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E-S DJ's


E-S DJ's is joint electronic project DJ's (DJ Exim and DJ Stone) which has been created on October, 30th, 2010. The tracks while only in the project, we over these projects persistently work. Despite it discos and parties we are able to spend, thanks to what we try to make the way in residents of local clubs, and we will put for this purpose a maximum of efforts.

About the name long didn't begin to think and puzzle, [E] xim and [S] tone and took to eat on the first letter from our "Names". It would be desirable to note that at us while isn't present in plans to be engaged in it professionally, this just the same hobby for us, as the Bar and Horizontal bars, History and the Policy, etc. At present at us on the first places study, work and our girls.


I like: Клубы, Спорт, Интернет, Девушек, Машины, Лето, Позитив, Правильные Демотиваторы,

I hate: Дом-2, Lada Kalina, Ложь, Дешевые понты, Курящих девушек, Агрессивную милицию, Начальство, Школоту

I recommend: Вести здоровый образ жизни, Быть культырным и позитивным человеком, Не забывать друзей, Жареное Мясо

I am interested in: Хоккей, Тяжелая Атлетика, Турник, Экстрим, Клубная музыка, Компьютеры, Новости

I know: Все столицы Мира, Структуру Правительства, Историю

I can: Веселить и заводить людей, умно выкрутиться из ситуации, всегда быть дружелюбным и приветливым

Rastorguev Vladimir and Kayumov Semen
Main style: Electro House
Favorite styles: Electro Progressive, House, Progressive House
DJ, listener, collaborations since 2010
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Miass
Frequent visitor: ДК Динамо (Miass), клуб VanGoG (Miass), РК Звездный (Miass), Золотой Пляж, Ночной Клуб Контакт (Miass)
Was just once: Dance Club Setka (Miass), Relax (Miass)
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