House is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the American city of Chicago in the early 1980s. House derived from dance styles of the early post-disco era (electro, hi-NRG, soul, funk, etc) in the late 70s, but house achieved its own success only in the early 90s. The main characteristic features of this style include repetitive 4/4 beats and sampling.

Birth: 1984 Bloom: 1997

House first appeared in the mid-80s in Chicago. The first house track was created by Jesse Saunder and called «On and on tracks». It was recorded in 1984 with cheap Roland drum machines in Chicago. 

The origin of house is quite uncertain because of the lack of information. Some people think that the term «house» comes from the fact that earliest house tracks were played and created by DJs at home. However, the generally accepted version is that the term «house» comes from the name of Chicago club Warehouse. In that club DJ Frankie Knuckles mixed classic disco with European synthpop adding characteristic rhythms by Roland 909 drum machines.

The structure of classic house is rather simple: standard 4/4 and medium tempo (118-132 BPM). Moreover, house music uses piano, soft major synth chords and bass lines reminiscent of funk or disco.

Deriative styles: Acid House, Afro House, Ambient House, Baile Funk, Big Room House, Chicago House, Club House, Complextro, Dancecore, Dark Progressive, Deep House, Disco House, Dutch House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Fidget House, French Electro, French House, Funky House, Future House, G-House, Garage, Ghetto House, Hard House, Hip House, Indie Dance, Latin House, Left-field House, Melbourne Bounce, Microhouse, Nortec, Progressive House, Pumping House, Scouse House, Soulful House, Tech House, Tribal House, Tropical House, Vocal House

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