Stanislav Tertychniy
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Ambient, Breaks, Dancehall, Downtempo, Dubstep, Easy Listening, Experimental, Hardstep, Hip-hop/Rap, IDM, Neurofunk, R&B, Ragga Jungle, Reggae, Techstep, Turntablism, UK Garage
DJ, producer, MC, poet, listener since 1998
Performance: 1 hour
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Guest: Ultra Club (CHerkassy)
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ULTRA CLUB, CHerkassy, 00:45 // 6 November 2009
Drum & Bass
Jam, CHerkassy, 22:00 // 21 January 2006
Drum & Bass
the real art is simple
DJ Stan FX aka DJ FX []

About me:


The short interview by Nickolay Kashenko:


"I was keen on various kinds of music since my very childhood and in 1994 I gradually began to determine my musical preferences.
As the European dance music trends appeared in Ukraine, the Western club culture attracted me more and more" - says FX.


Encouraged by the splendor of totally new and unique musical styles for Ukraine like "Trance", "GOA-Trance", "Break-beat", "UK Hardcore" DJ FX, as well known as DJ Stan FX - in 1998 began his career of a musician with writing the "New-Age" trance music.


Working with different performers and musicians, he gradually came to the "Hip-Hop" and "Break-beat" culture.

During a long time he devoted himself to writing lyrics, tracks and songs for himself, as well as for congenial teams and performers.


In 1999 DJ FX joined a Kiev DJ school "Back2School".
Being as a DJ and a club promoter, DJ FX took an active part in organizing and holding many activities undertaken by the school and its founders "DJ's Afterwork".

DJ Vol'd'mair, DJ DubRowSky, DJ Tonique, for many people these names comment themselves, they were among the originators of Ukrainian DJ culture.
Lot’s of people discovered the new club life and club culture only because of these masters of vinyl.


"It is very difficult to express my appreciation and gratitude to these people: RESPECT! - is the least of what the "fathers" of Ukrainian DJ culture deserve".

"I am glad, that my realization as a professional DJ passed under the responsive supervision of these professionals.
Mainly due to these people, now we have this level of club culture and highly professional DJs." – says FX.


Apart from DJ FX, the "Back2School" brought up DJ Shmell, DJ Zarin, DJ Dusty, DJ RA, Z.D.J. and many other talented followers.


"It is also important to mention DJ Noizah – the real father of the Ukrainian Drum and Bass culture, this MAN deserves special THANKS and RESPECT because it is largely thanks to him and a few Kiev DJs me and many other people fell in love in d'n'b culture." - added FX.


Later in the year 2000, with the assistance of the X3M magazine and Alexander Lyalka, known as MC Lumen, DJ FX founded and headed the informal organization "Da N.R.G."(Da New Rhythms Generation).

"Da N.R.G." dealt in on organizing parties, where the future masters of Hip-Hop, Break-beat and DJ culture appeared.

The variety of musical styles and directions was the distinctive feature of these parties.
The combination of Hip-Hop, Break-Beat and Drum and Bass within oneevent was quite rare for Kyiv.

For a short time of its activity "Da N.R.G." united people from all over the Ukraine and opened the door not only to the Rap teams, solo MCs and DJs.


"One of the targets of "Da N.R.G." was to create the Ukrainian youth center of promotion of the alternative musical styles, and we were very close to it, but we were short in funding and representatives in several regions of Ukraine.
Unfortunately, we had to ask for assistance of some political structures and figures that at first brought us a bit closer to the goal but then completely ruined it.


After several sabotage by detractors, and a mysterious disappearance of Lexx - one of the founders of "Da N.R.G." we were forced to go deep in underground for a long time, and finally to stop our activity "- says FX.


Apart from organizing parties, DJ FX played on many stages in Kiev and all over the Ukraine.

Some time later, DJ Stan FX with Dr. Card took part in the events organized by Soul-B – one of the best Ukrainian Break Dance teams.

"BotySoul" – The first Ukrainian Break-Dance festival, which took place in the glorious Chernigiv city, from the very beginning, was the event full of nice surprises.


The next performance as a DJ at the Break Dance show was at the "Battle4Kiev" - the annual Break-Dance festival.

Almost all worthy Kiev Hip-Hop and Break Dance squads took part in this festival; there was also one guest from St. Petersburg DA-108.


"Musical score of these events was entrusted to me and to Card (Dr.Card - note of the author), I am sure that all who were present at these events have something to remember" - FX.


"After these performances, I was offered to play music during the fashion shows of some Kiev boutiques that belong to quite a well-known company.
In future, my activity got mostly the studio nature; there were less and less performances, I had neither time nor forces for them.

From time to time I took part in several parties held by DJ Savillov. I assisted at the "Big Birthday" of DJ's Afterwork. I took part in "Sound Check" which took place in Lviv.
At least the list of guests satisfied the heart: DJ Tonique, DJ BOB ROVSKI, DJ FX, DJ Shumoff and DJ Nevidomiy.


Later I took part in several events of a progressive promo-project "Factor Dvizheniya" Cherkasy city.

Recently, I started to pay more attention and time for writing songs, mini-tracks, skits, creating a Drum'n'Bass mixes and remixes.


I try to work with pleasant people.


That’s what I wish you.


Sincerely yours, Stanislav Tertychny

    Ruslan Kaysel  1 February 2010 19:13 #
    LeShiY.UA  31 January 2010 16:13 #
    Здарова ман! Врядле завтра в инете буду... так что с наступающим, всех благ, здоровья и полного знания "Камасутры" )))
    Nutrient  7 February 2009 1:51 #
    peace! Да, в Лондоне!
    Andrew Gordey  22 October 2008 11:40 #
    ёёёёёёёёёёё!!!! респект!!! + в PR!!! во френды!!! RULISH
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