Dj ElectroForce

Yaroslav ElectroForce is a well-known Breaks Dj in Moscow.

ElectroForce participated in the largest music competition in the history of Russia - "DJ Red Devil Battle" which was organised by promo group "ZNAKI" managed by Fonarev and became a finalist in 2007.

Yaroslav made a breakthrough in 2011. After introducing his dj set at one of the 'Break Addiction Light' parties, (organised by BreakBeatZone promo team in a famous Moscow club "The Shine") where ElectroForce was invited by Boris Yreane, he's become a resident and then a participant of BreakBeatZone promo.

Since then ElectroForce has played together with major Breaks stars: Elite Force (Lunatic Calm) (UK), Future Funk Squad (UK), Deekline (UK), Beatman and Ludmilla (HU), Gordy & Pepper (Prodigy), Access Denied (BL), Quadrat Beat, Fonarev, Sketi (UK), DaVIP, Kid Digital, Marty B (Aus), Eli Crust (Belarus), Yreane, TomClydeBreaking News, dj Quest (IBWT).

He was invited to take part in "We Are The Breaks" radio-show, Anton Veter radio-show "Infinite Universe" Pure.FM (USA), "Breaks Review Show" and "RULE of RUNE" on nominated "BREAKSPOLL" - The International Breakbeat Awards as the best breaks radio 6th years in a row as well. Mixes of ElectroForce regularly included in TOP-100 mixes on

"Well, it's easy to stay in top charts of djs, make a track or mix and sell it. But for me, the feeling of music and taste for music are the main factors of success of a misician. Taste spiced up with quality presenting and creating of music is the main characteristic valued in music marketand will have always be in demand!"

Main style: Breaks
Favorite styles: Nu Breaks, Progressive Breaks
DJ since 1999
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: Garage Underground (CHelyabinsk), NSB Radio (Baltimore), Paparazzi Bar (YAroslavl), Ю FM (Moscow), Pure FM (San Francisco), Soul LIVE (Moscow), Продукты (Moscow), Рекорд (Saint Petersburg), 16 Тонн (Moscow), Alchemic (Moscow), Мио (Moscow), Wunderbar (Moscow), BREAKBEATZONE Radiostation (Moscow), Лес (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: Jet Set (Moscow), Воздух (Moscow), Glina (Moscow), MiniBar (Moscow), Shine (Moscow), Funky Банки (Moscow)
Was just once: Stock Exchange (Moscow), Arma music hall (Moscow), Город (Moscow), Neo (Moscow)