DR156 / DP-6: Formentera

DP-6 - Synesthesia

Прошло уже два года, а трек DP-6 - Synesthesia остается актуальным. По этому случаю на лейбле Suffused Music был издан новый релиз с ремиксами на Synesthesia от Matteo Monero и Ronfoller.

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The latest release on Suffused Music finds the label showcasing new interpretations of 'Synesthesia' by DP-6. Alexey Filin and Vadim Indigo aka DP-6 hail from Russia and originally released the track in May of 2016 as the lead piece on their 'Synesthesia' EP. Regarded as one of the duo's all time best productions, it came on the heels of releases for Baroque Records, Bonzai Records and Vapour Recordings. Now just over two years later Suffused Music invites Matteo Monero and Ronfoller to reinvent the track for 2018. 

First up Matteo Monero makes his much anticipated return to Suffused Music following releases on IONO's new Black imprint and Stellar Fountain. The Italian artist last appeared on Suffused Music in August of 2015, with a contribution to the label's iconic 100th release. Perhaps long overdue Matteo now finds himself back on the Lithuanian imprint with a superb rendition of 'Synesthesia'. Long known for his psy-tinged brand of progressive house the Italian artist injects a trippy, fluid energy into the piece that's nicely dialled for peak time. Mild acid lines converge with clustered claps and trailing vocals for the ultimate psychedelic audio collage. 

The second and final interpretation of 'Synesthesia' is provided by Ronfoller who returns to the label for his second appearance. Hailing from Azerbaijan, Ronfoller made his Suffused Music debut in April of 2016 with a remix of Springa's 'Syllables'. Also owning releases on Soundteller Records and Spring Tube Ronfoller now returns to the Lithuanian imprint with a charming rendition of 'Synesthesia'. Smooth and enticing from the outset it's free flowing style is enhanced by an unconventional effects narrative. Charismatic and trippy in equal measure it makes for an unforgettable late night journey which rounds the release out on a strong note. Another excellent remix edition from Suffused Music which brings back 'Synesthesia' by DP-6 in style. 

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Mastered by Pangea Mastering
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10 July 2018 11:07
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Behache - The Fragment (DP-6 Redub)

Рады сообщить о еще одной нашей студийной работе. DP-6 redub на трек Behache - The Fragment на днях был издан на лейбле Fragments Records вместе с оригинальной версией трека, даб версией от Behache и ремиксом от Arthus.

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4 July 2018 12:15
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DP-6 - Cava

На DP-6 Records новый релиз DP-6: Cava. В составе релиза оригинальная и Dub версии трека Cava.

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2 July 2018 11:39
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DP-6 - Formentera

На DP-6 Records летнее и солнечное настроение в новом релизе Formentera. Релиз состоит из двух треков проекта DP-6 - Es Vedra и Formentera.

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18 June 2018 17:26
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Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - live @ Future Movements (2018-06-02)

Выложена запись выступления Вадима Индиго на вечеринке Future Movements, прошедшей 2 июня 2018г в Rob Roy Lab.

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5 June 2018 16:53
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DP-6 - Revenge

Очередное пополнение в каталоге лейбла DP-6 Records.  Издан новый релиз DP-6: Revenge. В составе релиза четыре техно трека проекта DP-6 - Revenge, Paranoid Delusions, Cascade Effect и Vertical Impact.

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4 June 2018 17:01
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Vadim Indigo (DP-6) - Spring Impressions (Live @ Rob Roy Lab 2018-05-12

Весенние впечатления от Vadim Indigo. Записаны на вечеринке в Rob Roy Lab, 12 мая 2018г..


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16 May 2018 11:38
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DP-6 - Clean

На DP-6 Records издан новый релиз Clean.

В составе релиза оригинальная версия трека Clean от проекта DP-6 и ремиксы от Alfij (Россия) и Los Reynoso (Мексика).

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15 May 2018 10:58
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DP-6: Trail

На DP-6 Records издан новый релиз Trail.

В составе релиза четыре трека проекта DP-6 - Trail, Fractal, Modular (Version) и Lost At Sea (Ambient Version).

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24 April 2018 11:08
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Alexey Filin (DP-6) - Mental Focus part 02

Выложен второй микс Алексея Филина из серии Mental Focus. Все самое интересное из мира интеллектуального и глубокого техно звука. Приятного прослушивания!

треклист -

01. DP-6 - Lost At Sea (Ambient Version)

02. Dubiosity - Richter Scale

03. Ritvik Neumann - Binah (Luigi Tozzi Remix)

04. Deepbass - Stasis

05. DP-6 - Geomagnetic Reversion

06. Honorée - Pearls (Evigt Mörker Remix)

07. Reggy Van Oers - Reciprocity

08. Anders Hellberg - Solida

09. A Sacred Geometry - Vega

10. Luigi Tozzi - Yavin 4

11. Shlømo - Escape From The Void

12. Anthony Linell - Led By Light

13. Conrad Van Orton & VSK - Angular Momentum

14. Dorian Gray - Ancient Devotion (NØRBAK Remix)

15. Complex Emotional Response - Decay Constant

16. RVO - Lace Monitor

17. Acronym w Korridor - B Untitled

18. Artefakt - Curvature Of Mind

19. Edit Select - Loop Continue (Claudio PRC Remix)

20. Giorgio Gigli & Ness - Eon

21. Deepbass - Alto (Ness Profondo Version)  

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3 April 2018 12:19
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