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Vit Ego

Uniqueness of each person that he makes his choice. Whether it's a computer game or reality. There are moments in which to clearly make a choice, for what it's worth paying for what is not. Which way to go, but on what you should not collapse. If there are those who podsobit advice - they should appreciate! After all, not every person will advise to anyone that is better, but worse.

So it is in music. We live it, enjoy, get used to is changing along with it, those who choose to listen, whose play, albums and compilations are on the shelves, and those who have become just a brand! We vibaraem what we need and do not attach importance to the rest. Have chosen one - like, so do not need another. This is not right =). We need everything, all the information that we find, and even that which does not attach special significance.

Listen, look, vote, enjoy!

I like: Умных и позитивных людей

I hate: Подлость, Лицемерие, Ложь, Мошенничество

I recommend: Ценить то что у вас есть! И тех кто рядом с вами!

I am interested in: Многим

I know: то что умею

I can: то что знаю

Vit Ego
Main style: Full-On
Favorite styles: Electro House, Electro Progressive, Psy Trance, Trance, Vocal Trance
Clubber, listener, collaborations since 2008
Location: Russia, Moscow
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