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Leo Max, Zaporozhe, 00:00 // 1 January 2013
Electro House
Leo Max, Zaporozhe, 00:00 // 23 December 2012
Electro House
Leo Max, Zaporozhe, 00:00 // 16 December 2012
Electro House
Leo Max, Zaporozhe, 22:00 // 8 December 2012
Leo Max, Zaporozhe, 23:00 // 23 November 2012
Electro House
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Dj Spasskiy (Vadim Spasskiy) began the career of Dj - 2006 year. C plays 2007 years in the clubs of Zaporozhia .


Progressive young Dj, which in the sets presents Boundless happiness, sea of emotions and high-quality elektro-saund, compelling opened out the souls of thousands of his admirers, klabberov and simple listeners.


In 2008 set to independent work in one of night-clubs of Zaporozhia and with a head submerged in life of professional Dj, which the victories and defeats are in.


In 2008 a participant of festival of deejays is in Dnepropetrovsk. In 2008 –2009 frequent guest of night-clubs of Ukraine.


He wants to bring in in the club culture of the country a more positive, energy, a maximum of pleasure and quality of leadthrough of evening-parties .V dj-sets prefers self-possessed style, clear compiling, original technique of taking, preference to musical direction.


Basic style: Tech House,Techno


Favourite styles: Electro House, Electro Progressive, House, Minimal techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno.


For two years of didzheyskoy career claimed and perspective and young

Dj SPASSKIY, won back practically in all best clubs of not only Zaporozhia but also Sonth coast.


Nominant of bonus of NIGHT LIFE AWARDS 2009 for development of club motion of Zaporozhia in the nomination of ELECTRO Dj''s


Nominant of bonus of MUSIC NIGHTCLUB AWARDS 2010 for development of club motion of Zaporozhia in the nomination of ELECTRO Dj''s


Winner of bonus NIGHT LIFE AWARDS 2010 for development of club motion of Zaporozhia in the nomination of Tech - House DJ''S


From 2009 to 2011 is a resident N.S. Leo Max.


In 2011 by the resident of project Flash Studio and resident internet-radio of F - Radio Station


In 2011 Becomes Resident of project " Flash Studio"

I like: Музыку и девушек

I hate: Людей которые говорят гадрсти за спеной

I am interested in: Клубами а также музыкой

I know: Много чего про клубную жизнь

I can: Все

Vadim Spasskiy
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Big Room House, Dutch House, Electro House, House, Minimal Techno, Pop, Progressive House, Russian Pop, Tech House
DJ, listener, collaborations since 2007
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Zaporozhe
Resident: Night Club Leo Max (Zaporozhe), Briz (Akimovka), Radio LeoMax (Zaporozhe), Shou Club Broadway (Melitopol), Radio Monolight (Zaporozhe), Sky Holl (Zaporozhe)
Guest: Тайм - Аут (Dnepropetrovsk), Radio Monolight (Zaporozhe), Monolight Records (Zaporozhe)
Frequent visitor: Эльдорадо (Melitopol), Grand Max (Zaporozhe), Disko - bar Dali (Volnyansk), НК.ТАЙМ АУТ (Dnepropetrovsk), Disco bar Татьянен день (Zaporozhe), New York (Zaporozhe), Академия (Zaporozhe), Egoist (Zaporozhe), Mix (Zaporozhe)
Was just once: клуб Music Hall г.Запорожье (Zaporozhe)
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