Released 12” s (vinyl)

ALLSORTS001 "Sing/Falling" / Grid - Allsorts
ALLSORTS004 "Colours/List" / Grid – Allsorts

ALLSORTS011 "On The Run/Whale Dance" / Grid – Allsorts

B2L002 "Too Late/It’s A Wrap" / Build2Last

B2L002 “Too Late/It’s Wrap” / Built 2 Last

BLUS004 "Fun" / Blu Saphir

BRANDNUX002 “After Hours / In The Place”  / Brand:Nu X

CAMINO12001 "See the Light" / Camino Blue

CAMINO12004 "Aura" / Camino Blue

CAMINO12005 Dissident “Phantom Orchestra (Electrosoul System remix)”  / Camino Blue

CAMINO12007 “Galaxy (Future Engineers Reset)” / Camino Blue

CAMINO12009 “Alluvion (with Sunchase)” / Camino Blue

CAMINO12011 “Ghost” / Camino Blue

CKEP014V "Cafe Moonlight" / Cookin

COV009 "Rhythm of Life/The Morning After" / Covert Operations

COV020 Overturn ft. Yana Kay "Turn off the Light"(ESS remix)/Absolute Zero" / Covert Operations

COV027 "Never/Full Moon" - Covert Operations

ELPC001 "Call My Name/Skysurf" / E.L.P. Collective

FILM019 Big Bud "Red Snapper (Electrosoul System remix)” / Soundtrax

FILM026 “Bookworm/Deep Blue" / Soundtrax

FOKUZ022 "On the Beach (feat Misha)” / Fokuz

FOKUZ026 "Come Around" / Fokuz

FOKUZ034 "So Close" / Fokuz

GRIDUK008 "Slice" / Grid

GRIDUK010 "In the Morning" / Grid

INN027 “With You” / Innerground

KOSMOS001 Future Engineers “Bionics (Electrosoul System Space Trip Mix)” / Kos.Mos. Music

KOSMOS002 “Honcho” & “Nine Planets” / Kos.Mos.Music

KOSMOS003 “Form Of Life”, “Attention” / Kos.Mos. Music

KOSMOS004 “Grad (Future Engineers Remix)” / Kos.Mos.Music

KOSMOS005 “To My Galaxy” / Kos.Mos.Music

KOSMOS006 “Doom Star” / Kos.Mos.Music

KOSMOS007 “Liquid Metal” / Kos.Mos.Music

KOSMOS008 “To My Galaxy (Makoto Remix”/BOP “Space Abyss (Electrosoul System Psychedelic Remix)” / Kos.Mos.Music

NHS158 “Sunshine (feat. Ashley Slater)” / Hospital

NIR12033 "Lifeline" / New Identity

NU12033 "Purple Sky/Purple Sky (Lomax remix)" / Nu Directions

PFUNK008 "Listen Up" with Physics / Planet Funk

PHUTURO021 "Goa/Goa"(JuJu remix) / Phuturo

PHUZION008 "One (with Subwave)/Out There" / Phuzion
PRG009 "Alone In the Night" / Progress / Horisonz Music

RMR003 "To the Future/Just Because You Walk Away" / Red Mist

SPEAR009 "Moving In Transit" / Spearhead

SUBTITLES053 "No One Knows/To See the Stars" / Subtitles

SUBTITLES059 "The Vision/Moonlight Land" / Subtitles

SYNTAX001 Subwave & Electrosoul System “Universal Dimension” / Syntax Audio

SPEAR0017 “Moving In Transit (BCee & Lomax remix)” V/A Moodswings LP – Spearhead

VIBEZ029 "Dirty Blue" / Vibez


PRECINCT015 Andrey Burtaev "Echoes EP" (A1.Elevator B1.Mostly Harmful B2.Echoes) / Precinct

Appears on CDs:

ПРЗ CD26721 FMD & ESS “Lazy”, “Easy”,Liquid World”; “Grad (Future Engineers Remix)”, “No One Knows (VIP Mix)”, Blasta “Papa (Electrosoul System Vip Mix)” - V/A RESPUBLIKA KAZANTIP Z17: STEPPIN’SESSION – Mixed by Electrosoul System & FM Device!

51225977/CAFEVOL.2/SMCCD001 "Independence" & "In Your Eyes" - V/A Courvoisier Cafe vol.1 - OOO "Domian"/Courvoisier Cafe/SMC
ATM64 “Lifeline” ATM Cover-CD - Section 1: Mixed by DJ Skeletrik & Badlands - ATM Magazine

ATMMAG71 “The Vision” – Live Studio Mix by Teebee & Calyx - ATM Magazine
CAMINOCD001 “Mysteria” & “Dreams” – V/A The Adventures of Astral Pirates – Camino Blue
CAMINOCD002 “Lightsphere” & “Brainscan” – V/A Ten Short Stories – Camino Blue

DECULT09 “Moving In Transit (BCee & Lomax remix)” - V/A The Ultimate Drum & Bass Album / Decadance (UK, 2008)

DJMAG33-34 “Beyond Invisible” DJ MAG Cover-CD Mixed by DJ SS & MC Key - DJ MAG Magazine

DJMAG41 ANDREY BURTAEV - “Cold Outside” DJ MAG Cover-CD Electroshik Vol.2 Mixed by Arshanitsa - DJ MAG Magazine

GLRPS009X “A Tear In My Eye”  - V/A Progression Sessions Japan Live 2003 - Mixed by Makoto feat Deeizm - Good Looking

KDK01259 “One” & “Falling” V/A Listen Up! DJs: Gvozd Dissident” Respect Records / KDK Record

KNOW54 “Original” & “To the Future” - Knowledge Cover-CD Deep Blue: Mixed Live Using Ableton Live 4 - Knowledge Magazine
KNOW61 "Absolute Zero" Knowledge Cover-CD - Knowledge Magazine

KNOW72 “List” & “One” - V/A Essence of Chi. Mixed by Kane & MC LowQui. Knowledge Cover-CD - Knowledge Magazine

KNOW81 “Absolute Zero” Knowledge Cover-CD - V/A The Unsung Heroes Mixed by DJ Clever - Knowledge Magazine

MLG-CD-002 “Le Temps Passe (Electrosoul System Remix)” - ZOFKA “Nice” (Special 2CD Russian Only Edition) – Monolog/Feel Good/Soyuz Music

MT460702909103/SMCCD002 "Get It On" & Ashley Slater "Betterway (Electrosoul System Remix)” – V/A Courvoisier Cafe vol.2 Mixed by Electrosoul System – OOO “Borata”/Monolit/SMC

MV190 “It’s A Wrap” – V/A Drum’n’Jazz Chronicles. Mixed by Zyz//Ruffen. – MacroVision Records/Total Advance Music 2007

MV233 “Anywhere” – V/A To Russia With Love. Mixed by John B – MacroVision Records 2008

PGRCD01 “Alone In The Night” – V/A 9TH Wonder. Mixed by Breakage – Progress (UK, 2007)

RESIDENTCD04 “Aura”, “After Dark” & “Mirror (with Liquitek)” - V/A Resident Magazine Mixed by P.B.K. – Resident Magazine

RFCD004 “Absolute Zero” - V/A Vserossiyskaya Drum’n’Bass Convention 003 - Part 1- Respect Family

RFCD011 “Do the Dance” - V/A Vserossiyskaya Drum’n’Bass Convention 004 -Part 2 -Respect Family

RR-0728 “Turn Off the Light (feat Yana Key)”  - V/A Русский Drum & Bass Vol.01 - Radio Record

RR-01019 “On the Beach (feat Misha)” V/A PIRATE STATION V (Deluxe) Mixed by DJ Gvozd – Radio Record

RSM002 "In My Heart" -V/A New Motion of Drum'n'Bass - The Second Chapter - Resistance Music/Total Advance Music 2002

RST047 “Encription (with Denix)” V/A 47 RUS - Resistance Music/Total Advance Music

SDCD001 "Ways" – V/A Atmosphere Chapter 1. Mixed by Nookie ft Mc System - Strictly Digital

SDCD002 "Hot Nights" & “Dimentions” – V/A Atmosphere Chapter 2. Mixed by Nookie - Strictly Digital

SMCLTD001CD/CP193-01 “Lifeline”, “To See The Stars”, “In The Morning”, “Slice”, “Red Snapper (Electrosoul System Remix)”, “Have A Break”  - SMC Ltd./Freestyle Records

SPEARCD001 “Moving In Transit“ - V/A As Far As We Go, And Back Again Mixed by BCee – Spearhead

SPEARCD002 “Moving In Transit (BCee & Lomax remix)” - V/A Moodswings – Spearhead

TAM009 “Deep Space” - V/A Tamography Vol.1 - Resistance Music/Total Advance Music

XMAG97 “To See The Stars” – V/A Take Control – Mixed by Teebee – XMAG Magazine (Czech Republic, 2007) / Subtitles





Appears on DVD:


BS-180Д “Hair’s How Collections” - HAIR’S HOW COLLECTIONS. Технология причесок REDKEN.  Фильм 2 - Berg Sound

No Catalog #  “DJ Mix & Interview” - V/A Russian Drum & Bass Awards 2006. Kendo Recordings





Strictly Digital Downtempo & Breaks

SDDT005 "Autumn"

SDDT010 “Deep”

SDDT012 "Sea Breath"


Strictly Digital Drum’n’Bass


SDDB004 "Dark Forces"

SDDB012 “Ways”

SDDB030 "Voice of the Moon"

SDDB039 "Original"
SDDB045 "Out Of Time”

SDDB047 "Invasion"
SDDB085 "First Snow (feat. FM Device)”
SDDB086 "Look At Me"
SDDB087 "Lounge"
SDDB088 "Rain"
SDDB220 "Magic"
SDDB222 “Opium”

SDDB233 “Original VIP”
SDDB228 "Wind & Fire"

Camino Blue


CAMINODIGITAL001 “Mirror (with Liquitek)”


Covert Operation


COVNTD005 Resound “Hi-Fi (Electrosoul System Remix)”

COVNTD008 Overturn “Shinobi (Electrosoul System Remix)”

COVNTD011 Textures

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Андрей Буртаев
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: Acid, Breaks, Downtempo, Dub, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Synth-Pop, Techno, Trance
DJ, producer
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: (Moscow), Bassdrive (Miami), (Miami), MEGAPOLIS 89,5 FM (Moscow), Megapolis 89.5 Fm (Moscow)
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