 ▲ Progressive House
[RYL086]Label: Royal Tracks. Ремикс на композицию Ильи Гущина Club City. Довольно спокойная... 

Unreleased Tracks

1 943 61 749 PR 77,4 ▲ 320 Progressive Breaks
Немного поздно заметил конкурс ремиксов на этот трек, но ни капли не... 

Atrium Sun - Abyss (incl Elfsong, Yura Popov, Esthetique) [MIST022] (Dec 29th, 2009)

Release Date: Dec 29th, 2009
Styles » Breaks / Progressive

It´s time to say goodbye to 2009, Atrium Sun will be the last release for this year, with three new remixes from Elfsong, Yura Popov, Esthetique, we are bound to kick off a new year with some great tunes.
Mistiquemusic would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.

01. Abyss(Original mix)
02. Abyss(Elfsong's Deep In The Abyss mix)
03. Abyss(Yura Popov remix)
04. Abyss(Esthetique Solar mix)


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2 December 2009 18:27

Oleg Zubkov - New Parallels [MIST018]

Oleg Zubkov - New Parallels(incl Abdomen Burst, Fretwell, Retroid, Esthetique, Atrium Sun, Stereotekk) [MIST018] (Dec 1st, 2009)

Release Date: Dec 1st, 2009
Styles » Breaks / Progressive

This release on Mistique Music is called "New Parallels" and features nothing less than 6 remixes.

The original mix starts out with bliss synth stabs and mesmerizing pad layers that create an extremely enjoyable atmosphere.
The break beat is also very well written, and it's quite hard not to be surprised when new sounds and melody patterns appear in this track as they're really that good.

First on remix duty is Russian producer
Abdomen Burst (Silk / Morphosis).
A strong, energetic and very interesting break beat with many tweaks and other cool effects is soon established,
and powerful synth stabs follow shortly after.
The energy expands throughout the track as many various synths and sound effects are added as the track progresses,especially in the break.

Fretwell (Morphosis / Baroque) from the UK returns to Mistique with a break beat remix which starts out with a kind of dark or moody atmosphere. Very groovy synth lines are introduced after the break, and they are supported by a good deal of other stabs and effects to help build the atmosphere and to keep it extremely groovy.

The third remix comes from well-known Hungarian producer Retroid (Morphosis / Moist). The original guitar riffs have been enhanced and are soon introduced to the mix, and after a little while they dominate the track while the deep bassline keeps pumping underneath.
The break features some rather good pad lines and additional instruments that are added on top of the rest when the beat kicks back in.

From Russia comes Esthetique (Royal Tracks), and his remix starts out with a smooth atmosphere and a rather frisky break beat.
A tweaky and uplifting theme synth makes a cool variation to the track, and great deals of bells take over the lead afterwards while playing alongside the guitar line and other interesting,
tweaky effects.

Atrium Sun (Deepsessions / Morphosis) from Russia delivers the 5th remix in this package.
The hard-hitting percussion elements accompany the gated flute-esque pads very well, and the melodies introduced in the break part are extremely good additions.
The energy keeps building throughout the rest of the track, and the melodies are taken to a higher level as well.

Russian producer Stereotekk (Carica) finalizes this release.
This is an extremely funky track with a unique and groovy bassline that'll kill every dance floor.
Also the great pad effects (stabs, panned, reversed etc.) help to make this track very interesting to listen to.

Review by "Gorm Sorensen / Airillusions"

Cover Design by "Shannon Riches / Approaching Black"

01. New Parallels(Original mix)
02. New Parallels(Abdomen Burst exclusive mix)
03. New Parallels(Fretwell remix)
04. New Parallels(Retroid remix)
05. New Parallels(Esthetique remix)
06. New Parallels(Atrium Sun remix)
07. New Parallels(Stereotekk remix)

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29 November 2009 17:47

Esthetique@Cleverrhythms Radio (Kiev)

Появился доступным для скачивания у меня на страничке новый микс, записанный специально для моего хорошего друга DJ Mewel. Спасибо за предоставленное время, тебе Женя.

Наслаждайтесь красивой музыкой.

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3 April 2009 14:03
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Evgeny Bannikov aka Esthetique was born in 1985 in small town Osa in Perm Region. When he was seventeen years old he went to live in Perm city. He opened there for himself many new styles of electronic music such as progressive trance, atmospheric/progressive breaks and house. In 2006 year he met with russian dj and producer Arthur Deep. He was tremendously impressed by Arthur`s beautiful, melodical and emotional music. Nowadays Evgeny has started his own musical project under the name Esthetique. In terms of this project Evgeny is creating and playing melodic progressive house and breaks music.

Contacts:… E-Mail: ICQ: 464378349



Forthcoming releases:

Mars Needs Lovers :: Before The Storm (Esthetique Remix) [Mistique music]

Released tracks:

Ilya Gushin :: Club City (Esthetique Mix) [Royal Tracks]

Oleg Zubkov :: New Parallels (Esthetique Remix) [Mistique music]

Atrium Sun :: Abyss (Esthetique Solar Mix) [Mistique music]


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  • NIKO FLY  #
    Потрясные работы! Потрясный материал, который сейчас так сложно найти, а именно красивый брейкс, браво!
  • DDM  #
    Гостевой для Мевела просто чудесен!!! Браво. Эмоциональный и очень сильный сет. WOW
    Serg Smirnov  19 October 2012 20:03 #
    Happy Birthday )))
    GASA & Deep Sunset  19 October 2012 8:17 #
    С Днём рождения!
    Виталий Зайкоff  19 October 2011 16:50 #
    Женя С днем рождения!
    GASA & Deep Sunset  19 October 2011 9:32 #
    С Днём рождения!
    Serg Smirnov  19 October 2011 9:29 #
    Happy Birthday Amigo!
    Digital Department(Frisky Radio)  11 August 2011 21:16 #
    привет коллега)
    Jet200 8bit band  21 June 2011 19:02 #
    Привет!!! Если найдется минутка, послушай пожалуйста :)
    BreakID  4 May 2011 5:28 #
    мой лайф микс с вечеринки Break Up
    PEACE BREAKERS  29 January 2011 23:40 #
    Привет, привет! наш лайв с Z18!

    Live at Kazantip Z18 @ PEACE BREAKERS

    Stas Isometrica  24 January 2011 20:10 #
    Stas Isometrica  7 November 2010 22:23 #
    BreakID  27 October 2010 14:02 #
    мой новый трек!позитивный брейкс в стиле electric boogie)) …
    MOZAIK  19 October 2010 22:41 #
    С Днём Рождения! Всего самого наилучшего!!!
    Onkakmir  19 October 2010 16:21 #
    С Днём Варенья XTC
    Sparkless  19 October 2010 14:51 #
    С днем рождения, всех благ!
    ABDOMEN BURST  19 October 2010 14:41 #
    С днем варенья... конечно же не переставая трудиться во благо тех, кто ценит твое творчество...Не пропадай...
    Sasha Alx  19 October 2010 5:45 #
    С днем рождения! Побольше стоящих идей и сил на их реализацию. Ну а так же всех благ!
    cptSmollet  19 October 2010 1:41 #
    Поздравляю с Днем Рожденья!!!Здоровья и вдохновенья!!!
    DJ Mewel  19 October 2010 1:04 #
    DJ Progress Kiev  3 September 2010 0:28 #
    Привет! Если интересно забирай: …
    BreakID  29 August 2010 17:56 #
    если вы хотите послушать хорошего брейкса,то вам сюда))
    новый микс! …
    DJ-33  10 July 2010 0:30 #
    Stas Isometrica  28 June 2010 19:40 #
    DJ Pasha KoZMoZ  27 May 2010 16:36 #
    Albert Massimo  17 May 2010 20:30 #
    Mad - Fox  5 May 2010 19:19 #
    Женя привет. Поддержал твой ремикс на Mars Needs Lovers - Before The Storm

    Если ещё не слушал, РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!
    Digital Department(Frisky Radio)  29 April 2010 22:01 #
    South Force Project  11 April 2010 7:03 #
    Watch Out!!! and + if You Like it)

    Mad - Fox  2 April 2010 16:51 #
    И вот начался финальный 30 минутный отсчет…
    Но это еще ничего не значит, в прошлый раз за 9 минут до завершения отсчета запуск отменили…
    Прошла 9 минутная метка – все по плану, камеры на изготовку - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - и старт – земля трясется, чудовищный рев и из-за деревьев показался «Дискавери» (Discovery),
    … взбираясь все выше и выше на огненном хвосте,
    … пока не превратился в огненный шар,
    … а затем в маленькую искорку.
    И исчез совсем, только дымовой след и остался висеть,
    отмечая момент, когда мы покинули Землю…

    kubi.  23 March 2010 10:29 #
    Привет! Приглашаю тебя послушать новый psybreaks трек!

    Всех благ!
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